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EvangelineTy Longfellow offered Acadians a believable story about their ancestors They adopted it as a true legend of their past The tragic story of Evangeline and Gabriel has captivated Acadians and non Acadians ever since Evangeline the dutiful year old daughter of an elderly Grand Pré farmer is in love with Gabriel the blacksmith's son Before the two can exchange vows British soldiers march into the village burn it to the ground order the villagers into ships and send them far from their Nova Scotia homeland In the mayhem Evangeline witnesses her father's death from a broken heart a.

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Summary Evangeline 108 ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Evangeline Author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – In 1841 the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow heard the story of Acadian lovers separated by the Expulsion and reunited at the end of their lives He elaborated this simple tale into his long na In the American poet Henry Wadsworth LongfeBOOKS Evangeline Author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Tushna In 1841 the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow heard the story of Acadian lovers separated by the Expulsion and reunited at the end of their lives He elaborated this simple tale into his long na In the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow heard the story of Acadian lovers separated by the Expulsion and reunited at the end of their lives He elaborated this simple tale into his long narrative poem Evangeline A Tale of Acadie Published in it soon gained worldwide populari.

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Nd loses sight of Gabriel Her desperate continent wide search for her childhood sweetheart taking her from the cypress groves of Louisiana to a forest mission in the Ozark Mountains is one of the most affecting accounts of unfulfilled love ever written Evangeline is a hero of mythic proportions This sumptuously produced commemorative edition of Evangeline A Tale of Acadie coincides with the th anniversary of the founding of Acadia As well as the complete text of the poem it features than engravings from an enchanting Victorian Evangeline published in by Bell and Daldy London.

Summary Evangeline 108 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet whose works include Paul Revere's Ride The Song of Hiawatha and Evangeline He was also the first American to translate Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and was one of the five members of the group known as the Fireside PoetsLongfellow was born in Portland Maine and studied at Bowdoin College After spending time in Europe he became a pro.

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  • Debbie Zapata

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineI have somewhat jumbled thoughts about this lovely prose poem that tells the story of a fictional young woman named Evangeline Bellefontaine who began her life in Acadia what is now Nova Scotia I had no idea of the history of this

  • Sara

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineIt is amazing that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow could put so much into a 52 page poem There is the love story of course and the themes of devotion and persistence but there is also faith forgiveness the cruelties of war injustice extreme loss strength of character and reclamation The descriptive uality of his poetry is mesmerizing I felt I could see the Acadian village the Louisiana bayou and the western mountains Does this not describe the spread of an epidemic perfectly And as the tides of the sea arise in the month of SeptemberFlooding some silver stream till it spreads to a lake in the

  • Teresa

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineIt's been years than I wish to count since I first read this Probably since I was a Girl Scout visiting the Evangeline statue in St Martinville Louisiana with my troop While in Maine across the bay from Nova Scotia recently I felt the urge to read it again I'm glad I did It's much easier to read than I remember I'm sure that's because I was so young when I did and besides being a satisfying story of undying tragic love; it's full of wonderful descriptions of several vastly different areas of North America including my home state of Louisiana before it was Louisiana

  • Abigail

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineI was amazed by how touching this historical epic poem was As I began to read it I was fascinated with even the simplest ideas in the book Longfellow has a nice way of describing every little thing so elouently and in such precise details Now through rushing chutes among green islands where plumelike cotton trees nodded their shadowy crests they swept with the current Then emerged into road lagoons Nodded their shadowy crests is definitely my favorite line from this verse It has such imagery And I can't forget to mention how heartbreaking yet beautiful the loyalty and love of Evangeline and Gabriel was Though their homes burned and their love separated it did not cease to exist despite these hardships For though love was resting

  • Daniel

    Summary Evangeline 108 Evangeline English has never sounded this good using dactyls and spondees

  • Brian

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineThis is the Acadian Expulsion given the Titanic treatment terrible thing love story After many pages painting Acadia as the most perfect pure and beautiful place the English arrive It's a pretty jarring and entertaining tone shift Shit gets real pretty uick The

  • Jessica

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineFairest of all the maids was Evangeline Benedict's daughterNoblest of all the youths was Gabriel son of the blacksmithI remember when my 6th grade teacher introduced this book to our class as a small assignment to understand a part of Canada's history It was kind of an introduction to our big Canada Projects due at the end of the year In class we read a base outline including only major details I was almost satisfied with that until I saw the ending It wasn't there The part that wasn't there was the part my teacher wanted us to look up No it did not include extra credit and what not but I was greatly interested in the book because of its romantic essence Pretty soon I got a copy of this epic poem and I'm almost through reading it a second time This love story makes my heart leap with the poetic language and flu

  • Leigh

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineI still remember taking this out from the library in the sixth grade and reading it when I stayed home sick from school with a cold My mother walks into my room and finds me just sobbing over the ending of this poem absolutely devasted and in love with the story Twelve years later it still has my heart

  • Renee

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineI am ashamed to say for being an Acadian I never read this before today I knew the story but reading it was far much better Will be definitely adding this to our school curriculum

  • Ed Erwin

    Summary Evangeline 108 EvangelineI grew up in Louisiana and have a sister named Evangeline yet I never got around to reading this until today Overall meh But certainly not bad and I can see why people like it It could make a great operaI didn't get a strong sense of rhythm from it so I can't tell whether he got the right number of syllables in tricky words like Natchitoches and Atchafalaya