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review Ç The Tea Gardens ó ❴Reading❵ ➻ The Tea Gardens Author Fiona McIntosh – Dr Isla Fenwick has a life that most modern women of 1933 might envy her career gives her status her pedigree adds freedom and her oldest crush Jovian Mandeville has reappeared in her life with a marr Dr Isla Fenwick has a life that mosUestion what she trusts most about herself When the pair travel into the foothills of the Himalaya for a stay on a tea plantation outside Darjeeling Isla must make the most important choice of her life And at the roof of the world where heaven and earth collide a price will be exacted for glimpsing heaven From England's sually seaside town of Brighton to India's slums of Calcutta and breathtaking Himalayan mountains this is a heartbreaking story about the pursuit of passion by the bestselling author of The Chocolate Ti.

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G to feel complete However she insists on keeping a private promise she The Tea PDF or made to her late mother to work at the coalface of medicine in India before committing to life as a dutiful wife With Jove's blessing Isla sails to Calcutta to set up a new midwifery clinic What she can't anticipate is how India will test everything she relies upon within challenging her professionalism and her loyalties But it is the fateful meeting of enigmatic Professor Saxon Vickery that will call into.

review Ç The Tea Gardens Fiona writes best selling historical adventure romance alongside the heroic romantic often brutal fantasy she built her career upon She lives in Australia but freuently roams the world meticulously researching the locations and gathering material for her historical novels that have international settings Her books are published worldwide and in various languages Her most The Tea PDF or recent historical fi.

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The Tea GardensReading The Tea Gardens Author Fiona McIntosh Tushna Dr Isla Fenwick has a life that most modern women of 1933 might envy her career gives her status her pedigree adds freedom and her oldest crush Jovian Mandeville has reappeared in her life with a marr Dr Isla Fenwick has a life that most modern women of might envy her career gives her status her pedigree adds freedom and her oldest crush Jovian Mandeville has reappeared in her life with a marriage proposal Her life is beginnin.

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  • Brenda

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensDr Isla Fenwick loved her father dearly and wasn’t surprised he disagreed with Isla’s need to work at the hospital in Calcutta Her desire to teach midwifery to bring standards up to those in Britain was strong It was also where her mother had worked as a young woman; where she had contracted the disease which eventually took her life When Jovian Mandeville re entered Isla’s life and brought with him his desire to marry Isla she knew she still had to fulfil her life’s dream before she could marryThe journey at sea from England to India

  • Jenny

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensThe Tea Gardens is about a young woman's dream of helping others during childbirth in India Dr Isla Fenwick's mother died soon after her birth and made her father promise to ensure that Isla married before turning thirty one Dr Isla Fenwick was in no hurry to find a someone to marry so her father took upon himself to do it Charles Fenwick's candidate for his daughter was Jove Mandeville However Jove Mandeville understood Dr Isla Fenwick dreams to go to India and allow her to go The readers of The Tea Gardens will continue to follow Dr Isla Fenwick's advantages in IndiaThe Tea Gardens is the first book I have

  • paulinereidbookreviewer

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensBook ReviewTitle The Tea GardensBook Details Paperback 398 PagesAuthor Fiona McIntosh Genre Historical FictionRomanceCountries England London Brighton India CulcuttaNearing Christmas time Isla was walking with her father on an Autumns day through Kensington Garden of which they lived in South Kensington when father just happened to mention marriage You see Isla was now 30 and her father kept reminding Isla that he promised his wife now deceased that Isla will be married by 31 Father just slipped into conversation a certain Jove Manderville a crush love Isla had when she was flat chested and had pigtails Isla hadn't seen Jove for fifteen or so years Father was keen although Isla wasn't however she reluctantly said yes only for her father's sake Jove had picked a common ground venue and Isla had no idea where she was being chauffeured to a marriage propo

  • Andrea

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea Gardens35★ for Fiona McIntosh's West Bengal tale of tea and temptationIt's 1932 and Isla Fenwick is fast approaching the age by which her father had promised her dying mother he would have walked her down the aisle Isla's far interested in her medical career than in the conventions of marriage duty and homelife In fact she hasn't discussed it with her father yet but she plans to follow in

  • Ace

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea Gardens3 stars⛤⛤⛤I am not a romance lover but I do love my historical fiction Thank goodness for me there was a fair amount of history for me to learn from in this book or else I may have thrown my very expensive headphones across the roomDr Isla Fenwick is a great doctor but she is a hopeless fool She heads off to India to practice there for a few months and puts herself into situations which were completely contradictory to the promi

  • Carolyn

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensThe Tea Gardens by Fiona McIntosh is a captivating new novel set in the magical Tea Gardens of Darjeeling in IndiaStarting in Brighton where jonuils bloom to a m

  • Sam Still Reading

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensThe Tea Gardens was a mixed book for me Some parts of it I absolutely adored others I had to really push through to suspend disbelief well it is fiction I picked it up and put it down several times Some days I missed it others I didn’t It’s a book of contrasts – the different cultures of England and India the roles of women in the 1930

  • John Reid

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensI surprised myself and uite a few others when I reuested The Tea Gardens by accomplished women’s author Fiona McIntosh I could get into mild trouble if I call this a romantic novel – it is – although it carries an interesting clinical greographical and historical base to the storySo then how did I get on with it Very well indeedCharles Fenwick arranges for his daughter Isla to meet Jove Mandeville a man she has not seen since she was barely into her teens and he mid twenties At the time she had a crush on this handsome man while he found her attractive and especially mature An obstetrician now nearing thirty Isla remains unmarried Early in the book she attends a number of women pre and post partem and as the most senior available doctor at the Hunter Street hospital on the day scrubs up and performs an emergency caesarean when a baby’s umbilicus prolapses Isla is determined to help women in a needing soc

  • L F

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensThis author has a wonderful ability to create atmospheric exotic locales The visuals smells and even the feels of surfaces transport you exactly to that spot She also has some wonderful plot lines In this story a young British doctor travels to India to work in a hospital where she continues her Mother’s work Just before she leaves she has a romantic encounter with her first love who to her surprise asks her to marry him She accepts with hope he will agree to let her travel to India to fulfill her dream He agrees but later asks her to not wear to ring on her travels This plays out for an enchanting romantic journey A must read for all who enjoy romantic historical fiction

  • Claire

    review Ç The Tea Gardens The Tea GardensWhat an absolutely beautiful story it pulled me in and didn't want to let me go Isla is a young progressive woman in 1932 who as a doctor has dreams to help people in India She is lucky enough to meet a man who loves her but is willing for her to chase those dreams so long as she promises to return to him The way Fiona McIntosh writes enables you to travel to the time and place and to experience the whole thing as if you were there Experiencing the harshness and beauty of India the trials and hopes of being a doctor in this world and learning about who Isla is and wh