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Super Thinking review ¸ 103 ¾ [Reading] ➮ Super Thinking ➶ Gabriel Weinberg – You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory you don't have them in a usable form You've got to have models in your he You can't really know anything if you jSes up your projects is out to sabotage you consider Hanlon's Razor for an alternative explanation • Ever sat through a bad movie just because you paid a lot for the ticket You might be falling prey to Sunk Cost Fallacy • Set up Forcing Functions like standing meeting or deadlines to help grease the wheels for changes you want to occurSo the next time you find yourself faced with a difficult decision or just trying to understand a complex situation let Super Thinking upgrade your brain with mental modelsNote in the US the subtitle is The Big Book of Mental Models and outside it is Upgrade Your Reasoning and Make Better Decisions with Mental Model.

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Ortcuts that help them cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones They're called mental models and you can find them in dense textbooks on psychology physics economics and Or you can just read Super Thinking a fun illustrated guide to every mental model you could possibly need How can mental models help you Well here are just a few examples • If you've ever been overwhelmed by a to do list that's grown too long maybe you need the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to help you prioritize • Use the Whys model to better understand people's motivations or get to the root cause of a problem • Before concluding that your colleague who mes.

Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Since I've been the CEO Founder of DuckDuckGo the Internet privacy company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online without any tradeoffs Our private search engine is in the US Germany Australia and dozens of other countries answering over billion ueries in I also co authored Super Thinking The Big Book of Mental Models Penguin P.

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Super Thinking[Reading] Super Thinking Gabriel Weinberg Tushna You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory you don't have them in a usable form You've got to have models in your he You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory you don't have them in a usable form You've got to have models in your head Charlie Munger investor vice chairman of Berkshire HathawayThe world's greatest problem solvers forecasters and decision makers all rely on a set of frameworks and sh.

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  • Demi Yilmaz

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingI love mental models but this book can't even install 1 of them to the readers mind It is a list of 100s of mental models explained in a few sentences This should not have been a book but a list of mental models instead maybe a webpage or something I'm not sure what was G

  • Matt Cannon

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingWhen I saw a tweet from Annie Duke saying the world would improve immediately if everyone read this book I had to check it out I wasn’t disappointed This book is simple easy to follow and gives mental models that greatly help your decision making It has a heavy Charlie Munger influence and feel throughout the book which was

  • Book

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingAs I read this book I would get up and go see myself in front of a mirror and say You know nothing John Snow lol This is one of those books that will change your life uproot it twist it it will literally chew you and spit out It combines the traditional and machine wisdomlearnings that is well written with examples to understandYou will think about your friends family co workers all the events in the past all the living and non living You would remember how some of these mental models were applied on you or how you unknowingly fell pray to themThis book has something for everyone Whether you are starting a company working a normal 9 5 job parenting play competitive sports etc the book offers timeless mental models that will not just make you experience life through a whole new dimension but it will also help you get better at decision making read

  • Miles

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingBefore starting it I had misgivings about whether Lauren McCann and Gabriel Weinberg’s Super Thinking would be worthwhile for me to read This was mainly because I have already studied a lot of mental models from various fields of research and also because it seemed a bit too self helpy for my taste But my best friend bought me a copy so I took it up in order to discuss with himTo its credit Super Thinking is probably the most comprehensive and up to date collection of mental models––”recurring concepts that help us explain predict or approachseemingly disparate subjects” available to modern readers vii McCann and Weinberg’s goal is to highlight a variety of “broadly useful” or “super” models that serve as mental tools for successfully understanding and navigating the many challenges of life viii They claim that

  • Van Tran

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingMental Models applied in real life contextThe book did an excellent job by connecting mental models in real life context using a storytelling style rather an academic listing of the modelsHighly recommend

  • Franta

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingAwesome bookThe authors apparently wrote the book for themselves which makes it even useful and valuableI would have personally used even picturesgraphs to explain and compare ideasbehaviorA book worth returning to

  • AV

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingI picked this up for two reasons1 I've read Gabriel's first book Traction and found it immensely helpful2 I'm a big fan of mental models H

  • Sebastian Gebski

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingNo star rating I think it would rely too much on individual contextST is a book about everything and nothingMental models are framed named concepts than encapsulated knowledge and observation to simplify reasoning and problem solving But the problem is they are everywhere it's hard to classify them they have very different origins and they are products of very different disciplines or just streams of thoughtThat's why this book basically feels like an aggregation of other books summaries Books of very different origin audience Usually very good books And usually very different summary I think Why I think Because TBH I haven't found almost anything new here it means I'm revisiting knowledge I've collected closer to the root Maybe that's why everything was clear and straightforward but how could I say whether it's the same for a person who doesn't read that muchFor me the major uestion is does it make sense to create books li

  • Adrien Lemaire

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingI have found my new favorite book and wrote 278 Anki cards to memorize all these mental models shared in the bookThis is not a book to read casually you probably wouldn't remember much of it This is a book to read slowly study and rememberThank you Gabriel Weinberg and Laurent McCann for taking the time to write this book It will help me for many years to comeI wish I had it 15 years ago but life is a never ending self improvement experience Looking forward to changing from cargo cult scientist to super thinkerNow I'll have to find Super Thinking partners to join me on this journey

  • Haur Bin Chua

    Super Thinking review ¸ 103 Super ThinkingA good collection of mental models extracted from various disciplines which if applied properly can help broaden one’s perspective Very similar to Charlie Munger’s emphasis on breadth of knowledge and when magic happens when a confluence of factors across a broad spectrum manifest themselves in a lollapalooza effect A few mental models that stood out1 Argue from first principles go back to basics and figure out what are we really trying to solve2 Be aware that your views are being framed by people around you eg first impressions media3 To avoid personal biases or framed perspective walk a mile in their shoes try to see from their point of view as impartially as possible using a third person’s view How are we being perceived by the observer4 Learned selflessness people stop trying when they believe their efforts just don’t cut it any or it’s just not worth it any Results in active disengagement 5 Thinking gray the world is not black and white Truly effective l