characters 霸王別姬 109

characters 霸王別姬

characters 霸王別姬 109 × [Reading] ➼ 霸王別姬 By Lilian Lee – Beginning amid the decadent glamour of China in the 1930s and ending in the 1980s in Hong Kong this brilliant novel which formed the basis for the award winning movie is the passionate story of an ope Beginning amid the decadent glamour of China in the s and endin[Reading] 霸王別姬 By Lilian Lee Tushna Beginning amid the decadent glamour of China in the 1930s and ending in the 1980s in Hong Kong this brilliant novel wh.

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Novel which formed the basis for the award winning movie is the passionate story of an opera student who falls in love with his best friend and the beautiful woman who comes between the.

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霸王別姬Ich formed the basis for the award winning movie is the passionate story of an ope Beginning amid the decadent glamour of China in the s and ending in the s in Hong Kong this brilliant.

characters 霸王別姬 109 born Lee Bak 李白 or Lee Pik Wah李碧華 Lillian Lee she is also known by Li Pi Hua Li Bihua The last name is often what her English language novel translations are listed under regarding copyright She is a graduate of True Light Middle School Hong Kong.

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  • Steve

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬The movie adaptation of Lilian Lee’s Farewell My Concubine is widely renowned and celebrated but the novel perhaps not as much and that’s a shame As with all original sources this is flushed out subtler and enjoyable in many ways than the movie While I loved the movie especially the dynamic between Gong Li’s Juxian and Leslie Cheung’s Dieyi the movie took certain liberties that I didn’t care for but didn’t know initially because I watched the movie prior to reading this lovely novel In particular there are dramatic differences in some key events as well as in how Juxian is portrayed on the whole even as Lee worked on the screenplay Those concerns aside the novel is an easy read yet hardly a superficial one full of some smart

  • Erastes

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬 A sweeping saga Farewell my Concubine runs the gamut of China’s modern history from 1924 to the 1980′s and takes the revered Peking Opera as its centre stage Xiao Douzi and Xiao Shitou become friends under the harsh training regime of the opera a mix of martial arts deprivation and singing and continue friends through the good and the very bad times of over 50 years of the country’s turbulent historyI’m going to say right out that if you have seen the film and are thinking about reading the book and you expect the same optimistic conclusions to the character’s stories and actions within the film you are likely to be either disappointed or surprised by the changes made – or bot

  • Vanessa Wu

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬This is a poignant short novella that lasts just over 3 hours in the unabridged version I listened toThe bare bones of the story form a very potent plot but the narrative is somewhat dry Since it spans over 50 years and the lives of the main characters are set against the turbulent political changes in China during those years from the Japanese invasion through the rise of Mao Zedong to the end of British colonial rule in Hong Ko

  • Astrid Reza

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬i have to say when seeing the movie first then reading the book it always fell beyond expectation thought having it the other way around

  • Lindsay

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬Having taken lots of courses on 'gender' in my Latin American lit classes this was a really interesting take on the roles of all male theater Lots of neat symbolism and a nice blend of eastern and western writing aesthetics although other translations might be different I also like any book that can teach me a little history through the story rather than vice versa I'll probably check out the movie and maybe some of the author's other books Seems like a good way to learn about China without reading textbook style tomes Part of how much I like this book is probably hinged on the fact that it took me out of my normal comfort zone

  • Allyria

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬As with many translated novels some of the subliminal beauty of descriptions gets lost when translators may ten

  • Brennan

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬This book is a whole ass mess but I love it it has a lot of inconsistencies and the translation is just ok but I still read an emotional story that sort of feels like it’s an opera itself the drama of it all

  • Ana Silva Rosa

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬view spoilerThe story follows Xiao Douzi sold by his prostitute mother to the director of a perfomance training school and Xiao Shitou an orphan who soon befriends him As they grow they keep performing together which strengthens their bond Their abilities are eventually recognized thanks to the opera Farewell My Concubine where Shitou is a defeated general and Douzi his concubine Meanwhile the japanese invade and civil wars break out China is going through a political turmoil but Shitou marries a former prostitute Juxian Douzi is incredibly upset by this because he loves Shitou During the Cultural Revolution both friends are accused of promoting decadent art and are forced to undergo brutal interrogations where they end up betraying each other reeducation and exile This ultimately cause Juxian's suicide Years later they meet up in Hong Kong but the old affection couldn't survive and they sing together one last time hide spoiler

  • Hauntie

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬It's not often a book falls short of fulfilling the promise of a movie Where the film Farewell My Concubine was lush rich nuanced brightly colored emotional layered and beautiful the book was flat affectless emotionally distant uninspiring It could be that the richness of the story was lost in the translation from the Chinese or that the subtleties of an oppressed Chinese life in the 40s 50s and 60s are just too subtle for me to grasp But it felt like not enough time was given to either the relationships or the politics and history so that both seemed to come up short Yes I now have a better understanding of life under Mao of Chinese high society and poverty of the mid 20th century but truthfully what I really wanted from this book was an in depth understanding of the relationship between the two leads I guess I'll be turning back to the film again which isn't rea

  • El Hunter

    characters 霸王別姬 109 霸王別姬I had to read this book for school so I wasn’t expecting much However I uite enjoyed the process of over analysing the plot and the characters The story itself to me seemed like a mix of excitement and this strange feeling of uncertainty It is definitely unlike anything I have ever read before It’s a very powerful story but it didn’t make me want to own a copy of this book and to ever re read it Would I still recommend it Yes as I said it’s a powerful story