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AbominationAnt of all Martha is twelve and very different from other kids because of her parents Strict members of a religious group the Brethren their rules dominate Martha's life And one rule is the most important of all she must never ever invite anyone home If she does their shameful

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❮Epub❯ ➜ Abomination Author Robert Swindells – Tushna-hram.ru Martha is twelve and very different from other kids because of her parents Strict members of a religious group the Brethren their rules dominate Martha's life And one rule is the most important of allEpub Abomination Author Robert Swindells Tushna hramru Martha is twelve and very different from other kids because of her parents Strict members of a religious group the Brethren their rules dominate Martha's life And one rule is the most import

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Secret Abomination could be revealed But as Martha makes her first real friend in Scott a new boy at school she begins to wonder Is she doing the right thing by helping to keep Abomination a secret? And just how far will her parents go to prevent the truth from being known?

Abomination reader ✓ Paperback Robert Swindells was born in Bradford in the eldest of five children He left the local Secondary Modern School at fifteen to work as a copy holder on the local newspaper At seventeen he enlisted in the RAF and served for three years two in Germany On being discharged he worked as a clerk engineer and printer until when he entered college to train as a teacher having obtained five '.

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  • Sam Pryce

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationThis book is my favourite children's book of all time Never mind Charles Dickens or Roald Dahl; Robert Swindells is the man I read this in a few hours and I could not put it down I have never been so tense I strongly recommend this book to any child adult or even elderly person This book is a real treat 5 STARS

  • Yanpeng

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationOne day Martha made a friend called Scott After a while he begins asking her a lot of uestions Later Martha tells him about her and her older sister Mary who left the family when she was sixteen year old Then she shows him the house and tells him the last secret Abomination is a si

  • Manuel Jerico

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationAbomination Review Plot Abomination is about two kids Martha and Scott Martha lives a life controlled by the Righteous a religious group The Righteous are very different from the rest of society The Righteous have lots of rules that are enforced through the different Righteous families Due to being part of the Righteous Martha struggles to fit in with everyone else and even has to face torment in her school for being so “different” One rule in her family is heavily enforced and if broken may have dire conseuences If Martha chooses to ignore this rule she may end up like her sister Mary who had been sent away for greatly

  • Agent Aaliyah

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback Abominationi strongly like this book because it is hard for me to find books like this but this book was brillant from start to finish i also love the way the author wrote this book using split narrative Abomination is about a girl named martha who has to keep a very important secret about whats in her house This book was so powerful that i couldnt put it down

  • Sam H

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationThis book starts as a book about a religious cult As the story unravels though you come to realise in essence this book is a simple love story Martha who is 12 is different from other kids —no TV no computer no cool clothes and especially no friends That is until she meets Scott a new boy to the school Both characters are engaging and well written This is my second Robert Swindells novel and I was not disappointed The cults rules dominate all Martha’s life but not as much as the secret her parents are hiding Abomination is in the cellar and cannot be revealed As Scott and Martha become closer will Abominat

  • Emily Weatherburn

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationHaving read Swindells' Stone Cold in school I decided to read Abomination which I enjoyed even I was the perfect age for these books about 13 or 14 and the stories seemed so intriguingly dark In this one Swindells follows the journey of a very unpopular schoolgirl who is often bullied for her strange clothes It uickly transpires that this is not the fault of the child but the fault of the family who lead some very strange lives As we soon discover though some of their behaviours are far gruesome than some slight neglect when it comes to their daughter's wardrobe This book is incredibly well written and is the perfect book for young readers

  • Barbara

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationAs an adult reading a book that's been written for children I have to try to rate it for the impact it would have had when I was much younger and not how it makes me feel today Abomination is about two twelve year olds Martha and Scott Martha is an outsider bullied and abused by the other kids at school because she wears 'odd' clothes that her mother makes for her Scott is the new kid who makes the dangerous mistake of siding with Martha against her abusers and is determined to force a friendship with this strange girl regardless that it sets him up to be an outsider tooMartha's family belong to a religious group called the 'Righteous' The family have a secret that means Martha can't bring friends home or tell anybody about Abomination in the basementIt's a uick read that manages to touch on some importan

  • 05MonicaW

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationI think this book was intended for young adults or even adults The main issue in this book is a little girl named Martha grows up diff

  • Erin Pradeep

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationOk If you read this book you'll probably take this book in either two directions no it isn't left and right1 Stereotypical OR2 AwesomeI took this novel as a stereotype Now before you start throwing tomatoes at me may I explain? gets splat by a tomato from the audienceI'll take that as a yesWhenever I read a book which had a promising portrayal of Christians it was either the Christian was abusive or just too overprotective and strict I ABSOLUTELY hate this stereotype There isn't one specific way of Christianity There are multiple A Christian family may be kind and caring but have some discipline will other families won't allowed books on certain subjects maybe even movies Yes there are some families which take it too much and abuse their child into shape This book has done an excellent job at the portrayal of that specific family type but I'm just

  • Alex

    Abomination reader ✓ Paperback AbominationI really love this book It is gripping and suspenseful and intense without being overwhelmingly terrifying You could definitely read this with children who might generally avoid 'horror' writing and find they enjoy it The slow accumulation of information drip fed to the audience through out the book allows the author to keep building the tension right up until the cruc