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[Download] ➵ Tumma By Kati Hiekkapelto – Menneisyyden painama Anna Fekete matkustaa kotikaupunkiinsa Serbian unkarilaisalueille ja alkaa tutkia nuoren romanimiehen kuolemaa Vähitellen Annalle paljastuu myös Euroopan pakolaiskriisin todelliDownload Tumma By Kati Hiekkapelto Tushna hramru Menneisyyden painama Anna Fekete matkustaa kotikaupunkiinsa Serbian unkarilaisalueille ja alkaa tutkia nuoren romanimiehen kuolemaa Vähitellen Annalle paljastuu myös Euroopan pakolaiskriisin todelli Menneisyyden painama Anna Fekete matkustaa kotikaupunkiinsa Serbian unkari

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Laisalueille ja alkaa tutkia nuoren romanimiehen kuolemaa Vähitellen Annalle paljastuu myös Euroopan pakolaiskriisin todellisuusKotikaupungin kesäisissä viinijuhlissa Annan käsilaukku varastetaan mutta varas löytyy heti seuraavana päivänä kuolleena joen rannasta Paikalliset poliisit ovat haluttomia tutkimaan tapausta kovin tarkasti jo

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TummaTen Anna ottaa ohjat käsiinsäYllättäen Annan seuraamat johtolangat kietoutuvat hänen oman perheensä historiaan Samalla tilanne kaupungissa kiristyy kun seudulle alkaa virrata pakolaisiaCover Image DesignerKannen suunnittelu Päivi PuustinenFront Cover Image blickwinkel alamy Stock PhotoPhoto of the Author on the back cover Jouni Harala

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  • BookwormDH

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaBLURBMurder Corruption Dark secrets A titanic wave of refugees Can Anna solve a terrifying case that's become personalAnna Fekete returns to the Balkan village of her birth for a relaxing summer holiday But when her purse is stolen and the thief is found dead on the banks of the river Anna is pulled into a murder case Her investigation leads straight to her own family to closely guarded secrets concealing a horrendous travesty of justice that threatens them all As layer after layer of corruption deceit and guilt are revealed Anna is caught up in the refugee crisis spreading like wildfire across Europe How long will it take before everything explodesMY THOUGHTSThis is the third in the series from Kati Hiekkapelto and what another spellbinding encounter in the continuing story of Anna FeketeIn The Exiled it takes Anna away fro

  • Abbie

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaWhen Anna Fekete returns to her home town of Kanizsa in Serbia for a holiday and has her bag stolen by a thief who is later found dead her investigation takes her on journey she never expected This is the third book in the Detective Anna Fekete series however it works perfectly as a standalone novel as I have not read the previous two The first chapter immediately drew me in with it’s stunning prose and the need to know what has led to that situation as Kati gives you a glimpse

  • Carol

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaRTC

  • Paul

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaThe Exiled – An Excellent Crime Thriller The Exiled proving why Kati Hiekkapelto is a brilliant writer and spearheading the Finnish invasion of English crime fiction as she is in top form again The Exiled is the third in Heikkapelto’s Anna Fekete series that has been so popular in her native Finland and for once there is no snow in this thriller but plenty of twists turns as if on iceAnna Fekete has finally decided to take a holiday and get out of Finland and head ‘home’ to the Balkan village of her birth Kaniza in Serbia on the Hungarian border A chance to spend time with her mother her recovering addict brother and see her best friend before heading back to Finland to be the crime fighting whizz that she has becomeWhile out at a local wine fair her handbag is sto

  • Sarah

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaI really enjoyed the whole story line to this book Anna already works for the police but in Finland This doesn’t go down to well with the police in her hometown village when her bag gets stolen and the thief turning up dead They don’t seem to want to investigate things any further and only do the bare minimum to try and keep her happy Obviously Anna’s policing instincts kick in and she starts to delve into things herself which has her uestioning her own fathers deathHer father was also in the police force but was shot dead which left her mother and her family understandably devastated There seems to be to it though than she was originally led to believe and Anna is like a dog with a bone and can’t let go until she finds out the whole truthAnna was kind of hard to work out She giv

  • Amy

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaAll of my reviews can be found on wwwnovelgossipcomI’m so excited to be one of the stops today for the blog tour for The Exiled This is the third book in a series that follows Anna Fekete and my first experience with anything written by Kati Hiekkapelto I don’t believe that you have to read the series in order to keep up I never felt like I was missing anythin

  • Christine

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaI’d forgotten how much I really love Finland’s Kati Hiekkapelto series featuring the complex Anna Fekete The Exiled follows on from The Defenceless which was my introduction to AnnaAnna is an enigma Flawed and fascinating We got to understand her a little in The Exiled She’s tough and something of a loner Anna emigrated as a child from the former Yugoslavia to Finland Following her father’s footsteps she joined the police force In The Defenceless we saw how her sense of identity was conflicted Anna is an outsider both in Finland and in the SerbianHungarian village she grew up in She is torn between two cultures; one full of the history of her family including the tragic death of her Father and her new life in FinlandThe Exiled returns Anna to her homeland visitin

  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaIn case you don’t know already I’m a big fan of crime fiction and most especially if its Scandinavian in origin Needle

  • John

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaFirst of all this one is really Anna Fekete 25 rather than 30 in the series; it can be read as a stand alone The only Finnish connection consists of a couple of email exchanges with colleagues back home as well as a few vague musings on her part about the differences between Finnish and Balkan culture For those who have read

  • K.

    reader » textFree ✓ Kati Hiekkapelto TummaTrigger warnings murder ethnic slurs a lot of the book revolves around the Romani community cheating kidnapping death of a parent in the past refugee experiences 35 stars I don't think I've ever read anything tra