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[BOOKS] ✮ Americana Author Bhu Srinivasan – Tushna-hram.ru From the days of the Mayflower and the Virginia Company America has been a place for people to dream invent build tinker and bet the farm in pursuit of a better life Americana takes us on a four hundrBOOKS Americana Author Bhu Srinivasan Tushna hramru From the days of the Mayflower and the Virginia Company America has been a place for people to dream invent build tinker and bet the farm in pursuit of a better life Americana takes us on a four hundr From the days of the Mayflower and the Virginia Company America has been a place for people to dream invent build tinker and bet the farm in pursuit of a better life Americana takes us on a four hundred year journey of this spirit of innovation and ambition through a series of Next Big Things the inventions techniues and industries that drove American history f

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Orward from the telegraph the railroad guns radio and banking to flight suburbia and sneakers culminating with the Internet and mobile technology at the turn of the twenty first century The result is a thrilling alternative history of modern America that reframes events trends and people we thought we knew through the prism of the value that for better or for worse this nation holds dearest capitalismIn a winning accessible style Bhu Srinivasan boldly takes on four centuries of American enterprise revealing the unexpected connections that link them We learn how Andrew Carnegie's early job as a telegraph messenger boy paved the wa

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AmericanaY for his leadership of the steel empire that would make him one of the nation's richest men; how the gunmaker Remington reinvented itself in the postwar years to sell typewriters; how the inner workings of the Mafia mirrored the trend of consolidation and regulation in traditional business; and how a s infrastructure bill triggered a series of events that produced one of America's most enduring brands KFC Reliving the heady early days of Silicon Valley we are reminded that the start up is an idea as old as America itselfEntertaining eye opening and sweeping in its reach Americana is an exhilarating new work of narrative history

eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram .

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  • Marks54

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaNice try but no The book is well intentioned but in my opinion fails to deliver on its promise The author is well read and seems to come from a venture background He has written a 400 year history of American capitalism that seems somewhat effective as an extended personal statement of the author’s views on the American experience with the market I would have liked the book if it had been good history along with being a heartfelt personal reflection on US business history Every one of the chapters in the book while containing nuggets of insight come across as highly oversimplified efforts to condense a lots

  • Scott Hartley

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaThis book is an excellent overview of 400 years of American capitalism with tremendous insights It's a uick read though roughly 500 pages The stories are tight Not too much detail but enough to paint the picture and tie together the narratives There are profound parallels to our modern world and we all might hit pause on the iPhone and crack a history book This one doesn't disappoint

  • Travis Tucker

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaIt's possibly just my finance background but I loved this book The book incompletely of course recounts American history through the eyes of business It provided a new point of view and associated motivations that weren't traditionally told on many events throughout history I enjoyed how it told a number of entrepreneurial stories that I hadn't previously heard especially in the gilded age and prior I look forward to reading further books to learn about the interesting onesThe book starts to fall flat as we get closer

  • Rama

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaThe American capitalism in Global Economy Adam Smith’s masterpiece of economic analysis The Wealth of Nations was symbolic in that its publication date of 1776 coincided with the Declaration of American Independence Smith examined simple economic concepts in which that individuals are capable of setting and regulating prices for their own goods and services He summarized capitalism in terms of common sense; as how markets move why they move and how variables affect the outcomes He supported free trade and small busine

  • Bharathi

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaEven without a hypothesis this book clearly tells us the story of the march of American capitalism from the Mayflower to the Occupy mvementAmericana enumerates the different factors geographical cutural and historical that has created the progress of this uniue economy

  • Mike Zickar

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaA wonderful book The author reviews the history of capitalism within the history of the US focusing a lot on technological advances that spurred the advance of our economy One recurrent theme is that our capitalism is not the unfettered kind that laissez faire right wing pundits like to claim it is but that the interplay between government and private industry has led to most of our progressAlthough much of this story is probably familiar territory to most readers the author adds fresh perspectives to material that I found refreshing

  • Jacek Bartczak

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaAs for hundreds of years the USA have been the center of innovation part of this book can be called the history of next big things The Americana painted a freat perspective on the development of the most powerful economy in history From Christopher Columb trough Andrew Carnegie Rockefeller to Steve Jobs and Marc Andressen Many interesting stories about beginnings of US Steel IBM Ford GE General Motors NBC Netscape AOL Intel Apple Microsoft Wells Fargo to name a few All mixed with sociological and political context Aud

  • Robert Muller

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram Americana3 12 stars half a star taken away for my main criticism the book is so big picture the pixels don't reveal anything This is a positive review Bhu Srinivasan is a great writer and this is a great read 500 pages went like a good mystery novel Unfortunately the plot doesn't really make sense in the end because it's really just a series of short stories like Kennedy's Profiles in Courage what Capitalism in America did right and wrong to get us to where we are today Srinivasan turns up a lot of interesting facts in his stories but he misses a lot of basic stories on the way Sometimes he gets it wrong The Valachi Papers is not perhaps the best historicist resource on how the mob worked in the 40's and 50's much less after that Where is Gbl Wrmg Not economic enough The youngsters get a mention during the sixties and nineties but only a sentence or two Nike gets a mention for creating the concept of China j

  • Kathleen (itpdx)

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaI am intrigued by the idea of teaching history using silos or areas of interest such as sciencemedicine culture or sports as examples This would be a main text for the businesseconomics silo Bhu Srinivasan follows American business starting with how the original colonies were structured and financed I found out about this book from an episode of the podcast Backstory on the Civil

  • D.L. Morrese

    eBook È Americana ✓ tushnahram AmericanaIt's all about money This is the story of how the uest for personal wealth shaped America It's partly a story of innovation but mostly about how those innovations were capitalized to make as much money from them as possible Benefits to society were sometimes incidental but the driving force was a capitalist trying to make a preferably uick buck Often thi