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RialHe's on the juryThey were Hollywood's hottest power couple They had the world at their feet Now one of them is dead and Hollywood star Robert Solomon is charged with the brutal murder of his beautiful wifeThis is the celebrity murder trial of the century and the defence want one man on their team co

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ThirteenPDF Epub Thirteen Author Steve Cavanagh Tushna hramru The serial killer isn't on trialHe's on the juryThey were Hollywood's hottest power couple They had the world at their feet Now one of them is dead and Hollywood star Robert Solomon is charged with th The serial killer isn't on t

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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Thirteen Author Steve Cavanagh – The serial killer isn't on trialHe's on the juryThey were Hollywood's hottest power couple They had the world at their feet Now one of them is dead and Hollywood star Robert Solomon is charged with thN artist turned lawyer Eddie FlynnAll the evidence points to Robert's guilt but as the trial begins a series of sinister incidents in the court room start to raise doubts in Eddie's mindWhat if there's than one actor in the courtroom?What if the killer isn't on trial? What if the killer is on the jury?

Download reader Ç Thirteen Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for Dublin at the age of eighteen to study Law He currently practices civil rights law and has been involved in several high profile cases Selected for the Rising Stars programme ACES award winner from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland The Defence is his debut novel Follow on twitter SSCav.

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  • Maureen

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenAs legal thrillers go it doesn't get much better than Steve Cavanagh's ThirteenIt also doesn't get much weirder An ex conman as a defence lawyer? and a serial killer on the jury But this was such a gripping read the tension was unbearable at times The characters were cleverly brought to life with a storyline that was not only intense but oh so clever The twists came thick and fast towards the end reaching dizzying heights and made it impossible to put the book down I've read some truly terrific books this year and 'Thirteen' has made it onto that list Read it if you get the chanceThank you to Netgalley and Orion for my ARC in exchange for an honest revie

  • Mary Beth

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenFive Clever StarsThe Serial Killer Isn't On TrialHe 's on the juryBobby Solomon is a movie star who is up on a murder charge His wife and security guard were found dead and Bobby is charged with the crime Eddie Flynn is a lawyer and the defense team wants Eddie on their team because he is a con artist and a very good lawyer Eddie Flyn

  • Meredith

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenA brilliant con artist goes head to head with a brilliant serial killer Who will win in the end?Eddie Flynn a former con artist turned lawyer is put in the spotlight when he takes on the case of a Hollywood actor accused of murdering his wife and bodyguard The evidence is damning but Eddie believes in his client's innocence and will do what it takes to win the case Joshua Kane a serial killer with a uniue ability plots his way onto the Hollywood murder jury He has a vested interest in the outcome of the caseThis is the fourth book in the Eddie Flynn series but the first for me It can definitely be read as standalone With that being said I wa

  • Kaceey

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenThe premise for this book was absolutely ingenious A typical murder trial is getting underway Did I say typical? Only if you think that having a certified serial killer on the jury is normal Are you kidding me Gimme Gimme I had to read this oneBobby Solomon is Hollywood’s latest and greatest heartthrob who finds himself on trial for the murder of his wife and security man And of course he swears he’s innocent Eddie Flynn is an independent lawyer with a reputation for thinking outside the box His courtroom theatrics a

  • Dita

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenFive starsALL OF THE STARSIn a market saturated with legal thrillers Thirteen needs its own category This concept was brilliant and the execution superb I could not put it down Thirteen is the 4th book in the Eddie Flynn series but works as a stand alone I have not read the othersyet Eddie is an ex con turned lawyer who goes toe to toe in a battle of wits with a serial killer who wrangles his way onto a jury This book is so clever so intriguing so fil

  • jessica

    Download reader Ç Thirteen Thirteencourtroom drama is the best kind of drama and thats a factand what do you get when a serial killer is sitting on the jury to judge a crime that he actually committed? you get drama lo

  • Kylie D

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenWow what a ride this was I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it into the small hours I picked this book up as I'd seen several good reviews of it from friends and I'm so glad I didThis is the fourth book in the Eddie Flynn series though it's the first one I've read and it works perfectly well as a standalone Eddie former conman turned lawyer is asked to work on the case of Hollywood star Bobby Solomon who is standing trial for murdering his wife and his head of security Yet unbeknownst to Eddie there is a rogue juror A serial killer a chameleon has infiltrated the jury process and he's hell bent on making sure Bobby Solomon is found guiltyI really don't want to say too much about the plot just that it's twisty and turny and certainly has the wow factor that a

  • Paromjit

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenSteve Cavanagh writes top notch adrenaline fuelled legal thrillers with his charismatic defence lawyer ex con artist Eddie Flynn set in New York and this is his best one yet Eddie has been hoping to get back together with his wife Christine and his beloved daughter Amy which his defence work in the past has placed in grave danger leading to their separation He thinks he has it finally worked out as he plans for a safe and secure legal career with Rudy Carp where he has been co opted onto the legal defence team for famous celebrity Hollywood actor Robert Solomon on trial for the murder of his actress wife Ariella Bloom and his security man Is it already too late to save his marriage? Flynn has attracted the rage of NYPD cops he has publicly revealed as corrup

  • Berit☀️✨

    Download reader Ç Thirteen Thirteen The serial killer is not on trial he’s on the jury WOW This book reeled me in Hook Line Sinker Move over Mickey Haller there is a new man in town and his name is Eddie Flynn I loved everything about this legal thriller It had a bit of a Michael Conne

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    Download reader Ç Thirteen ThirteenEXCERPT At ten after five on a raw December afternoon Joshua Kane lay on a cardboard bed outside the Criminal Courts Building in Manhattan and thought about killing a man Not just any man he was thinking about someone in particular it was true that Kane had at times while on the subway or watching passers by occasionally thought about killing a nameless random New Yorker who happened to fall into his line of vision It could be the blonde secretary reading a romance novel on the K train a Wall Street banker swinging an umbrella as he ignored Kane's please for change or even a child holding its mother's hand on a crosswalkHow would it feel to kill them? What would they say with their final breaths? Would their eyes change in that moment of passing from this world? Kane felt a ripple of pleasure feed heat into his body as he explored these thoughtsHe checked his watchEleven after fiveABOUT THIS BOOK THE SERIAL KILLER ISN'T ON TRIALHE'S ON THE JURYThey were Hollywood's h