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❮Read❯ ➶ Misfortune ➺ Author Wesley Stace – Victorian dandy Lord Geoffroy Loveall is faced with a dilemma As heir apparent to Love Hall he must produce an heir of his own; but his obsessive love for his long dead sister has rendered him a paralRead Misfortune Author Wesley Stace Tushna hramru Victorian dandy Lord Geoffroy Loveall is faced with a dilemma As heir apparent to Love Hall he must produce an heir of his own; but his obsessive love for his long dead sister has rendered him a paral Victorian dandy Lord Geoffroy Loveall is faced with a dilemma As heir apparent to Love Hall he must produce an heir of his own; but his obsessive love for his long dead sister has rendered him a paralytic in matters of the heart Adding to Geoffroy'

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S troubles is his difficult mother Lady Loveall who mercilessly castigates her effeminate son and a circling mob of greedy relatives anxious to wrest Love Hall from his graspThen a miracle occurs As his carriage passes a trash dump Geoffroy spies an abandoned baby in the jaws of a cur He saves the child names her Rose and declares her his rightful heir The shock fells Lady Loveall on the spot and Rose becomes the pampered daughter of Lord Loveall and his bride of convenience the resident librarian Anonyma This joyful period lasts until

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MisfortuneRose's adolescence when it becomes increasingly difficult to hide the one great secret of Love Hall namely that Rose now in the position of fending off suitors for her titled hand is in fact a boy Rose's whiskers deepening voice and affection for the daughter of a courtier have not gone unnoticed Armed with the new revelation the Loveall's unscrupulous relatives launch a coup and a desperately confused Rose is cast adrift until he finds the renewed vitality that comes from the love of true family and realizes that he can and must go home

Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram Wesley Stace also records music under the nom de plume of John Wesley Harding.

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  • Greg

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneDid you ever wonder what Dickens would be like if there was gender confusion and hand jobs Well if you did then this novel could put your mind at rest If you

  • Joshua

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneI am completely blown away by Mr Stace's ability to completely envelop a character and make the character LIVE Now I am eagerly looking forward to reading of his workMisfortune is a truly engaging and titillating story A boy raised as a girl by an asexual man and his literary wife What will happen when puberty rears its ugly head What indeed The awakening of Rose Old is monumental especially to his extended family An uncle accidentally sent to his final reward a cousin aroused and self exiled and the ultimate banning of the Loveall from Love Hall are just a few juicy reactions to the revelation Banned until that is a truth is exposed and the Loveall are re instated in t

  • Noa

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram Misfortune15It's not it it's me But it's also partly it I didn't like it because I wasn't in the mood for it and maybe I didn't pay enough attention but to be fair if it had been amazing time and stress wouldn't have mattered Mostly I was bored and that's coming from someone who adores slow historical fiction mostly cough Atonement cough Half of the characters I couldn't keep track of and the other half I could not connect

  • Cheryl

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneReally 2 and a half stars It started out as a humorous satire of classic works by writers like Dickens However after the first section it got kind of muddled and serious The writing style and the narrator changed There is alot of emphasis on gender identity issues in the plot There were also sex scenes that made me feel uncomfortable The book could have been 100 pages shorter too An ok read but not one I would recommend

  • Lora

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneI am so conflicted by this book On one hand I found the exploration of gender absolutely fascinating and the character's eventual resting place no spoilers extremely satisfying I loved the discussion of nature vs nurture and the assertion that it's not as clear cut as advocates of EITHER side would have us believe

  • Emily Graves

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneI'm reviewing this book mainly because it's one of my favorite books of all time and I think it's horribly underratedDisclaimer I'm a sucker for Victorian and pseudo Victorian foundling stories This is that But it's so much It's a story of love of literature research lost and found identities and friendship and loveThe elements of body horror and gender discovery may be too much for some but it's all very tastefully done The prose alone is gorgeous and the plot structure is impeccable Rose's journey from coddled and manipulated to being himself is something I'd recommend to anyone who's ever felt betrayed by someone who was supposed to care for them I've reread it several times and parts still make me tear up The story is beautiful while venturing into both the buttoned up veneer of the Victorian period as well as the seediest underbellies of London at the time Stac

  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneA young baby boy is being thrown out with the trash Unwanted and alone a chance of fate has him picked up by the richest Lord in th

  • EMM

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneI was looking forward to reading this book thinking of it as a kind of treat For the most part it wasn't How dare this book not be fun For starters take that title at its word Then don't be taken in by the first chapter It's not in keeping with the rest of the book There is a point of view switch and a shift in storytelling style and it's all downhill from there Often the book wallows in the dreary and the boring and that makes for some tedious reading The protagonist spends big chunks of the book in a depression I did not enjoy joining him there for so long For some reason the book rushes through the good stuff so it can get to the boring stuff that much uicker Then there is the mystery of Rose's parentage which takes up the last part of the book First I didn't car

  • Andrea

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneConfused gender identity English humor; sometimes very clever and sometimes uite slow paced While I enjoyed the writing style and the overall plot the latter portion of the book isn't constructed as well as the first Oh but I did enjoy it and was disturbed by it

  • Clair Belmonte

    Book ´ Misfortune Î✓ Tushnahram MisfortuneThis is one of the best contemporary novels that I have read in a long time and I would recommend it to anyone It certainly