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[PDF / Epub] ☄ Love You More Author Lisa Gardner – “De uem é ue gostas” Uma pergunta uma decisão tomada numa fração de segundo e Brian Darby cai morto no chão da cozinha A sua mulher a agente da polícia Tessa Leoni afirma tê lo alvejado emSsado na Florida em ue uma mãe foi acusada de ter assassinado a filha de uatro anos Enuanto pais a primeira coisa ue nos ocorre é ‘como foi possível uma mãe fazer tal coisa’ Investiguei o caso tendo em mente o ue implica sermos pais O resultado final é este livro ue por um lado teve origem num caso muito dramático mas ue por outro lado representa um tributo ao amor paternal Pelos nossos filhos a maioria de nós seria capaz de calcorrear o Planeta inteiro Se além do mais fôssemos polícias com formação em uso de armas seríamos uns pais imbatíveis”Lisa Gardne

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Xperiente detetive DD Warren o caso está resolvido Mas onde se encontra a filha deles uando a investigação obriga à busca frenética de uma criança desaparecida DD Warren tem de trabalhar com o ex amante Bobby Dodge e obter as respostas de perguntas incómodas Seria uma agente da polícia capaz de matar o próprio marido E seria uma mãe capaz de fazer mal à própria filha“A maioria dos meus títulos são inspirados pelas parangonas dos jornais Plano Perfeito no original Love You More significa literalmente “eu ainda gosto mais de ti” foi inspirado num caso pa

Love You More text Ë Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name mystery thrillers suspenseLisa Gardner is a New York Times bestselling crime novelist A self described research junkie she has parlayed Love You ePUB ✓ her interest in police procedure and twisted minds into a streak of twenty plus thrillers Her latest WHEN YOU SEE ME comes out January and features fan f.

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Love You MorePDF Epub Love You More Author Lisa Gardner Tushna hramru “De uem é ue gostas” Uma pergunta uma decisão tomada numa fração de segundo e Brian Darby cai morto no chão da cozinha A sua mulher a agente da polícia Tessa Leoni afirma tê lo alvejado em “De uem é ue gostas” Uma pergunta uma decisão tomada numa fração de segundo e Brian Darby cai morto no chão da cozinha A sua mulher a agente da polícia Tessa Leoni afirma tê lo alvejado Love You ePUB em legítima defesa e o seu corpo espancado comprova a história Para a e

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  • Suzanne

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreWell well well Lucky this reader remembered about Detective D D Love this character Love the new Tessa Leoni too The only bummer was I read this one book late and mucked up the order but no biggie A 9 month time lapse to be preciseThe demure looking Lisa Gardner donned in twin set and jeans that we see on the back cover of her books is a pretty version of a killer writer What I mean is she looks so straight laced but what she delivers on the page is crazy kick ass for want of a better wordI’m going to pepper in many uotes here in the hopes that it might encourage some

  • A.

    Love You More text Ë Love You More45 StarsBefore I say anything insightful and deep about this book LOL I have to say thisThis book has one of the strongest baddassest and most kickass heroines in the entire fictional world And it felt plausible Well plausible for a fictional storyAnd not only that It’s also edge of the seat good I didn’t put my Kindle away until I reached the last page and that happens never The story is told in a very very clever way and the reader is kept in the dark the whole time I kept thinking how in the hell would author untangle herself She made me dislike the heroine and side with t

  • Jean

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreSometimes the plot of a thriller just gets “curiouser and curiouser” until well until it all makes sense Love You More Lisa Gardner’s fifth DD Warren novel in which she also introduces Tessa Leoni as a strong protagonist was one of those examples for meTessa a Massachusetts state trooper is arrested for the murder of her husband

  • Joseph Finder

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreOne of the best books I've read this year This was my reviewI've been a fan of Lisa's DD Warren series for some time but she's truly outdone herself with this one It grabs you on the first page and keeps you guessing until the final chapter moving effortles

  • Deanna

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreI read this book a few years ago and really enjoyed it Over the years I have read uite a few of Lisa Gardner's books Even though I haven't read all of the books in this series I still found it to be a very good read on it

  • Jonetta

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreIt’s the worst kind of call for law enforcement to receive It comes from one of their own a Massachusetts state trooper who’s been involved in a shooting in her own home and her six year old daughter is missing Trooper Tessa Leone sits battered on her kitchen floor with her husband lying dead nearby killed by bullets that came from her gun Massachusetts State Detective Bobby Dodge immediately contacts Boston Detective Sergeant D D Warren when he arrives on sc

  • Sue

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreLove You More by Lisa Gardner was an amazing novelWhat will a mother do to protect her daughterI couldn't put this book downIt is a mystery about a mother Tess charged with murdering her

  • Jim

    Love You More text Ë Love You More there really were multiple layers of Hell and no matter how deep you'd thought you'd fallen there was still someplace deeper and darker to goTessa Leoni is a Massachusetts State Trooper She has been beaten almost to death Her husband Brian is dead in their kitchen At first glance it would appear to be another tragic case of a battered wife defending herself But their six year old daughter Sophie is missing And Tessa's story is full of holes and inconsistencies Holes and inconsistencies that become wider and inconsistent as Boston Police Detective Sergeant DD Warren and her former lover Bobby Dodge investigate And DD is dealing with a major personal issue that is impacted by this caseThe story alternates between first and third person narration In one chapter Tessa is telling her story In the next chapter DD and

  • Bube

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreWhat a bookIts been 6 hours after I read the book and I still can't calm down all those emotions that has be triggered by this bookThis is a book that tells a story about the great love of a mother to her child and how she manages to do everything in her power to save her childAs you read the book you can't remain indifferent to all those emotions in the heart of Tessa and Sophie in the last 35 pages I could not calm down the emotions and the tears just couldn't stop I know it's just a bookfiction but people this is one of the most powerful book I have read Recommendation for allИвана ти благодарам за преводот на оваа книгаСакам Книги најдобри сте

  • Dana Griffin

    Love You More text Ë Love You MoreOh My God Before you begin this book clear your schedule send your children off and prepare to go without sleep Once you're halfway through this book you won't be able to stop reading I'd give this book ten or one hundred star rating if I could Note to any would