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FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Æ ❰Download❯ ➵ Just Food Author James McWilliams – We suffer today from food anxiety bombarded as we are with confusing messages about how to eat an ethical diet Should we eat locally Is organic really better for the environment Can genetically modifi We suffer today from food anxiety boF myth and misinformation For instance an imported tomato is energy efficient than a local greenhouse grown tomato And farm raised freshwater fish may soon be the most sustainable source of protein Informative and surprising Just Food tells us how to decide what to eat and how our choices can help save the planet and feed the world.


Ed as we are with confusing messages about how to eat an ethical diet Should we eat locally Is organic really better for the environment Can genetically modified foods be good for you Just Food does for fresh food what Fast Food Nation Houghton Mifflin did for fast food challenging conventional views and cutting through layers o.

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Just FoodDownload Just Food Author James McWilliams Tushna We suffer today from food anxiety bombarded as we are with confusing messages about how to eat an ethical diet Should we eat locally Is organic really better for the environment Can genetically modifi We suffer today from food anxiety bombard.

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  • Lena

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodLet me begin this review by saying that the subtitle of this book – Where Locavores Get it Wrong – is a bit misleading Author James McWilliams isn't on a rampage against locavorism per se but rather against overly simplistic solutions to the incredibly complex problem of how to feed our planet's 7 billion and still growing population in a way that is truly environmentally sustainable McWilliams is a history professor down in Austin and a former locavore himself But one day he found himself giving in to nagging concerns that he was doing little than salving my conscience by buying overpriced tomatoes and cooking with parsnips when the weather got chilly Those doubts led him to do some serious research into food production and come to some unorthodox yet ultimately hopeful conclusionsHe begins his discussion with an examination of the food miles concept It seems to make so much sense – purchasing food close to where you live cuts down on trans

  • Richard

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodIt's a six year old book but still one that goes into a lot of science that many folks don't want to believe even when the science is pretty clear But there's good news which the author of Just Food writes about in Even the Critics Are Coming Around on GMOs And the article he links to about a tour of Monsanto Inside the Country's Most Controversial Company is informative even aside from the surprise that a GM hating reporter from Mother Jones would even deign to visit MonsantoWhile I'm here I'll also point to an interesting interview w

  • Susan Albert

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodJust Foods is an important book in the continuing and continually escalating debate over how we should grow our food and what we should eat Environmental historian and reformed locavore James McWilliams invites us to think logically and dispassionately about some of the most important food issues of our time and of the future Having read two of McWilliams' previous books I expected a controversial detailed and well documented discussion I wasn't disappointed In summary McWilliams argues 1 that global food production is fuel efficient and economically necessary for developing countries that need export markets than is local food productionconsumption locovorism; 2 that organic farming is no healthy for people and for the land than is wisely practiced conventional agriculture; 3 that genetically modified crops in the right hands are not to be fea

  • Christy

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodA disclaimer I only made it through the first chapter I would like to try again when I have calmed down a bit As someone who relies on the people around us to eat locally grown organic produce I probably have uite a different view than the author and most people who will read this book That being said the author made some sweeping generalizations about how we as Americans consume local goods His claim that most people can't tell the difference between a store bought tomato and a freshly picked farmers market tomato If you can't tell the difference you have no tastebuds His assertion that you can't always

  • Jennifer

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodEach year I try to read one book that goes against the grain of how I think about things I picked “Just Food” without knowing much about it except for the subtitle “Where Locavores Get it Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly” I am not a card carrying loacavore by any means; I do not belong to a CSA nor do I calculate the meal on my plate in food miles But I do patronize the local farmer’s market in the

  • Andrew Breslin

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodMcWilliams is an excellent researcher He has some very worthwhile ideas And he seems to have a genuinely balanced perspective As unconventional as it is in

  • Michelle

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodTo start the blurb Everyone who has read up on their Michael Pollan should also read Just Food is misleading While it is true that I think Just Food is an important read it by no means is a counter argument against everything Pollan has written; in fact it agrees with some of Pollan's ideas That being said The first half of the book I regretted ever picking it up I found myself on the receiving end of a repetitive lecture about the fallacies of locavores and organic produce The writing also had an air of superiority and was condescending to the reader I had to put it down and take a break for a few weeks and read something else I was glad that I returned to read the rest of the book instead of filing it away under could not finish Once McWilliams went into genetically modified crops we started to reach common ground and the writing wasn't as condescending nor did it feel so much as a

  • Marie-Therese

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just Food35 stars because I'd give it 4 stars for general information and 3 stars for readability McWilliams is passionate about his subject global environmental agriculture and the ways in which we in our limited local spheres can help to enact better sustainable global practices and he is often highly informative opinionated and mostly convincing He traces his own journey from committed locavore to someone aware and better educated about actual environmental costs associated with producing and distributing food at mass scales His chapter on food m

  • Shawn

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just Foodthis book was good i thought about giving it 4 stars but could not bring my self to overlook the fact that he never thought to uestion If the solutions he was presenting where just putting off the collapse of our whole food system I like reading an alternative point of view and like what he said about meat organic food and local food but felt like he adviods the hard fact that we are killing the earth and if we don't do some thing radical very soon it will be to late I could not agree with his thought on GMF or big AG

  • Keith Akers

    FREE DOWNLOAD · Just Food Just FoodThis is clearly an important book and the star rating system doesn't really do justice to it So if you're wondering whether to read this book consider it a five star review It has some flaws but as someone said of Kant if I recall correctly the mistakes of a great thinker are valuable than a thousand correct platitudes from a lesser oneMcWilliams takes on one of the hottest topics in food politics the whole uestion of the locavores who emphasize the need for eating locally In his first chapter he demolishes the whole food miles paradigm Without even pausing for a breath he then proceeds to take on organic agriculture genetically engineered foods land based animals auaculture and ecological economics His approach is nonideological He just wants to preserve the environment and feed the world and thinks we need technology to do that On the other hand unlike Stewart Brand who comes across as essentially an apostate from environmentalism he i