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Hard CandyAnd his sidekick Lynx for example find themselves the butt of the late night talk show circuit because of one of Meg's photosThey decide to take erotic revenge and soon Meg finds herself in a delicious hero sandwich Candy for her Soul by Sheri Gil There's a reason mama always said not to take candy from a stranger Natalie Pesua accepts candy from a persuasive stranger never guessing she's traded her soul to the devil In exchange for her soul he grants the desire of her heart two men to fulfill her every erotic fantasy Love wasn't part of the bargain Fortune's Star by Morgan Hawke In the heart of the Imperial Stars past and future collide as ghosts converge in battle for a fortune teller's soul on.

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DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy í ❮Download❯ ➽ Hard Candy ➸ Author Angela Knight – Hero Sandwich by Angela Knight Take two handsome superheroes add one bad girl gone good and stand back while the sparks fly Meg Jennings is than a photographer she's Paparazzi superhero shutterbug Usi Hero Sandwich by Angela Knight TaDownload Hard Candy Author Angela Knight Tushna Hero Sandwich by Angela Knight Take two handsome superheroes add one bad girl gone good and stand back while the sparks fly Meg Jennings is than a photographer she's Paparazzi superhero shutterbug Usi Hero Sandwich by Angela Knight Take two handsome superheroes add one bad girl gone good and stand back while the sparks fly Meg Jennings is than a photographer she's Paparazzi superhero shutterbug Using the suit that gives her the ability to fly and turn invisible she takes photos of superheroes in combat with their deadliest enemies Some of Meg's subjects aren't exactly delighted with her work Cougar.

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Port Destiny Station Luxi Emery was perfectly happy with her position as the receptionist for Ard Media Corp Then her hidden talent for seeing the future awakened and exposed a black mailing con artist haunted by a malevolent ghost It was a lose lose situation and Luxi had only a single shred of hope Her future awaits on Port Destiny Station A future intertwined with Amun the handsome diplomatic telepath and Leto a ghost haunted cyborg with very human carnal appetites If they can resolve a few intimate details Yet a darker future is chases Luxi they are not alone and Leto's is not the only hungry ghost Publisher's Note This book contains BDSM themes and content menage and same sex sexual practices.

DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best.

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  • Sophia Triad

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyThe anthology includes one story that it is written by Morgan Hawke and it is inspired by Interstellar Service Discipline univers

  • Holly

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyHero Sandwich by Angela KnightTo the superheroes and supervillains of New York City Meg Jennings is Paparazzi an invisible flying menace who snaps pictures of them while they are out fighting the good fight When one of her photos ends up causing speculation about superheroes Cougar and Lynx's sexual preferences the brothers have had enough It's time to bring this flying menace down They lay a trap for her and she walks right into their arms Now poor Meg is facing prison for past crimes but Cougar and Lynx offer her a way out by magnanimously allowing her to pay off her debt to society with a good old fashioned hero sandwich This incredibly naughty short story was so funny Cougar and Lynx are like Batman and Robin without the homoerotic tendencies and they work Meg like a symphony The sex was a little forceful yet extremely titillating It's also way too short and I wanted This was a very enjoyable short story ETA I just

  • Carolyn F.

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyAnthology 367 stars Better than average erotica fiction 1 Hero Sandwich by Angela Knight Menage a trois with super heroes Cute very short story 2 Candy for her Soul by Sheri Gil High school jock bad boy and nerd meet up 7 years later and find out with a little outside help that they're better together than apart Good story 3 Fortune's Star by Morgan Hawke Luxi gets fired from her job because they find out she's psychic when she tries to save her boss Her boss then finds another job for her as a thank you and on the way to that planetspace station she meets Leto a cyborg They kiss some hanky panky happens and then she meets another man Amun at a coffee shop w

  • Andromeda Bliss

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyHOT If you want a short story that will make you suirm and sweat and seriously wish you were one of the characters Fortune's Star will do the trick Well executed erotica with an intriguing scifi storyline entwined and enhanced by the scorching sex scenes I give this piece two panting thumbs upNote I read this in the Hard Candy Anthology and the other two stories were wonderful also

  • Ceeri Jay

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyA trio of stories clearly written before the censor police and took over the editing of severe indie mmf mfm eroticaSuperheroesParanormalAliensApparently they all need lurve than one person can give them soBring on the trios

  • Emme

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyOk this should really be like 38 stars or something Three stories in one book so I'll kind of review them separatelyHero Sandwich by Angela Knight This was a cute story with a superhero twisted I think I would have enjoyed it if it had been a bit longer I'm glad I got to read this because I'm interested in reading Angela Knight I am reading a non fiction title she has written about writing romanceeroticaCandy for Her Soul by Sheri Gil This was the standout story for me in this book The paranormal parts of the story didn't overwhelm the naughty bits I'm not sure I bought how easily the mmf relationship comes about in this one but I did enjoy the journey This was muy caliente for meand I loved the ending I would have loved for this to

  • Dianne

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyHard Candy Angela Knight Morgan Hawke Sheri Gil If you find yourself titillated and curious about threesomes then you may want to start your journey with this bookIt is by three totally different authors with three distinctly different writing stylesMany of us have read Angela Knight and her Mageverse books but many don’t know that she has a bit of a erotica bent too It certainly shows with some of her love scenes in her non erotica Ms Knight has a flair of blending a good story with steamy love scenesSheri Gils story was the least favorite of mine but still well worth reading for a slightly different point of view This story combines an aspect of threesomes that some may be a tad uncomfortable with but is elegantly and sensitively done in this book Lastly “Fortunes Star” is my favorite and the longest of the stories Morgan Hawke is a gem of an erotica

  • Inara

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyThree erotic stories written by Angela Knight Sheri Gil and Morgan Hawke All of them are a menage á trois mostly mfm but also mm and rather erotic So don´t expect too much plotlol My favorite story was the third one by Morgan Hawke Fortune´s Star set in a futuristic wordl where a cybo

  • Lori

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyThere were three stories in this book and if I could rate them separately I'd give Hero Sandwich 4 stars Candy for her

  • k reads

    DOWNLOAD ✓ Hard Candy Hard CandyThree erotic stories involving MMF threesomes Angela Knight's story is short on character development but still sexy and fun Set in a world where superheroes exist it is about titillation than storytelling That said it is still a spicy little read Sheri Gil's tale has depth to it A contemporary tale about three former school mates who realize their heart's desire lies with each other Some nice characterization leads to a solid story about three friends who become loversTh