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Count BelisariusT and fear the name of Belisarius the Emperor Justinian's greatest general Wit The sixth century was not a peaceful time for the Roman empire Invaders threatened on all fronties but they grew to respect and fea

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R the name of Belisarius the Emperor Justinian's greatest general With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era

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➱ [Read] ➬ Count Belisarius By Robert Graves ➼ – The sixth century was not a peaceful time for the Roman empire Invaders threatened on all fronties but they grew to respect and fear the name of Belisarius the Emperor Justinian's greatest general WitRead Count Belisarius By Robert Graves Tushna hramru The sixth century was not a peaceful time for the Roman empire Invaders threatened on all fronties but they grew to respec

Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Robert von Ranke Graves born in Wimbledon received his early education at King's College School and Copthorne Prep School Wimbledon Charterhouse School and won a scholarship to St John's College Oxford While at Charterhouse in he fell in love with GH Johnstone a boy of fourteen Dick in Goodbye to All That When challenged by the headmaster he defended himself by citing Plato Gr.

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusRobert Graves's sources for Count Belisarius include some of the great historical works of classical antiuity Livy Thucydides Herodotus and certainly Xenophon in the Persian war sections The novel is set in the sixth century of our era Belisarius is perhaps the last loyal general the Roman Empire can still count on He is deeply Christian Orthodox but with an admirable tolerance for divergent views Arianism Monophysitism etc He is also a military leader of genius The accounts of his successes in Persia Carthage and Italy are depicted at length The Seige of Rome by an Ostrogoth army ten times the size of Belisarius's own constitutes a set piece of extraordinary brilliance If you like any of the classical histories mentioned you will like this book Be advised however that it tends to be better written than its models or I should say than the English translations of those models that I have read I wanted to read it because I liked the lethal palace intrigue so abun

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count Belisarius For not by numbers of men nor by measure of body but by valor of soul is war to be decided BelisariusI love the story of Belisarius Did Robert Graves abuse history in writing this I certainly hope so By the end however I didn't really care if Belisarius was as good as Graves made him out to be if the narrator Eugenius Belisarius' wife Antonia's manservant is unreliable or if Antonia slept with one man or many after marrying this 'Last Great Roman' Graves bends this story into his own parable about power corruption honor and ingenuity Other generals and the emperor Justinian serve as counter examples of Belisaurius and also reflect the time he lived The book wasn't perfect but it was a great book about a near perfect man 'Count Belisarius' does make me want to dig deeper into Proc

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusLate Roman historical fiction with a solid base in fact Belisarius was a roman general who served Justinian in the sixth century Graves uses Procopius as a base for his account and has the story told by of of Antonina's Belisarius's wife eunuchs Justinian is well drawn as the monster he was and there are entertaining accounts of early Christian heresies It's been a while since I've read about Monophysites and Arians Belisarius is portrayed as impossibly good and honourable and both of the main female characters Antonina and Theodora Justinian's wife spend much time scheming There is glut of battle scenes descriptions of campaigns seiges and the deployment of soldiers I suppose I am churlish to complain as it is a novel about a general I enjoyed it and it reads easily If yo

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusIrredeemable Corruption and Unwavering Loyalty Justinian and BelisariusI don't recall ever becoming incensed reading a novel than I did with 'Count Belisarius' The desire to see vengeance come to bloody fruition in 'Red Grass River' by James Carlos Blake was powerful; the sense of loss and sadness I felt when I finished reading 'Watership Down' was my earliest childhood inkling of the power that literature coul

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusI seem to be in the minority on this but I found Count Belisarius to be a little disappointing I’ve not read any Graves before and I picked this particular novel over the well known I Claudius because I’ve always thought Belisarius’ life story was pretty cool and conveniently contained a bunch of dramatic elements that make it an accessible story – a military prodigy honourable and loyal to an Emperor that often doubts and fears him fighting to restore the Western Roman Empire and struggling with the plots and betrayals of supposed allies who are jealous of his prowess ‘The Last Roman’ as he is sometimes romantically called was victorious on three different continents was the last Roman general to celebrate a triumph captured Rome and Carthage and fought with and alongside Goths Vandals Huns Slavs Bulgars Persians Moors and Graves writes in the style of Classical authors The conceit is that this is the biography of Belisarius as written by his wife’s trusted d

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusOne evening towards the beginning of secondary school I was standing in front of the desk in an alcove off the living room above which were most of my father's displayed books on long shelves reaching from wall to wall As he was nearby and I was looking for something interesting to read I asked his recommendationDad told me that one of his favorite authors was Robert Graves whose novels had seen him through much of World War II on shipboard in both theatres He pulled out a cheap paperback edition of Count Belisarius probably because he knew that I was taking Latin I

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusFact based fiction from the Byzantine era Lots of battles but surprisingly given the author unspooled in a monotone Belisarius fights off the Persians; he captures Carthage; next Sicily; and soon all of Italy south of the Po But all the while undermined by the Eastern Emperor Justinian jealous of his popularitySounds like the makings of a plot Yet because there's so little dialogue the book becomes a term paper and a hagiography Were Robert Grav

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusAlthough not uite the masterpiece that both of the Claudius novels are Count Belisarius is a great read and brings the period the 6th century CE to vibrant life The titular Count Belisarius is a devout Orthodox Christian general of the Eastern Roman empire during the reign of Justinian The book supposedly written by his wife's eunuch Eugenius follows his campaigns in Rome and Northern Africa chronicling the court intrigues and jealousies that prevent him from winning the glories that should have been his Throughout Belsarius remains a stoic Christian and loyal to the emperor who disdains him while envying his successWhat might make this book interesting to someone who is not particularly fascinated by late Roman military history although who isn't is th

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusI read COUNT BELISARIUS now for two reasons The first is that I loved Graves' Claudius novels and welcomed the opportunity to read another of his books Second seeing another review of this book on GoodReads some months ago caused me to realize that I know almost nothing about the Eastern Roman Empire even though I have read uite a bit about the Roman Republic and the early decades of the Western Empire Reading COUNT BELISARIUS seemed an easy way to begin to wade into an unfamiliar epoch in the history of western cultureBut first I had to acuire a copy of the book I ordered it on my eReader and the weirdest thing happened I received the download The cover of the downloaded book was sure enough COUNT BELISARIUS But when i opened up the book the text was 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY Seriously I can't account for it I had never read 2001 so I took advantage of the mis delivery and read what was delivered I have to say that I enjoyed the science fiction classic ve

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    Book é Count Belisarius ÈDownload Count BelisariusCast in the form of a chroniclememoir written by Eugenius the eunuch servant of Belisarius's wife Antonina this purports to tell the story of Count Generalissimo Belisarius of the Eastern Roman army in the days of Justinian and Theodora 6th century AD It begins with the boy Belisarius and reveals his uick thinking at so young an age Becoming general he cuts a wide swath through North Africa Roman cities in Italy and Sicily We see his tactical and strategic genius He also deals with machinations at the court of Justinian and Theodora set against the broader history of that periodThe style was stilted using pseudo Victorian language possibly imitating the style of a medieval chroni