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[Reading] ➿ Redemption Author Dana Delamar – A mobster seeking redemption A woman on a mission A powerful enemy ready to pounceAntonio Legato has always been an outsider even though he's moved up in the Lucchesi mob organization When he falls inReading Redemption Author Dana Delamar Tushna hramru A mobster seeking redemption A woman on a mission A powerful enemy ready to pounceAntonio Legato has always been an outsider even though he's moved up in the Lucchesi mob organization When he falls in A mobster seeking Redemption A woman on a mission A powerful enemy ready to pounceAntonio Legato has always been an outsider even though he's moved

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Up in the Lucchesi mob organization When he falls in love with Bianca Lucchesi Antonio may at last become part of the family but he’s hiding an ugly secret about her father’s death Telling Bianca the truth will pit blood against blood and annihilate the family he lovesBianca Lucchesi is on a mission to help her brothers ruin Antonio so they can take their rightful place in the organization As assistant to the don?

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Redemption?s wife Bianca seduces Antonio while pursuing her brothers’ revenge But her loyalty is divided—she and Antonio share a secret that he’s unaware of She longs to tell him but fears he can never forgive what she’s doneWhen Bianca and Antonio learn that her brothers have rashly allied with a cunning enemy who is plotting against the Lucchesis can they heal the family’s wounds before everyone they love is destroyed?

Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar Dana Delamar is the author of erotic romance LGBT romance and the Blood and Honor Mafia romance series which is set in Italy among the Calabrian Mafia Her first book REVENGE received stars from RT Book Reviews was a Top Pick at The Romance Reviews and was a double finalist for Best First Book and Best Romantic Suspense in the Booksellers Best Awards Her second book RETRIBUTION.

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  • Dana Delamar

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionIt's finally here REDEMPTION is the fourth book in the Blood and Honor series This is Antonio's story I cried a lot while writing it and I hope you enjoy it

  • Liz Cabrejos

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionI was given this book in exchange for an honest review Once again Dana has blown me away Antonio's story had me riveted from the beginning What is there not to love of the young orphan boy who grows up within the mob Enrico Luchessis guard now his capo di societa You're heart truly breaks for Antonio all he's ever wanted is to be part of a family to be Don Enricos son There is so much in this story including Bianca the woman that has owned Antonio's heart even whe

  • Theresa Needham fehse

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar Redemptionfree book for free review juliesboookreviewblogspotcomAntonio Legato grew up in the Mafi and has risen up in the organization He is not proud of all the things he has done The main one was falling in love with Bianca Lucchesi and allowing her to hurt himT

  • Laura

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionI will be completely honest and say that I had very low expectations going into this one I received a free copy to

  • Kristy

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionDana has done another amazing job writing 'Redemption' book 3 of her Blood Honor series if you haven't read the first 2 books I'd advise you to do so I'm feeling emotionally wrecked after readin

  • Necie

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionRedemption Blood and Honor #3 by Dana Delamar Yep I've read all 4 in the series so far OMG are they good They good The preuel has a great storyline but very PG books 123 Are HOT adults only They are a mafia series which is very very good The charters you fall in love with There is excitement drama everything This last book wow it will have you doing the happy cry and at times taking a break because your doing the ugly cry I Highly Recommend this series I will be looking very forward to MORE in this series

  • Margie Moran

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionRedemption A Mafia romance by Dana DelanarBest mafia series lately read it you will love it as much as I did well written you can't put it down or tallest I could not you will go from one book to another can't wait to start the next one great writer I hope you will enjoy them as much a s I have them keep up the good work I love your books margie

  • Donna Davis

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionRivetingAmazing writer Dana gives you your moneys worth I love the length of her stories Amazing depth of characters as she draws you in to each one Im not a big fan of Kate but oh well Antonio and Bianca's love story was amazing Superb plots and twists with steamy love scenes makes this one a must read Excited to read the next book in the series And I do love Enrico

  • Cassie

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionOh I loved itAntonio is such a beloved character and I'm glad he got his story as well as sweet Bianca I enjoyed her character as well I like that she was

  • Angela Goodrich

    Redemption Ebook ↠½ Dana delamar RedemptionI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love this series Every time I read another installment I am profoundly grateful that the author submitted a review reuest to the blog because I may have never discovered it otherwise Now isn’t that a depressing thought? I also have to commend the author for having the foresight to include the Cast of Characters in the beginning of each book because it has been integral in me keeping the players straight especially when a few months pass in between books It usually takes me a couple of chapters to get back into the swing of things and the Cast of Characters is an invaluable tool to me being able toIn Redemption we finally learn about Antonia Enrico’s foster son who became the capo of the Luchessi family in the previous novel Specifically why Dom hated him so much – and no I won’t tell you why I will tell you that it involves Dom’s daughter Bianca and a secret romance between them when they were in