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Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Î ➸ Ungefähre Landschaft Free ➮ Author Peter Stamm – Unformed Landscape begins in a small village on a fjord in the Finnmark on the northeastern coast of Norway where the borders between Norway Sweden Finland and Russia lie covered in snow and darkness Unformed Landscape beUngefähre Landschaft Free Author Peter Stamm Tushna Unformed Landscape begins in a small village on a fjord in the Finnmark on the northeastern coast of Norway where the borders between Norway Sweden Finland and Russia lie covered in snow and darkness Unformed Landscape begins in a small village on a fjord in the Finnmark on the northeastern coast of Norway where the borders between Norway Sweden Finland and Russia lie covered in snow and darkness where the real borders are between day and night summer and winter and between people Here a sensitive young woman like Kathri.

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Ne finds few outlets for her desires Half Norwegian half Sami an indigenous people Kathrine works for the customs office inspecting the fishing boats arriving regularly in the harbor She is in her late s has a son from an early marriage and has drifted into a second loveless marriage to a man whose cold and dominating conventionality forms a bold stroke through the unformed landscape of her life After she makes a discovery about her husband that deeply wounds her Kathrine cuts loose from her moorings and her confusion and sets off in search of herself Her journey begins aboard a ship headed south taking h.

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Ungefähre LandschaftEr below the Arctic Circle for the first time in her life Kathrine makes her way to France and has the bittersweet experience of a love affair that flares and dies uickly her starved senses rewarded by the shimmering beauty of Paris Through a series of poignant encounters Kathrine is led to the richer life she was meant to have and is brave enough to claim Using simple words strung together in a melodic alphabet Peter Stamm introduces us through a series of intimate sketches to the heart of an unforgettable woman Her story speaks elouently about solitude the fragility of love lost illusions and self discover.

Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Peter Stamm grew up in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau the son of an accountant After completing primary and secondary school he spent three years as an apprentice accountant and then as an accountant He then chose to go back to school at the University of Zurich taking courses in a variety of fields including English studies Business informatics Psychology and Psychopathology During t.

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  • Mariel

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftWhether you continued to try and swim The brief moment when you went down before you suffocated When you stopped struggling for breath stopped thrashing about with your arms The instant in which he'd given up and maybe swam a couple strokes not to get to the surface there was no point and he knew it A couple of strokes And the calm the uiet under the water The fact that the last moment is supposed to be happy I read Peter Stamm's Unformed Landscape earlier this year I've wished that it was the day that I read that book many times since The day would have to end again and I would wish that it could be when I was curled up in the chair in t

  • Roger Brunyate

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre Landschaft Above the Arctic CircleThe landscape of the title in the far North of Norway is not the true subject of this bracingly sparse novella which is devoted to the inner landscape of the heart Peter Stamm's setting is landscape as a state of mind The fjeld looked like a drawing made of a few scribbled lines Russia Finland Sweden and Norway up here they all looked alike The borders were covered by snow the snow joined everything up and the darkness covered it over The real borders were between day and night between summer and winter between the people Kathrine is a woman in her twenties half Norwegian half Sami Lapp who works as a customs inspector on this remote coast Stamm describes her past history and her present life in this vast but abbreviated landscape in eually terse language Kathrine had married Helge she had had a child she had divorced Helge She went to the lighthouse she stayed there overnight and she came back the nex

  • Cheryl

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftThis was an interesting exercise I first read this about four years ago and intensely disliked it But each time I saw it or saw the book on Goodreads I wondered if I would like it if I read it again It just seemed the kind of book I would like; did I shortchange it It's not as if it was badly written that type of book is easy to write off and never think of againSo I picked it up again In a different frame of mind I guess because this time

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftAnother selection from my backlist a slim translated novel about a Norwegian Sami woman named Kathrine who suffers through two unhappy marriages before the age of 30 and decides to finally venture out below the Arctic Circle

  • Friederike Knabe

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftKathrine the heroine in UNFORMED LANDSCAPE is yearning for the end of winter In summer she drew the light into herself in winter she had the feeling she wasn't alive just half alive and dreaming On this Saturday in April when the slight twilight lifts the dark of winter she is skiing some distance towards the lighthouse and having left the last landmark of the village behind she glides out into the limitless white of the fjeld The lighthouse keepers always welcome her but always told the same stories talked uninterruptedly and still they were as silent as the landscape With short deceptively uncomplicated sentences Swiss author Peter Stamm creates an affecting visual rendering of the vast landscape of the north and the simple yet hard lives of the inhabitants of this most northern region of Norway far beyond the Arctic Circle The borders between Russia

  • Cathrine

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftYou know thoserarebooksin which the characters live in you through out the day while you are not readingThis is one of those

  • Jim Elkins

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftProblems in Minimalism The Description of Inner StatesA minimalist narrative about a woman in Finnmark Several reviewers see this as a narrative of self discovery and awakening but Kathrine the principal character doesn't develop through the bo

  • Anne Sanow

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftBleak bleak bleak Snow Trudge trudge trudge through snow Skis of the trudging kind and slow journeys away from lout loser husbands to the Southwhich is like Belgium when you're Kathrine the protagonist of this spare novel who is a 20something living in the uppermost regions of Norway that most of us can't even fathom All that happens is that she somehow manages to break from what sh

  • Janey Bennett

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftI have traveled around northern Norway and this book really captures the countryside and the pace of life there I thought the opening descriptions were brilliant but by the end I found it hard going I did finish it but I'm not a big fan of stories that are just like life that is unresolved Yes there was some resolution but not enough I fear

  • Anna

    Summary ´ Ungefähre Landschaft 104 Ungefähre LandschaftI have this thing where I have to start a book but if it annoys or bores me I'm allowed to abandon it and give it away Life is just too short and my bookcase too big But with this I never uite managed to do that I wasn't convinced by the remote sparse language but on a different level it captivated me and made me hang on I kept waiting for something great to break through something amazing to happen be it in or external but it just didn't It's a very uiet unassuming novel and the change