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SUMMARY » Thunderhead É ❮Reading❯ ➿ Thunderhead Author Douglas Preston – Archaeologist Nora Kelly is adrift in her career and her personal life when a violent inexplicable incident leaves her in possession of a mysterious letter Written by her father who vanished sixteen y Archaeologist Nora Kelly is adrift in her caReading Thunderhead Author Douglas Preston Tushna Archaeologist Nora Kelly is adrift in her career and her personal life when a violent inexplicable incident leaves her in possession of a mysterious letter Written by her father who vanished sixteen y Archaeologist Nora Kelly is adrift in her career and her personal life when a violent inexp.

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Licable incident leaves her in possession of a mysterious letter Written by her father who vanished sixteen years ago in the remote desert the letter reveals the location of a legendary site hidden in the red rock canyon country of southern Utah uivira the Anasazi Indians' wondrous lost city of gold BOOK JACKET Convinced that her father truly had found uivira Nora puts together an.

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ThunderheadExpedition and takes a team up Lake Powell to the mouth of Serpentine Canyon In the stark labyrinth of canyons and slickrock desert she will find the answer to both her greatest hopes and her deepest nightmare For hidden in the shadows of the sunbaked cliffs are untold treasures the solution to the greatest riddle of American archaeology and implacable suffocating death BOOK JACKE.

SUMMARY » Thunderhead Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge Massachusetts in and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle; the loss of his two fr.

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  • Ginger

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadHell yes Thunderhead was an entertaining and thrilling adventure It was a griping read from the last 14 until the end I could not put this book do

  • Matthew

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadAmazing Preston Child do it again This book is soooooo good from page one until the very end Excitement suspense mystery gore betrayal etc it's all there and there is a lot of it Also it is obvious that they put so much research into their books but the history parts of it are not dry they just make it intriguing Note This is not a Pendergast novel but it falls between Reliuary and Cabinet of CuriositiesIf you like a great story with great mystery and some scares and gore bring an umbrella for the Thunderhead

  • Sean Gibson

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadUnder certain circumstances I can get on board with suspension of disbelief“So wait—no one recognizes that he’s Clark Kent because he takes off his glasses gives himself a spit curl and wears his underwear outside his pants That makes sense”It’s all about context—if I’m being asked to accept that a man can fly obliterate things with heat beams from his eyes and lift an elephant over his head without breaking a sweat I can make some allowances for bending the rules of common sense a littleThrillers however are sometimes a struggle for me I’m not a habitual reader of them in part because they often ask for that same su

  • Scott

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadWow what a book Truly fascinating and captivating The story was well layered slowly unearthing bits and pieces pun intended I can’t get enough of these authors and looking forward to reading of their works highly recommend to pretty much everyone

  • J.K. Grice

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadThis book was my introduction to the brilliant writing duo of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child THUNDERHEAD is stellar read full of adventure science magic and history Highly recommended

  • Shelly Kotalik

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadThis is the first PrestonChild book I read After reading this I have devoured every single one of their books since It crackles with intelligence and suspense It is extremely addictive and the setting is by far one of the most interesting and memorable practically a character in and of itself A must read Plus they continue characters throughout their books not all at once but here and there Smithback and Nora in particular from this book I loved it

  • Paul Falk

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadThe authors delivered a rousing suspense thriller in a book that simply could not be put down Built upon previous scenes the momentum of the storyline gained steam as it cunningly cut it's way through chapter to chapter It's never too much to expect a fitting ending and that too was delivered in style All I ask for from any novel is one thing to be entertained This book took first prize gloriouslyPatraic Kelly an archaeologist had gone missing sixteen years ago while in search of the ancient lost city of uivira This was home to the Anasazi

  • Terry

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadWhat a fun thrill ride in this one filled with lots of action great characters and a well researched and interesting storyline

  • Rick Ludwig

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadThis the third Preston and Child novel that I have read and I enjoyed it very much This one did not include agent Pendergast but did lay the background for how Nora Kelly and Bill Smithback first met prior to their starring roles in Cabinet of Curiosities The story was continually exciting and had just the right blend of detailed archaeology and the hint of the supernatural This w

  • Lobstergirl

    SUMMARY » Thunderhead ThunderheadPreston and Child's favorite word is purchase In this and many of their other novels characters and horses struggle to get a purchase on slippery footing or rockface fingerholds They lose a purchase they maintain a purchase they scrabble for purchase Dozens and dozens of times Rarely however do they actually purchase something in a retail setting Their second favorite word is susurrus and again this pops up numerous times over tens of books Someone hears a faint susurrus of wind Someone again hears a susurrus of wind Someone's voice drops to an almost feline susurrus Looking this up in the Morrium Wobster dictionary reveals its meaning as the soft murmuring or rustling of anal flatulenceI think in a thriller