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❰Reading❯ ➷ Resurrection Author John French – Book 1 in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned to an inuisitorial conclave Inuisitor Covenant believes he has uncovered an agent of Chaos and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellowsREAReading Resurrection Author John French Tushna hramru Book 1 in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned to an inuisitorial conclave Inuisitor Covenant believes he has uncovered an agent of Chaos and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellowsREA Book in the Horusian Wars seriesSummoned to an inuisitorial conclave Inuisitor Covenant believes he has uncovered an agent of Chaos and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellowsREAD IT BECAUSEJohn F

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Rench shines a spotlight on the Inuisition in his own inimitable style delving into the grim darkness of the far future as never beforeTHE STORYWar rages in the Caradryad Sector Worlds are falling to madness and rebellion and the great war machine of the Imperium is moving to counter the threat Amongst its agents is Inuisitor Covenant Puritan psyker expert swordsman he reserves an especial hatred for those of his order who would seek to harness the power of Ruin as a weapon Summoned to an inuisitorial c

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ResurrectionOnclave Covenant believes he has uncovered such a misguided agent and prepares to denounce the heretic Talicto before his fellows But when the gathering is attacked and many left dead in its wake Covenant vows to hunt down Talicto and discover the truth behind the mysterious cult apparently at the heart of the massacre the Unseen In the murky plot into which he is drawn Covenant knows only one thing for certain trust no oneWritten by John FrenchAudiobook running time hours minutesNarrated by John Banks

Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram John French is a writer and freelance game designer from Nottingham England His novels include the Ahriman series from Black Library and The Lord of Nightmares trilogy for Fantasy Flight The rest of his work can be seen scattered through a number of other books including the New York Times bestselling anthology Age of Darkness When he is not thinking of ways that dark and corrupting beings c.

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  • Sud666

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionResurrection is a novel set during the Horusian Wars not to be mixed up with Horus' Rebellion which is millennia in the pastIt was an interesting story in that it highlighted some parts of the Imperium I am not that familar with The basis is that a huge conclave of Inuistors is supposed to meet on Ero This is a rather important event as Inuistors tend to operate individually The basis for the meeting there is a traitor inside the InuisitionBeyond that I won't say any to not spoil anything But the basis of the conflict is that there are two divergent or heretical depen

  • DarkChaplain

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionReview also published here I'm not feeling too good about this review to be honest John French is a solid author overall and I've enjoyed most of his works His Warmaster audio drama script is one of my favorite pieces of Bla

  • Andrey Nalyotov

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram Resurrection Deus uem punire vult dementat Whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad Once again we dwell in the corner of InuisitionJohn French one of the most talented BL authors provided us with the new insight into the dark corners of the far Galaxy and it's most pridefulsinful and opportunistic protectors Inuisitors The Horusian Wars Resurrection follows the new mainstream from GW the times of change gathering storm Noctis Aeterna and everything that follows Which makes it's own corrections to the narrative of the story For the full understanding of the setting char

  • Marc Collins

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionResurrection is a novel that truly defines what the Inuisition is in 40k While Eisenhorn cast its hero as the sector's greatest detective Resurrection is the Inuisitor as Batman beyond the law and obeying no code but their own As a novel and an examination Eisenhorn was concerned with authority Resurrection is concerned with power and visionKey to this is the novel's examination of the Inuisition as being bound by the obsession with humanity's survival but divided on the methodologies of how to do it The double edged sword of the Thorians and the Hor

  • Ariel N

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionNote I wrote the following review right after reading the book a few day later I realized I have been too harsh with it Just the first half was really not my cup of tea the second one was interesting than what I said The books simply relies too much on being a 40k book First part is simply bolter porn with Inuisitors and some Sister of Battle Then comes the part with talking with some Rogue Traders And a showdownThose things are nice for a 40k fan to read But aside from the IP things fell hollow The characters motivations are not explained for most of the book You simply don't know why they shot at each other for most of the story The word horusian only first appears in the last third of the book I checked multiple time the book description to be sure I was not reading the seuel with pre established characters and conflictsLearn

  • Michael Dodd

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionThe first novel in a new series that has already seen a few introductory short stories this joins Covenant and his acolytes partway through their hunt for a fellow inuisitor a radical named Talicto A rare gathering of his peers provides Covenant with an opportunity to confront Talicto but with so many inuisitors gathered in one place events inevitably don’t go uite to plan And so begins a story of conflicting ideologies and murky loyalties of hidden conflicts taking place while t

  • Abhinav

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionYou can read the full review over at my blog Imperial Inuisition is not a faction that can be understood in simple terms These agents of the Imperium have a broad remit and their ultimate governing authority is none but the Emperor himself As such given their wide areas of expertise and interest and personal biases and what not they are a disparate group of individuals who surround themselves with varying amounts of temporal power Yet we've seen some remarkable characters over the years such as Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn and Ravenor or Sandy Mitchell's Amberly Vail or Rob Sanders' Czevak or Chris Wraight's Crowl among others They are fascinating characters and I always look forward to reading about themWith John French's Resurrection however I was left disappointed Ostensibly the novel is about Inuisitor Covenant as he leads his DD style party to uncover a cabal of Chaos serving Inuisitors within the Caradryad Sector but we got to see so little of the man himself and the story was often

  • Daniel

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionThe books that came before this one by my favorite author Dan Abnett are among my most cherished 40K reads Inuisitor Eisenhorn and Ravenor are amazing characters and the writing is

  • James Green

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionInuisitor Covenant is one of several Imperial Inuisitors called to a conclave before a major Imperial Crusade to reclaim lost territory But he's not coming just to talk with his peers about that but to level accusations of heresy against another Inuisitor But other forces are moving against these servants of the god Emperor Inuisitor books are often very good ways to explore the 40K universe away from the front lines of the battlefields As they unlike most Imperial citizens have the ability of move around and act largely on their own agency which means they can have fun adventures And this one is no different I'd say none of the characters click as much as Eisenhorn perhaps because it's not written in the 1st person But the story is very strong and gives you a look at some of the factions within the ImperiumI'd certainly recommend this book to people look

  • Matias

    Resurrection ePub ÖRead ↠ tushnahram ResurrectionFirst of all totally recommend reading this one Warhammer 40K books vary from enjoyable and average to barely enjoyable and really boring This one is a GOOD ONEWhile reading the book was a pleasure it also felt like it wasn't THE Best that Mr French has ever made The reason definitely isn