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Ention passed off as journalism emerges Glass suddenly becomes a household name an emblem of hubris and a flashpoint for Americans' distrust and dislike of the press The media is consumed with the story Once the young man who had been known for mastering the takedown article Glass now becomes the one every journalist wants to take even further down Once the hunter Glass becomes the hunted the story of the year Glass responds to this agonizing public scrutiny with a self imposed exile first near Chicago with his family and then in the anonymous suburbs of Washington DC There he begins a long personal struggle with his misdeeds working out his own answers to the uestions of why he fabricated how he can learn to stop lying and whether at age twenty five he has destroyed his life irrevocably Glass encounters a world far stranger than his own fabricatio.

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The Fabulist[Read] The Fabulist By Stephen Glass Tushna A NOVEL OF AN IGNOMINIOUS FALL THE RISE TO INFAMY AND LIFE AFTER BOTH • It is the summer of 1998 and Stephen Glass is a young magazine journalist whose work is gaining and acclaim until a rival maga A NOVEL OF AN IGNOMINIOUS FALL THE RISE TO INFAMY AND LIFE AFTER BOTH • It is the summer of and Stephen Glass is a young magazine journalist whose work is gaining and acclaim until a rival magazine tells Glass's editor that it suspects one of his stories is fabricated As his editor sorts out the truth Glass is busy inventing it spinning rich and complex blends of fact and fiction and exploiting the gray world in between But Glass is caught His fabulism is uncovered and his career instantly unravels Worse his editor learns that it's not the first time Soon a long history of inv.

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review The Fabulist 103 ´ [Read] ➯ The Fabulist By Stephen Glass – A NOVEL OF AN IGNOMINIOUS FALL THE RISE TO INFAMY AND LIFE AFTER BOTH • It is the summer of 1998 and Stephen Glass is a young magazine journalist whose work is gaining and acclaim until a rival maga A NOVEL OF AN IGNOMINIOUS FALL THE RISE TO INFAMY AND LIFE AFTER BOTH Ns one populated by eccentric coworkers ailing animals angry masseuses sexy librarians competitive bingo players synchronized swimmers a soulful stripper and a mysterious guardian angel who dresses only in purple Meanwhile Glass is chased by marauding journalists whose desperation and ruthlessness manage to match even his own As he dodges his pursuers Glass grasps at straws only to find that wondrously they sometimes hold Despite himself he rediscovers the Judaism he'd left far behind in Hebrew school and falls helplessly in love with a young woman who turns out to have her own shameful past In the end The Fabulist is as much about family friendship religion and love about getting through somehow even when it seems impossible as it is about reality and fantasy At once hilarious and harrowing The Fabulist is one of the year's most provocative novel.

review The Fabulist 103 See this thread for informationStephen Glass born is an American paralegal who was previously a reporter for The New Republic; he was eventually fired for fabricating articles uotations sources and events The story of Glass's downfall is told in the film Shattered Glass.

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  • Laura Lee

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistI believe in forgiveness and redemption and that a person should not forever be defined by his biggest mistake If Stephen Glass was a convincing fiction writer as a journalist there is no reason he would not be eually creative as a novelist That is the mindset that led me to pick up this bookThe thing is I couldn't uite get a handle on how to relate to his novel Is it really a novel or is it a memoir The main character is Stephen Glass and the opening scenes tell the familiar tale of his firing for inventing stories and passing them off as journalismIt is fiction like a ripped from the headlines TV episode or a biographical film based on a true story Perhaps the truth embellished with outrageous details again the way a Hollywood director improves a true s

  • Chuck

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistSo this was an incredibly strange reading experience Parts of it are exactly like SHATTERED GLASS except from the oddly reasonable perspective of Glass Other parts illustrate how skewed his view of fake reality truly is and how much he views this massive humiliation as the single greatest thing that has ever happened to him He paints himself in the most unlikeable way possible yet seems to enjoy doing so; I feel sorry for him but not in the way he intends When he explains how he went about fabricating his work he is incredibly detailed and straight forward he clearly seems PROUD of how good he was at lying in public He cries constantly it seems to be his reaction to everything He vaguely implies that being Jewish pla

  • Nitya Iyer

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistAfter watching the movie Shattered Glass I picked up the book thinking that they're usually better than the movies they inspire Right up front Glass says that it's not a memoir not meant to be read as anything based in reality But truth be told the story seems to follow his own life pretty closely So possibly the only reason I enjoyed it so much was because I could actually see Hayden Christensen's whiny drooling mugging face mouthing lines from the book The writing's not too bad A little too crisp sometimes for my own taste but we all know how much I love the ornate wordiness of eastern romantics But it's a fair look into the devolving mind of a journalist whose desire to impress uickly overwhelms his obligation to the truth And much like when I was reading A Million Little Pieces I could honestly empathize with many of his sentiments I could see myself falling into those tra

  • Jae

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistI originally wrote this review in June 2004I don't remember exactly when I started maniacally devouring news stories about disgraced former journalist Stephen Glass but I'm pretty sure it must have been in the summer of 2000 I got my hands on a copy of the Vanity Fair article that would later serve as the basis for the film Shattered Glass I read everything I could find about him on the Internet I zipped through what I could find of his fabricated articles And when I first heard that he was writing a novelization of

  • Hannah

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistA very compelling novel to say the least While watching Shattered Glass and while reading this book I kept finding my self rooting for Stephen Glass As a journalist witnessing journalism gone bad I'm not sure why Perhaps I felt as if he were some sort of misguided underdog but really it's not that way However I did enjoy

  • Chérie

    review The Fabulist 103 The Fabulistit's so strange to read a fictionalized memoir by a known fabricator it's like an IRL spin on the unreliable narrator device even if it was complete lies it played with some interesting themes about family and what it means to fall into an endless loop of approval seeking

  • Samantha Myers

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistThis book just seems self serving in a way that borders on the author making up even absurdities in an effort to sell a book about his life However it is well written I can't help but think this was his own attempt to lessen his own guilt about what he's done in his life through the one method he knows creating fiction

  • Matt

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistMost people who know of this novel know of Stephen Glass; they know of who he is and what he is famous for And just reading the description of this novel they'll probably go into the novel thinking just like I did that this book labeled as fiction is probably the most non fiction piece of writing Glass has ever doneGlass tells his story in a very clever way Attention to how he tells the story is very important to the story itself and the techniues Glass uses in many ways contradict the actual content of the `novel' Of these the most important techniue is beginning the story `in medias res'When the novel opens Glass henceforth referred to as `Fictional Glass' for purposes of differentiating him from Glass the author is at the forefront of his downfall Fictional Glass is about to be uestioned by his editor about a piece of his that has some s

  • G--

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistThis fictionalized memoir fits the trend of autobiography as a replacement for therapy But rather than giving a compelling story about sin or powerful story of redemption it contains the whining of someone who just can't seem to understand why everyone sob hates him seems to be the strongest defense Glass can muster as he whines about mistreat

  • Claire

    review The Fabulist 103 The FabulistThis book really didn't need to be written or at least published If the reader is looking for insight on the author's journalism scandals the same information is in any number of news articles or indeed the film 'Shattered Glass' There is something disingenuous about the film though which is a morality tale as if Glass's fabrications occurred in a vacuum and reflected nothing about the culture of journalism If Glass wrote this as a therapeutic exercise and if it helped him to come to terms with the situation good for him; however it is not a novel and adding 'funny'