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Kindle È Backlash Ï Brad Thor Their loyalty was to their families their friends and their kings You crossed these men at your peril And once crossed there was no crossing backThey were fearless; men of honor who have been known throughout history by different names Spartan Viking SamuraiToday men like these still strike from the shadows They are highly prized intelligence agents military operatives and assassinsOne man is all threeTwo days ago that man was crosse

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✫ Backlash Books ✭ Author Brad Thor – In ancient texts there are stories about men who struck from the shadows seemingly beyond the reach of death itself These men were considered part angel part demon Their loyalty was to their families Backlash Books Author Brad Thor Tushna hramru In ancient texts there are stories about men who struck from the shadows seemingly beyond the reach of death itself These men were considered part angel part demon Their loyalty was to their families In ancient texts there are stories about men who struck from the shadows seemingly beyond the reach of death itself These men were considered part angel part demon

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BacklashD— badlyNow far from home and surrounded by his enemy Scot Harvath must battle his way outWith no support no cavalry coming and no one even aware of where he is it will take everything he has ever learned to surviveBut survival isn’t enough Harvath wants revengeIn the most explosive novel Brad Thor has ever written page after captivating page of action intrigue loyalty and betrayal will keep you hooked until the very last sentence

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  • Tim

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashBased on others reviews many will be surprised by this rating My rationale is I don't care for slaughter of innocents nor inflated ratings I despise the loss of meaningful and impactful characters I like vengeance but in this disappointing effort the price is too steep 4 of 10 stars

  • Matt

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashHip deep into the Scot Harvath series Brad Thor continues to deliver poignant novels that pull the reader into the middle of the political and espionage driven world of today When local authorities are called to a rural community in New Hampshire they discover four bodies carelessly slain The names raise a red flag in the Intelligence community beginning calls high up the chain of command With ties to all those slain one name being suggested as a potential shooter is Scot Harvath but could he really have killed these people It turns out not as Harvath is aboard a covert plane somewhere in Russia chained to a seat by mercenaries who have no worries about treating their prisoner poorly When the plane goes down Harvath is the only survivor but perhaps not for long He is in the middle of the Russian wilderness during the height of winter with

  • The Real Book Spy

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashEverything he’s ever done has led him to this moment By now readers know his story Former Navy SEAL Scot Harvath cut his teeth with SEAL Team Two the cold weather specialists before joining the Navy’s storied SEAL Team Six where he eventually assisted on a maritime presidential detail—catching the eye of the Secret ServiceAfter Harvath had spent a brief amount of time with the Secret Service the president in an effort to hit back at the terrorists who pledged jihad against America made Harvath the leader of a top secret program called the Apex Project—where he was tasked with two things Do whatever it takes to protect his country and no matter what never get caught From there Harvath’s career as an apex predator continued this time under the guidance of Reed Carlton a legendary spymaster whose career in espionage stretches back nearly forty years Under Carlton’s tutelage Harvath thrived as a counterterrorism operative bravely standing on the front lines

  • kartik narayanan

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashRead the full review at my site Digital AmritIntroductionBacklash has a straightforward story whose beats should be evident within the first few pages of starting the story Scot Harvath has been captured by the Russians and has to fight his way out in an inhospitable terrain What I likedBacklash manages to break the cycle of ennui that was creeping into the series with a different kind of story albeit one we have seen before in other seriesRead the full review at my site Digital Amrit

  • Pamela Small

    Backlash Book Þ Backlash35 stars Definitely better than #17 #18 in the series but not up to the level of intrigue and excitement of Thor’s previous Scott Harvath installments 👎 The plot is based on the political machinations of Russia v USA but the conflict isn’t fleshed out enough there is a lot of telling that Russia is evil and a lot of action depicting their malevolence but the background story explaining motives is lacking in development👎 It is a story of survival than political espionage Additionally the scenes describing the survival skills from the harsh arctic environmental as well as the evil Russian pursuers become redundant 👎 The denouement is rushed Those revenge scenes are the perfect fodder for explosive thrills and chills but tension is not built as the reader is hurried

  • Melissa

    Backlash Book Þ Backlash55 STARSWOWZA That was an amazing book I wasn't sure Brad Thor could top himself after Spymaster and that cliff hanger ending but he did with a vengeance It's really hard to talk about this book without giving anything away It's definitely different from other books in the series I will just say that this is Brad's Exceeds Expectations performance review those who have seen him in person know what I'm talking about ; If you haven't read Spymaster read that first and have this one waiting to start immediately You will not be disappointed

  • David Eppenstein

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashThis is a difficult book to rate It is the 19th in the Harvath series and I have been a fan since the beginning I have collected all 19 books

  • Jeanette

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashOverkill in every sense This is high war casualty fare BrutalSo here is the reaction I promised last week after I finished I was away from tech and a decent keyboardKnow that I have not read Scott Harvath before So starting at #19 is absolutely hubris Yet I was glad I did Because I didn't hold the killing off of long appearing characters against him And took the read for what it was in this form and length of book aloneIt's a difficult read for the killing overkill factor But beyond that constant and continual violence is the logistics and no

  • Skip

    Backlash Book Þ BacklashAfter a major traumatic event Scot finds himself in the Arctic Circle with Russian mercenaries after him Initially they want him alive for all of the information he can provide but when US pressure led by a rescue specialist and the

  • Veena Calambur

    Backlash Book Þ Backlash25 stars Edit this is my first and probably last Brad Thor novel and I did no research on the type of books and style that he typically writes Just picked it up randomly but these are my thoughts as a first time reader who also enjoyed other survival novels like Hatchet Overall it is a decent action survival thriller as the main character Harvath is trying to make it out of the depths of Russian wilderness and away from Russian mercenaries as he was brutal kidnapped The story points of Harvath fighting to make it out was a decently gripping readIn general there was just a huge lack of humanity in the book The initial brutal murders and kidnapping had no justified motivations leaving the reader to just say “I guess they’re Russians so you know evil” which is just lazy writing on the part of the writer to basically try to deliver an NCIS episode premise as plot points This lack of humanity becomes even presen