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[Download] ➽ Calling Home ➺ Janna McMahan – Tushna-hram.ru From an extraordinary new voice in fiction comes a haunting powerful novel about mothers and daughters choice and regret the mistakes we make and the ones we hope we can correct before it's too late NDownload Calling Home Janna McMahan Tushna hramru From an extraordinary new voice in fiction comes a haunting powerful novel about mothers and daughters choice and regret the mistakes we make and the ones we hope we can correct before it's too late N From an extraordinary new voice in fiction comes a haunting powerful novel about mothers and daughters choice and regret the mistakes we make and the ones we hope we can correct before it's too late Nothing much ever happens in Falling Rock Kentucky So when Virginia Lemmons' husband takes off in his Trans Am to tak

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E up with a beautician there's not much to do but what people in rural Kentucky have always done get on with it Now overwhelmed and unsure Virginia's got her hands full trying to keep it together body and soul while raising her two teenage kids eighteen year old son Will and her spirited fourteen year old daughter Shannon But Shannon has her own ideas for breaking free of Falling Rock and in her reckless wild child daughter Virginia sees echoes of herself and her own painful past She'll do whatever it takes to keep her daughter from making the same tragic mistakes and saving what's left o

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Calling HomeF her fragile family just may be the biggest fight of Virginia's life In this compelling heartbreaking first novel Janna McMahan brings to authentic life the dreams passions and troubles of one southern town where choice isn't always easy to come by and living the hand you're dealt with is a grace all its own A beautifully wrought novel populated by a vivid cast of charactersJanna McMahan takes us completely into the lives of these people and their small town presenting this world with authenticity and dignity I absolutely loved this book and will carry it with me for a long time Silas House

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  • LadyCalico

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeThis book contains some of the most vividly drawn real characters I've ever seen in fiction small town working class factory laborers and farmers in 1980 small town Kentucky too injured by the hard knocks of life to love without barbed wire fences built around their hearts and souls but nevertheless trying to do the best they can in spite of the damage These are people with few resources beyond their own grit for whom there are no magic rescues and every misstep in life seems to land them on a hidden mine heck sometimes the landmines just blow up even without the missteps Not a book about happy endings just a slice of life but a life that demands the utmost in flexablility and resilience to just keep going on The story take

  • Molly

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeEvery once in a while—about once a year if you're really lucky—you read a novel that is written so well written and with such care that it feels like the book is not about fictional characters but about people you know This is not only because the characterization is outstanding and believable but also because the characters seem to have so much in common with you and the people you know And this is the case with Janna McMahan's CALLING HOME At times while reading McMahan's breathtaking novel I felt as if the author must know all of the same people I do because her characters and their experiences were that familiar to me Reading this book was like meeting a person who has so much in common with you that you feel like you've known her all your life—you feel immediately connectedOn a personal note I also loved the mentions of my hometown Bowling G

  • Meg

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeI recommend this book as a beach read It is gotta be warm somewhere right

  • Lorraine

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeIt's very slow to start not at all engrossing and the characters and plot are far from developed I kept waiting for this book to take off It never did But I did finish it by skipping some pages OK

  • Molly

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeFirst of all I have to admit that my reasons for choosing this book are VERY lame1 this chick and I have the same last name2 she is from Kentucky3 the book takes place hereLate '70's rural Kentucky There were many parts of this book that were not so different from my own growing up here in the late 80's alot can change in 10 yearsalot stays the sameIt was a nice easy read nothing to deep to think about probably great for sitting on the beach I tend to be really hard on authorsbooks and even though this one was delightful i knew where it was goingit didn't stop me from reading it but dang predictibleThe interview in the back talked about the author creating characters from her own hometown and experiences For me it seemed VERY autobiographical

  • Mario

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeI'm surprised people didn't like the ending since I thought that that was the only part that felt natural not forced or clichéd It was sappy I suppose and than a little trite but a fine ending overallIt was the rest of the story that I had a problem with Right from the beginning the story was obvious and laid out for all to see You knew exactly what was going to happen

  • Jacque

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeI know some have said they didn't like the ending I liked it a lot I thought it was far believable than the alternative re

  • Rachel

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeShannon is a teenager growing up in the small town of Falling Rock Kentucky in the early 1980s Her father has just left her mother to take up with the town’s beautician and her older brother Will is about to go away to college Shannon is determined that she is not going to be stuck in the dead end town after high school working in the underwear factory like her motherThis book was definitely not a “feel good” book – the mood was melancholy throughout and the characters especially

  • Mom2nine

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeThis author's writing is very easy to read I lived in a small TN town for high school during the same time period I guess the nicest thing that I can say is that I feel sorry for the author that she perceived her world as such If you see men as uncontrollable animals and women as desperate without options then this is the book for youAs the mother to six sons I felt so sorry for the teenage boys in this book and really disliked the daughter as much as the mom by the end of the book We lived in a town that would have made this one look like a metropolis when my oldest

  • Darla

    Text Õ Calling Home Calling HomeI was hoping to review this one in my column this month but alas a few too many words and sticky situations I will probably finish it before The Godmother though Interesting sibling friendship difficult family relationships Set in rural KY The author already has me twanging in my head Great writing but an annoying voice to have to read with Finished it good story about people trying to do the right thing and failing as often as they succeed And just as often they don't try at all Set in the late 70s early 80s and if the main characters smoked any pot I think their brains would have shriveled up Again not my typical read