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S bring an added ecstasy to their lovemaking that is beyond all words Now one of their own is threatened by a danger from the outside from one determined to expose their sexy secrets and the friends will go to any lengths to save her and their clan Tiger Tiger Noelle Mack In the demon haunted Himalayas where illusion and reality are often one and the same strange things happen For a hard bodied world class climber a man of unearthly sensuality that border will be challenged in the most erotic of encounters In the guise of a blue eyed snow tiger he is able to lure one

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Sexy BeastEPUB Sexy Beast By Kate Douglas Tushna hramru Some men are than meets the eye much much And when they unleash a woman s wildest desires her deepest animal hunge the results are primal magical and undeniably hot Chanku Rising Kate Douglas Xandi Ke Some men are than meets the eye much much And when they unleash a woman s wildest desires her deepest animal hunge the results are primal magical and undeniably hot Chanku Rising Kate Douglas Xandi Keisha Stefan and Anton share a powerful secret they are shapeshifters whose primal power and heightened sense

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[EPUB] ✰ Sexy Beast By Kate Douglas – Tushna-hram.ru Some men are than meets the eye much much And when they unleash a woman s wildest desires her deepest animal hunge the results are primal magical and undeniably hot Chanku Rising Kate Douglas Xandi KeIntrepid woman into his mountain lair and show her that the line between man and beast is blissfully slim indeed Night Of The Jaguar Vivi Anna When Myra Galas finally takes her dream trip to the she never imagines it will end in tragedy Wounded and alone Myra s mind is stalked by a dark sexy male sometimes man sometimes jaguar she inexplicably craves with every inch of her body When she wakes to find herself in his powerful arms he stirs something deep inside her an ancient hedonistic desire clawing to be set free Open yourself to pleasure and indulge the beast within

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  • Carolyn F.

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastAnthology If your interested in erotic fiction you'd probably enjoy this book1 Chanku Rising by Kate Douglas This is Wolf 15 I had read Wolf 1 and this takes place right after that book ended This is about Keisha wanting to finish her memorial garden in SF but Anton not wanting her to be alone because of some danger from a reporter Keisha find out some stuff about her family 2 Tiger Tiger by Noelle Mack I would have liked this if it would have been about a straight tiger shifter but he's actually some American climber who was changed by Tibetan monks into a white tiger so he wouldn't completely die Stuff happens with really no explanation and the mural comi

  • Elaine

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastI REALLY tried to like this book and had to re start it 3x before I gave up on the first short story about the wolves Kate Douglas story I just couldn't get into it 2 STARSI enjoyed the 2nd story Tiger Tiger; it is about a woman who slips and falls while climbing in the Himilayas and is rescued by a very erotic shifting white tiger 4 STARSThe last story Night of the Jaguar I could not get into to that one either and gave up I feel like such a uitter 2 STARSIt is not in my nature to give up on a book or novella These weren't poorly written but I couldn't get my mind into those two short stories Your experience may be different By nature I'm not a PNR shape shifter type of reader although in recent months I have begun to read and enjoy these subgenres I would suggest giving this book a go if you are a fan

  • Amanda

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastBirthday sexReading De Beauvoir’s seminal “feminist manifesto” has allowed me to compose my genealogical tree for The Second Sex is a book about my mother and the mother of my mother and the mother of my grandmother and of all my female ancestors in endless regressive progression who rebelled before obeying and who ended up capitulating like slaves shackled to the indomitable future of preordained inferiority “Thus humanity is male and man defines woman not in herself but as relative to him; she is not regarded as an autonomous being” 16Reading De Beauvoir’s concentr

  • Jill

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastNot So Sexy BeastI'm not sure how to startThis was a profoundly confusing book The first story was all over the place and bizarre It made no sense and was a waste of time The other stories weren't much better If you want really good short stories a

  • Leanne

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastWow

  • Kathy Davie

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastAn anthology of three shapeshifter sex scenes thinly disguised as stories If you're interested there is a chronological listing of the

  • Heather Watkins

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastCHANKU RISING Keisha designed a well known park in San Francisco She moved to Montana with her mate Anton along with her packmates Xandi and Stefan Well now she has to go back for the dedication however there is a threat that awaits her when she returns a news reporter Anton does not want Keisha to go alone so he allows Xandi to join her What happens to Keisha and the reporter or better yet what happens to Xandi Gotta read it TIGER TIGER Dani and Moe are in Tibet to mountain climb when a snow storm hits and they are both separated by falling After Dani falls she was caught by a ledge but could not move She falls in and out of consciousness and she thinks she is dreaming about being rescued by a white tiger She wakes up

  • Anita

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastThis book is erotica so if that's not your thing stop readingThis is a collection of three short paranormal erotica stories set in contemporary times The first is part of the the Kate Douglas Wolf Tales series about a polyamourous wolf pack composed of two women and two men The settings are Montanta and San Francisco Anything goes in that pack M M F F M F M M F F M As always Douglas does a really good job with this particular sub genre If you can suspend your disbelief it's a hot story The second one is by Noelle Mack and features a Himalayan were tiger and a woman mountain climber There was something very likeable about both of those characters and their anything goes gung ho attitude about sex comes off as sweet That story features some dirty talk

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy Beast1 star I really did not care for the Wolf Tale story in this book I prefer uality in sexual encounters not uantity The story is a bunch of sex very little story line or plot Just 4 people having a much sex as possible 4 stars Tiger Tiger This was a sweet read I enjoyed Jacks banter attitutde The concept of what Dani Jack are was interesting Jack was so lonely wanted Dani to stay with him She is one of the few people that can actually see him 4 stars Night of the Jaguar Wish it would have been a bit longer I did not understand the hows of Mara having dreams of someone elses life Xan's deceased wife to be exact Mara is attacked by a jaguar in the it changes her her life as she knows it

  • Michelle Tempted By Books

    Text Ö Sexy Beast Sexy BeastI only read Chanku Rising in this anthology I am in wrapping up loose ends with this series and am just plowing through That said I may go back and read the other stories at a later date For now this review is for Kate Douglas' story only Chanku Rising is really just a follow up to the previous stories with Keisha Anton Xandi and Stefan Keisha goes back to see her garden in completi