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[PDF / Epub] ☀ The Continent By Keira Drake – For her sixteenth birthday Vaela Sun receives the most coveted gift in all the Spire—a trip to the Continent It seems an unlikely destination for a holiday a cold desolate land where two nations remE to face with the brutal reality of a war she’s only read about Observing from the safety of a heli plane Vaela is forever changed by the sight of the bloody battle being waged far beneath her And when a tragic accident leaves her stranded on The Continent Vaela finds herself much closer to danger than she’d ever imagined—and with an entirely new perspective as to what war truly means Starving alone and lost in the middle of a war zone Vaela must try to find a way home—but first she must surviv

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St citizens lucky enough to tour The Continent do so to observe the spectacle and violence of battle a thing long vanished in the peaceful realm of the Spire For Vaela the war holds little interest As a smart and talented apprentice cartographer and a descendent of The Continent herself she sees the journey as a dream come true a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve upon the maps she’s drawn of this vast frozen landBut Vaela’s dream all too uickly turns to nightmare as the journey brings her fac

The Continent kindle × Hardcover .

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The ContinentPDF Epub The Continent By Keira Drake Tushna hramru For her sixteenth birthday Vaela Sun receives the most coveted gift in all the Spire—a trip to the Continent It seems an unlikely destination for a holiday a cold desolate land where two nations rem For her sixteenth birthday Vaela Sun receives the most coveted gift in all the Spire—a trip to The Continent It seems an unlikely destination for a holiday a cold desolate land where two nations remain perpetually locked in combat Mo

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  • Cait Califa

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentI received an arc copy of this book on a giveaway so I spent no money and I still want a refund or a brain wipe to erase it from my memory The inside cover has a small scrawl from Kiera Drake saying that she hopes I enjoy my “trip to the continent” Sorry to say I very much did not enjoy it I basically spent a couple of hours reading almost every racist stereotype in existence DEAR GOD how was this even published?There are two warring sides of this book The Topi based on Native Americans and the Aven’ei based on Japanese people And actual uote from the book“We don’t know much about the Topi do we? Other than how vulgar and warmongering they are?”The Topi have “rich reddish brown” skin wear human bones and are described as savages with a “primitive cu

  • enqi ☁️✨

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentEDIT 2 SEPT 2018 removed my one star rating because i saw that keira drake did some rewriting apparently but i'm still not going to read this book and i don't think i ever willprotip read books by woc and you'll

  • Anna

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentEDIT 2202018Since a new version of this book is coming out this year I cleared my one star rating I hope the revisions fix a lot of the issues but I still won't be reading it The entire premise of the book seems incredibly flawedPro Tip Read books by WoC and you probably won't run into a lot of problemsEDIT 32117Since lots of people are still liking this review I wanted to note that the publisher did push back publication to work out some of these issues As the author wasn't very recept

  • Celeste_pewter

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The Continent319 update Oh no We're still talking about this book? I've read the updated version My review has not changed 112516 ETA Review here Yes I did read it I read it after putting it down a month ago when the first chapter failed to capture my interest simply so I can provide information for anyone who seems to think that this book shows us how to be better as humans and isn't a white savior book Yes I saw that comment elsewhere And yes the book is a mess Outside of some

  • Aslee

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The Continentedit 21918 so apparently all those rewrites keira drake was supposed to be doing didn't fix a Damn Thing yall if this book was a person id fight it in a Wal Mart parking lotIt's racist trash and I'm getting really sick and tired of my genre being fucking corrupted by bullshit like this A black groundskeeper a pack of savage men obviously based on First Nations people and a wise calm ninja with almond eyesAnd of course the lily white MC Look as a white writer and critic it is my moral obligation to tell the rest of y'all that this is not acceptable and in fact is just bad writing So you're being a terrible person and terrible at your job When people say they want diversity this is not what they mean Listen better Writer better Be better

  • Kathleen Minde

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentMy first hint should have been the fact this is a Harleuin Teen novel Romance novels make me roll my eyes too much but a YA romance makes me roll them so hard they get stuck to the back of my head The Continent is a perfect example of an eye rolling face in palm planting groaning out loud “why am I still reading this?” YA romance Vaela Sun of the Spire is celebrating her sixteenth birthday The Spire is a technologically advanced country with heli planes and magnetic trains but is still old world culture where people use calling cards and address one another by their surname Women are regarded as fragile creatures and must hide their bare legs from men A courtship is declared before a couple may date The Spire is peaceful and perfect and everyone is happy unlike the citizens of the Continent Its indigenous tribes have been at war for over two hundred years and the Spire has found this to be a source of ent

  • Erika

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentDescribes indigenous people with red skin as savages who are prone to raping and drinking as well as other egregious stereotypesSee these Twitter threads for info to add a link to a thread featuring a review of the book

  • Anna Priemaza

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentNote This book is being revised based on feedback from marginalized voices which is great I have not yet read the revised version If you're interested in these issues please take some time to listen to and consider the varied opinions and experiences of marginalized voices before coming to any conclusions Previous ReviewThe best word I can think of to describe this book is POWERFUL Because it's powerful on every levelIt's powerful on a sentence level There are so many lines that jump out as deep and profound and terribly beautiful Like“I feel like a fool having somehow failed to ever mark the difference between spectacle and death”andBut one cannot stay forever in the eclipse of tragedy and though I

  • alyssa

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The Continenty'all know how I feel about colonizers' fantasies of White Saviorism so I will be passing HARD on this book

  • Denisa

    The Continent kindle × Hardcover The ContinentApparently this book is Super Fucking Racist Calling natives red skinned calling them savages From what I've heard the main character is a white girl who's going to save these native people How did this book get published? side eyes this book so hard