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review ✓ Pure Temptation ✓ ❮Download❯ ➽ Pure Temptation ➸ Author Vicki Lewis Thompson – Summer Projects1 Get in shape2 Prepare for NY move3 Lose virginityTess Blakely's innocence is getting downright embarrassing But growing up in a small town with four very big brothers well she might a Summer ProjecDownload Pure Temptation Author Vicki Lewis Thompson Tushna Summer Projects1 Get in shape2 Prepare for NY move3 Lose virginityTess Blakely's innocence is getting downright embarrassing But growing up in a small town with four very big brothers well she might a Summer Projects Get in shape Prepare f.

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Or NY move Lose virginityTess Blakely's innocence is getting downright embarrassing But growing up in a small town with four very big brothers well she might as well have been wearing a chastity belt She's read loads of books about sex but now she needs some hands on training And her best friend Mac MacDougal looks like the perfect teacherMac can'.

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Pure TemptationT believe the sexy siren propositioning him is the girl he's known forever Suddenly Tess is on his mind in his fantasies and setting the sheets on fire in his bed And he's thinking about keeping her there indefinitely But Tess is supposed to leave at the end of the summer And Mac can only hope their blazing nights together mean to her than researc.

review ✓ Pure Temptation New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal.

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  • MBR

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationStuff I liked 1 I loved Mac from the stetson on his head to his delectable toes and everything in between His tenderness and the way he understands and puts first each and every desire of Tess is what made me fall in love with him Even with his desire raging out of control for Tess Mac shows her the sensual side of love as only a man in love can and in the process made my heart go flip flop every time he came up in the story2 Tess She makes for a uniue combination with her innocence which doesn’t get on the nerves and her blatant curiosity when it comes to her own sensuality which awakens around Mac I loved the fact that she was willing up to give her dr

  • Julianna

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationReviewed for THC ReviewsPrior to picking up Pure Temptation I’d only read two of Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Nerd books The first was just OK for me and the second while much better still didn’t uite reach keeper status That’s why when I picked up this book my expectations weren’t particularly high Maybe that was a good thing but no matter what I think I would have felt the same about it Pure Temptation ended up being a delightful little hidden gem of the romance genre that I thoroughly enjoyed I’m a huge sucker for the friends to lovers trope and in this one the hero and heroine have been the best of friends for most of their lives Since early childhood they’ve been having adventures confiding in each other and having all so

  • Samantha

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationThe book was OK but I found it predictable and contradictory about her brothers protectiveness and hypocrisy and her “situation”predicament She could live on her own and go out of town alone and all but she could not find a man to “sneak” around with She did not want to do that subconsciously is what the author is trying to convey I think but its done in a overly complicated way and feels a little strange and allIt was cute and all but did not make a lasting impressionAnd it also felt a bit rushed Can’t really explain it

  • Brenda

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationI really really liked it but I'm not sure I'll be reading it again I felt it a bit rushedThey both were great characters though

  • Victoria pearce

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationThis was the first romance book I ever read and I absolutely loved it Such a great story and a wonderful talented writer

  • Ellyn (Mrs. Darcy in my Dreams)

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationPredictable but cute Very short read

  • Andrea Guy

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationVicki Lewis Thompson's books are almost always fun books That said Pure Temptation just didn't do it for me and I'm hard pressed to figure out why besides the obvious 26 year old virgin thingDear god I wish writers would stop with this Its just a little too unrealistic It may work for a cute comedy but in a romance novel where the heroine is supposed to be gorgeous its just sillyAll that aside Tess and Mac are cute and funny Tess has a summer project to lose her virginity and Mac is her best friend and she enlists him to help her find a man to do the deed Well Mac can't stand the thought of her being with anyone else so he volunteers to solve her problem Which causes problems because both end up falling hard for each other even though they know Tess has plans to move to NYC in AugustThe best part of the book involves the sex becaus

  • SweetSue

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationReally liked this one I like the friends to lovers trope and the idea that small town life isn't settling Tess and Mac have been friends since birth practically He's buddies with her brothers but the two of them have always had a special but platonic friendship She decides it's time time to lose her virginity before moving the NYC for a job How she got through college as a virgin isn't clear since she has no moral issues against it and I can't believe one of her brothers followed her aro

  • E. Jamie

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationLoooved this book so much Friends to lovers is definitely my crack Mac was a delicious hero and Tess was my favorite kind of heroine Strong yet so very likable The only thing that kept this from

  • Netanella

    review ✓ Pure Temptation Pure TemptationWhat an awesome friends to lovers story Reading Vicki Lewis Thompson is like returning to your auntie's house after an extended absence warm cozy heart warming awesomesauce vanilla scented goodness