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❤ Browning pdf ⚣ Author Robert Browning – Tushna-hram.ru With an Introduction by Dr Tim CookRobert Browning 1812 1889 represents the intellectual and argumentative strand in English poetry in contrast to the ornate style of Spenser and Tennyson His poetry dBrowning pdf Author Robert Browning Tushna hramru With an Introduction by Dr Tim CookRobert Browning 1812 1889 represents the intellectual and argumentative strand in English poetry in contrast to the ornate style of Spenser and Tennyson His poetry d W

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Ith an Introduction by Dr Tim CookRobert Browning represents the intellectual and argumentative strand in English poetry in contrast to the ornate style of Spenser and Tennyson His poetry demonstrates how a poet must be a sharp perceptive observer of the complexity of the hu

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BrowningMan conditionPerhaps his most moving poetry was written to express his feelings for his wife the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning in which he deals in a very 'modern' way with the uncomfortable fact that we can never uite bridge the gap between ourselves and the people we love

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  • Alok Mishra

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningNorton's critical editions never fail to impress me This one has good poems by Browning and also perhaps the most authentic text available in the market I also like the notes and opinions at the end of the book which takes understanding poetry of Browning to a further level I would advise this edition to any reader who is seeking Browning's collection

  • Alan

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningVery impressed by Browning's dramatic monologs Fra Lippo Lippi Andrea Del Sarto My Last DuchessSolilouy in the Spanish Cloister and Caliban reacting to Darwin But I also read his formidable long poem the Ring and the Book a mystery as I recall from reading it a half century ago in a grad school survey of Victorian Lit with G Robert Stange who left our U Minnesota to chair at Tufts The monologs I taught yearly in English Lit sopho surveys my most advanced course at community colleges until I began teaching Shakespeare

  • J. Alfred

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningYou know that obnoxious comedianimpressionist who somehow landed a gig on football related television Frank Calliendo Well reading Browning is like watching an infinitely talented version of that guy He pretty much takes on new personas as he writes; it is astonishing You can tell why Pound and Eliot loved the guy Anyway he is also great at sort of redelivering the gospel message so you can see again how intensely surprising it is the best poems in the collection and this never happens are ones that I'd never come across before probably because they are both very long and polemically Christian The 'Epistle of Karshish' one Cleon Ned Bratts and the stupendous Death in the Desert are the ones I mean specifically but most were pretty great Browning is generally fantastic if one has the patience for him Sometimes though he can be a little uh

  • Jake

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningI read him in high school and in college and while I read only a smattering of his work two of his poems alone deserve a four star rating Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess are both chilling examples of men gone mad PL a disturbing study in ps

  • Jelena Nemet

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningHow sad and bad and mad it was but then how it was sweet

  • Linden

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningIt was an introduction to Robert Browning through Stopford A Brooke's book ‘The Poetry of Robert Browning’ written in 1903 available as a free kindle that inspired me to read and enjoy very much this Penguin Collection Here is how Stopford describes what makes Browning a great poet“Browning’s noblest legacy to that wavering faithless pessimistic analysis tortured world through which we have fought our way and out of which we are emerging is the sense of things which cannot be shaken of faith in God wholly independent in its depths of storms on the surface of mortal life He refused to make his poetry the servant to the transient of the changing elements in the world”The poems are easier to read and understand as one becomes familiar with his writing They are uite astonishing in their variety and de

  • Monica

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningElizabeth Barrett was an outstanding poet in her day She was considered a superior poet to her husband until after her death when his fame grew Now she is known for Sonnets from the Portuguese love poems to her husband As a young man he was influenced by the romantic poets Byron Shelly and Keats and collected his first work at age 12 By the time he returned to England after his wife's death his popularity had grown considerably He was amused by the formation of The Browning Society but eventually became flattered by it He was in constant demand for parties and literary appearances He was intending to move to Italy permanently when he died of pneumonia at his son's home in Venice

  • Rosalind

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningFor me Browning is just the best He can be as light as a souffle but with a sharp kick and achingly profound He can build characters and he can be terrifying not many psychological thrillers can be so chilling so succinctly as Porphyria's Lover and he can capture the sweetness of first love He's also shamefully neglected

  • Tom

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningSolilouy of the Spanish Cloister is the greatest poem I have ever read The narrators un uenching thirst for revenge is unparallel and the forays from solilouy to actual human encounter is uite amazing

  • Vicky Hunt

    text ï Browning ✓ BrowningI enjoy the fluid movement of Browning's lines I've reread them many times