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Son from Mississippi Against all odds Jesse beat back racism to become the Navy's first black aviator Against all expectations Tom passed up a free ride at Harvard to fly fighter planes for his country Barely a year after President Truman ordered the desegregation of the military the two became wingmen in Fighter Suadron and went on to fight side by side in the Korean War In the war's climatic battle at the Chosin Reservoir Tom and Jesse f.

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DevotionBOOKS Devotion Author Adam Makos Tushna Devotion is the gripping story of the US Navy's most famous aviator duo Tom Hudner a white blue blooded New Englander and Jesse Brown a black sharecropper's son from Mississippi Against all odds Jesse Devotion is the gripping story of the US Navy's most famous aviator duo Tom Hudner a white blue blooded New Englander and Jesse Brown a black sharecropper's.

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review Devotion 103 Õ ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Devotion ⚡ Author Adam Makos – Devotion is the gripping story of the US Navy's most famous aviator duo Tom Hudner a white blue blooded New Englander and Jesse Brown a black sharecropper's son from Mississippi Against all odds Jesse Devotion is the gripping story of the US Navy's most famous Lew headlong into waves of troops in order to defend an entire division of Marines trapped on a frozen lake Jesse was shot down and pinned in the burning wreckage of his fighter Tom then faced an unthinkable choice to see his friend burn to death or to go down in a blaze of glory flouting the rules to crash land behind enemy lines and save Jesse or die trying The uestion was crueller than the freezing wind How far will you go to save a brothe.

review Devotion 103 Hailed as “A masterful storyteller” by the Associated Press Adam Makos is the author of the New York Times bestseller A Higher Call and the critically acclaimed Devotion Inspired by his grandfathers’ service Adam chronicles the stories of American veterans in his trademark “You Are There” style landing him “in the top ranks of military writers” according to the Los Angeles Times In pursui.

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  • Fred Shaw

    review Devotion 103 DevotionDevotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and SacrificeMy thoughts on this book are rather long because of the emotions that it has stirred in me Pride of the fighting men grief for their losses and happiness for the good that came from itThis is a true story about men fighting in the Korean War the forgotten war It’s called that because in 1950 WWII had just ended and no one wanted another war Americans were tired of losing loved ones men coming home missing eyes and limbs scarred with battle fatigue It came about because of the rise of communism and the influence of Stalin on

  • Pamela

    review Devotion 103 Devotion FIVE STARS OF PROFOUND EXCELLENCE Historically enthralling and biographically compelling Far and above Devotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and Sacrifice is the best book I've read this year non fiction or otherwise bar none Reads like fiction but is one hundred percent authentically true honoring American heroism brotherhood unity and service It is so many things engagingly readable human interest encapsulating suspense riveting superbly written meticulously researched and editorially flawless More than anything it is a story of friendship sacrifice and love Love of country Love of brotherhood Love bound through matrimony family and life I didn't simply read this book I experienced it I truly felt like I was embedded among the ground troops in the air on the sea rubbing elbows with Elizabeth Taylor in the French Rivera shivering in the brutal cold of Chosin carrying the

  • Sweetwilliam

    review Devotion 103 DevotionAnother winner by Adam Makos I enjoyed Spearhead so much that I downloaded every book I could find by the same author Devotion was the third of four books by Makos that I read back to back Once again I was thoroughly entertained and the reading never felt like it was a chore The setting for this book is the Korean War and the focus is two Corsair pilots from the carrier Leyte One was Ensign Jesse Brown the son of a black sharecropper Makos describes Jesse as the Jackie Robinson of Naval Aviation because he broke the color barrier as the first black naval aviator The other was Lieutenant Tom Hudner an affluent heir to a supermarket chain These two aviators couldn’t ha

  • Jamie Holloway

    review Devotion 103 DevotionI have been given an opportunity to review the book “Devotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and Sacrifice” by Adam Makos I read this 420 book in two days day one was while I was receiving my infusion of Rituximab “Devotion” inspired me It melted my heart It gave me an adventure to be a part of I deeply enjoyed reading about the friendship of Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown during the Korean War as pilots I enjoyed reading the other stories of friendship between the soldiers of the war What captivating me the most is the friendship between Brown and Hudner One was a share croppers son and African America

  • Liberty

    review Devotion 103 DevotionI shed tears through the entire book Such nobility and bravery makes one proud to be a part of the greatest country in the world Adam Makos is one of my favorite modern authors He takes history and it's characters and creates a beautiful story of what it means to be American

  • ben

    review Devotion 103 DevotionLook out and there's an even better military aviationhistory book in townThis book follows the world's forgotten war in Korea and balances fascinating history firsthand accounts real life characters and action perfectlyMeet Jesse Brown history's first black aircraft carrier pilot and supreme badassThis book largely focuses on his experience growing up poor in the racist deep south to becoming one of the first black officers and pilots during the Korean War but also interweaves the stories of a Medal of Honour recipient a medicheavy weapons dude and a guy who turned aside an offer from the Red Sox to join the Marines The book does an excellent job focusing mostly on these characters so it's not bogged down with too much backstory or efforts to include everyone like cough coughOverall Devotion took me on an emotional dogfightIt takes you through heart thumping moments to face leaking ones all while offering fascinating insights into the Korean War and an inte

  • Mike

    review Devotion 103 DevotionWhat an excellent book 4 Stars for this riveting flying story You can put yourself into the cockpit with Tom Hudner or Jesse Brown caught between the sheer thrill of flying a fighter and the tension of flying into battle over North Korea Not just flying and fighting but also you join the Marines at Chosin and the pitched battles after the Chinese join the fight The two fights are brought together on the fateful day that Jesse is shot down and Tom crash lands next to him to try and save him Tom's story is good but Jesse's is all the impressive Where he ca

  • Alan

    review Devotion 103 DevotionI was engaged in finishing a fine book of historical fiction set during the closing months of the American Civil War when Devotion appeared in my mail box It sat on my book shelf unopened for at least another 10 days before I finished the other book and finally had a chance to crack the cover of this one If I had known what I was in for by reading this book I would have dropped the other one mid way through and devoured this one The other book was very good and commendable but this one will I hope be on everyone's fall reading listDevotion is non fiction based on events that occurred mainly during the early days of the Korean War a conflict largely overlooked by most Americans most of whom know it solely through their experiences with the TV comedy MASHIt is obvious that Makos and his team did a splendid job of researching the story lines included in this book The central story though involves the first African American naval aviator Jesse Brown Military his

  • Pramodya

    review Devotion 103 DevotionPlease excuse me on my not so very organised review as I've been crying my eyes out for the last 10 minutesI have come to a conclusion I will read ANYTHING written by this man Adam Makos is an ingenious writer journalist and researcher He and his teams unbelievable and relentless dedication to their work speaks throughout this book and their other books First of all even though I'm a history buff I knew next to nothing about the korean war which I suppose give

  • Paul

    review Devotion 103 DevotionThe story of fighter pilots flying ground support missions in Korea during “the forgotten war” the story is really about two unlikely friends and a great sacrifice A New Englander whose father was a well respected merchant and his friend a son of a Mississippi sharecropper who became one of the first five African American officers in the Marine Corps developed a relationship while being stationed stateside in 1949 and that friendship continued on their tour of duty on the USS Leyte a “small” carrier in post war European service Along the way they encounter Elizabeth Taylor and have their share of experiences with pilot misadventures and tragedies Jesse – the Mississippian – experiences racism along the wayWe are also introduced along the way to a suad of Marine