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READ Not For Sale 107 é [Epub] ➣ Not For Sale ➤ Sandra Marton – Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague's overeager wife so why not kill two birds with one stoneLinguis Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal a[Epub] Not For Sale Sandra Marton Tushna Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague's overeager wife so why not kill two birds.

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The chance to earn some decent Not For Kindle money But when she meets her client she realizes she may be out of her league The powerful Brazilian seems to be interested in than just her brainsIs the price of this passion too hig.

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Not For SaleWith one stoneLinguis Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague's overeager wife so why not kill two birds with one stoneLinguist Caroline Hamilton jumps at.

READ Not For Sale 107 I've been a writer one way or another all my life Before I could read I made up poems and my mom wrote them down for me In elementary school my teachers almost always let me write poems or stories instead of reuiring me to do art Not For Kindle - projects Always I dreamed of becoming a published writerand that dream came true I write novels about sexy powerful men and independent minded women and wh.

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  • Sandra

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleBrazilian Billionaire Lucas Vieira and Caroline Hamilton first meet on an arranged business date Lucas needs a date who speaks Russian and a pretend girlfriendthe Russian man Lucas is doing business with has a wife who has the hots for Lucas and he wants to put her off Later on through a mix up Lucas mistakenly thinks Caroline is a prostituteAfter someone breaks into Caroline’s apartment Lucas brings Caroline and her cat Oliver to stay at his lavish penthouse Lucas and Caroline start spending time together going to his beach house in the Hamptons Lucas is tossed between believing Caroline is a call girlprostitute or is she This misunderstanding eventually breaks them up Could Lucas have judged Caroline wrongThis was such an enjoyable readsweet sexy I really liked Caroline and her bedraggled and tattered cat Oliver Some of my favorite parts in the book were the hero’s intera

  • Lisa Kay

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For Sale Cassiopeia ★★★★ ½ Up from the Brazilian slums billionaire Lucas Vieira not only needs a translator but someone to keep a businessman’s wife at a distance; translator Caroline Hamilton fits both roles perfectly Only due to a set up by one of his slimy mangers and a switch at the last minute by two graduate students with completely different motives Lucas thinks our heroine’s name is Dani Sinclair Then later than just mildly disgruntled Lucas comes to the conclusion she’s a call girl Perfectly reasonable all things considered IMHOThe first part of this book had me giggling with glee at the back of my throat; I do that when the dialogue if fresh the set up is delicious and the actions of

  • AgentScully

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleA great newer HP and my favorite one of Marton's this really hit the spot Hot sex and lots of it which does a good job of showing Lucas falling for Caroline despite what he b

  • willaful

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleYou can tell this is a modern Harleuin Presents because the hero actually has a reason for thinking the heroine is a prostitute And it was kind of cool for awhile because he concluded that like him she had done whatever it took to survive and decided to live with it It was a bit of a letdown when he went all judgmental towards the end Still a very passionate and enjoyable read

  • Alex is The Romance Fox

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleI have read uite a few books by this author and have really liked themThis is one of hers that I than liked and the second time I have read Not for Sale Just as enjoyable as the first timeMisunderstanding Huge oneLucas Viera ruthless Brazilian millionaire needs a Russian translator to pose as his girlfriend so he can close a multi million dollar dealCaroline Hamilton takes the place of the person Lucas had hiredand what happens next is so hilariousLucas believes Caroline to be a call girlthat’s right A prostitute So can a guy like him feel attracted to that kind of womaneven if she’s beautiful and speaks beautiful RussianWhen Caroline disappears after the successful business eveningwell he can’t get her out of his headso he goes on a hunt to find herThis is a sweet and sexy read and just loved thei

  • StMargarets

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleA misunderstanding story that begins with a one night stand and continues on as the besotted billionaire hero rescues the translator heroine her cat and her fern from her unsafe apartment and installs her in his NY penthouse apartment The heroine is blissfully ignorant of the crazy ideas the hero keeps coming up with in his own mind first his justification for falling for a prostitute heroine that's the big misunderstanding then his scheming to set her up in her own apartment even though he likes having her in his penthouse and finally his last ditch efforts to win her over and keep her with him forever This billionaire was surrounded by amoral people which explains

  • Vintage

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleI just did not buy the HEAThe hero takes a huge leap of bad faith regarding the heroine who is actually very sweet He doesn't jump to a conclusion once but several times However there are a couple of times when he gets a little goofy over the heroine and his reaction to her that are partially r

  • KatieV

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleI liked this Honestly I mostly picked it up because my husband has the same last name A lot of Portuguese settled in Hawaii where my father in law is from I think it's a fairly common surname Anyway it was a sweet read with likeable characters The misunderstanding was understandable and uite comical at times Loved the cat Great for a light read with a bit of angst at the end

  • Jacqueline J

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleVery nice story of a man who mistakenly believes a woman is a call girl He had a reason for his belief but he did not treat her poorly So that was different on both counts A very sweet story and I loved both the hero and the heroine

  • Naima

    READ Not For Sale 107 Not For SaleBasically the conundrum that faces all but the end of “Not for Sale” is whether or not the object of H’s lust sells herself along side selling her Russian translating skills The H is a Brazilian uber tycoon who has an important business dinner with a Russian tycoon and his wife a plastyue hussy who wants the H As the book opens the H has broken up with his Finnish model mistress and conseuently needs to find a date for the night who can both translate Russian for him and be attractive enough to pose as his mistress Enter the h Russian master’s student by day greasy spoon waitress by night All would have been well between the Hh except that there is some confusion about whether or not the h is actually a studentescort instead of the studentwaitress she claims to be And uite predictably the H has issues with love commitment women and relationships because of a traumatic impoverished childhood where numerous adults abandoned himFor me the