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[KINDLE] ❄ Nightingale ❧ Susan May Warren – Wolfgang Jager has found himself on the wrong side of a world war Esther Lange is trapped inside a war of her own Can loving their enemies set them both free? Wolfgang Jager grew up in Mason City IowaNy when they believed Hitler to be a hero It's almost a relief when he is captured by the Americans and sent to a Wisconsin POW camp When the darkness turns to nightmare and Wolfgang is accused of murder can he stand firm in his faith and snatch the woman he loves out of the mouths of lions?

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R has found himself on the wrong side of a world war Esther Lange is trapped inside a war of her own Can loving their enemies set them both free? Wolfgang Jager grew up in Mason City Iowa So what's he doing fighting for the Germans? If only his parents hadn't moved back to their native Germa

READER È DOC Nightingale FREE I can't help be amazed at the gifts God has delighted me with a wonderful husband four amazing children and the opportunity to write for HimI've been writing as long as I can remember I won my first book writing contest in first grade Over the years writing has become for me a way to praise God and see Him at work in my lifeAlthough I have a degree in Mass Communications from the Unive.

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NightingaleKINDLE Nightingale Susan May Warren Tushna hramru Wolfgang Jager has found himself on the wrong side of a world war Esther Lange is trapped inside a war of her own Can loving their enemies set them both free? Wolfgang Jager grew up in Mason City Iowa Wolfgang Jage

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  • Laura

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleTitle NIGHTINGALEAuthor Susan May WarrenPublisher Summerside PressNovember 2010ISBN 978 1 60936 025 2Genre Inspirat

  • Brenda

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleWorld War II is just coming to an end but the war that is going on inside Esther Lange is unendingShe can't forgive herself for the night of passion she shared with Linus Hahn in the backseat of a borrowed car they were both headed overseas to war and it just happened When that night turns into a daughter for them Esther is released from the Red Cross with no place to go So she writes Linus and his reply is for her to go to his hometown and stay with his parents and that's what she has been doing for the last two years living in their attic ra

  • Hannah

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE Nightingale35I loved the history and loved the characters and loved the story The writing letters seemed so dear and I found myself wanting her to fall for this fine man right from the start Of course there were catches along the wayThere were some issues with the writing thoughmostly the hopping from scene to scene without prepara

  • A.M. Heath

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleWhat I Loved How many ways can I tell you that I loved this book? I’ve read only one Warren book before picking this one up and while I expected to enjoy it I was surprised to love it uite so much Warren kept the twists and turns coming in this book so much so that she kept me guessing down to the VERY end of the book But beyond an amazing plot realistic setting and well thought out characters Warren brings to life a strong Biblical message of accepting God’s forgiveness versus trying to earn forgiveness and of putting Christ first in your life I was blown away both by the compelling story and the truths presentedRating and Recommendation I highly recommend Nightingale to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction or WWII fiction and I’m giving it 5 stars

  • Michelle

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleWow Wow Wow This was one of those books that is both tender and gut wrenching It was romantic and suspenseful It was filled with historical detail and characterization that was rewarding to read and planted me firmly in that time period I especially loved the letters And the romance was breath taking It totally swept me away Seriously Nightingale holds so much spiritual truth and depth I found the novel to be not only entertaining but insightful complex and rewarding to read It loved it not just because it was a good story but like Sons of Thunder it was a story that went way beyond the surface It was a story that touched me deeply I am totally in love with Susan May Warren's historicals I just wish I'd read this sooner like when it first released in November so it could have made my favorites list This is the kind of story that has the potential to be life changing It really stirred m

  • Renee

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE Nightingale45 starsThe Brothers in Arms collection had me right from the start with Sons of Thunder and this book although very different has captured me as well Where the faith message was not as overt in Sons of Thunder Nightingale does not shy away As for action there isn't uite as much but it does not make this book boring in any way The short of it is I very much enjoyed this novel from Susan May Warren and Summerside Press It takes a real talent for an author to write one style of fiction well but Ms Warren can do it all She has a rare gift To pen a fun story about a thoroughly modern female missionary write a story about a rancher and then write an epic WWII roma

  • Julie

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleI'm super excited to learn I just won this book on Michelle Sutton's blog Go me

  • Janie Hickok Siess

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleSynopsisEsther Lange told Linus Hahn that she was sure In reality she was anything but sure that she wanted to succumb to his charms just for one night before he departed bound for the World War II European battlefield But she did and soon found herself pregnant shunned by her parents — who had already lost one daughter — and very much alone Linus honorably arranged for Esther to live with his parents in their small Wisconsin home town and they are engaged to be married when he comes home Esther secured a nursing job at the local hospital but than two years later still has not heard from LinusOne day a letter arrives from a man named Peter Hess who identifies himself as a medic En

  • Kate

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleThe book was too preachy in the end the romance was forced the letters included in the book were unrealistic and ridiculous and they jump in between memories and reality so much it gets confusing The ending also was justludicrousI checked this book out thinking I was getting the book THE Nightingale Read this one anyway to see how it was

  • Barbara Brink

    READER È DOC Nightingale FREE NightingaleNightingale is set in a small town in Wisconsin at the tail end of WWII Esther is a young woman alive but not really living She’s in a holding pattern waiting for the father of her toddler daughter to return from war but secretly wishing he doesn’t Living with his parents in a small town where gossip brews around her she works as a nurse in the military hospital and tends to other survivors of the war men who have returned with missing limbs or worse minds shattered by the carnage they have enduredEsther has a gift for healing even while her own wounds the sins of her past continue to eat away at her heart and soul Unable to forgive herself she has no reason to believe the God of the universe would freely shower his grace upon her in love and forgiveness As an unwed mother