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Kill LineOn of Kill Line ASINBNPPBleeeeep – ‘This is outrageous’ Bleeeeep – ‘I was promised a full refund’ Bleeeeep – ‘I want to speak to your manager’ This is Shaun Dolan’s day call after call of moans and complaints from a generally unhappy public Shaun is not well suited to the life

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Of a call centre agent But on the upside he has just discovered he’s pretty good at killing the people who moan and complain that little bit too much Six have died so far – one accidentally five deliberately Will anyone figure out what Shaun has been doing before victim number seven calls?

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[Epub] ❧ Kill Line By Robert Leigh – This is an updated cover edition of Kill Line ASINB00NP73P6Bleeeeep – ‘This is outrageous’ Bleeeeep – ‘I was promised a full refund’ Bleeeeep – ‘I want to speak to your manager’ ThisEpub Kill Line By Robert Leigh Tushna hramru This is an updated cover edition of Kill Line ASINB00NP73P6Bleeeeep – ‘This is outrageous’ Bleeeeep – ‘I was promised a full refund’ Bleeeeep – ‘I want to speak to your manager’ This This is an updated cover editi

Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh After bartending his way around Spain and the West End of London Robert Leigh returned to his home city of Liverpool and began writing Leigh's works include The Retribution Trilogy third book currently in production and From Lime Street to Yirgacheffe a true story of sorts.

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  • Terry Tyler

    Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh Kill LineReviewed by me as part of Rosie Amber's Book Review TeamI liked this book a lot so much that I've already downloaded Robert Leigh's latest one Any Man JoeShaun Dolan works in a call centre and murders customers who are unnecessarily rude to him Yet I still kind of liked the guy I didn't want him to get caught That's a real art making the reader root for a brutal psychopath Oh dear I hope it's not just meThe strength of this book is the sharp observation by which the characters have been created from Shaun's boozy mates to the chav ex girlfriend to the begging victims Barry Johnson and the revoltingly pompous Derek Page Dove great name and best of all the ghastly dreadful supervisors and management at Skymiles and Calltex call centre Well done Robert Leigh the section in the mid

  • E.L. Lindley

    Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh Kill LineKill Line is a dark comedy that offers a perfect snapshot of modern life Robert Leigh skilfully taps into the simmering rage that for most of us never seems too far away and embodies it in his likeable and on the surface oh so reasonable protagonist Due to being made redundant Shaun is a put upon call centre operative who is forced to endure all of the abuse and boredom that goes along with the job Despite his efficiency Sean is often subjected to the rage of the callers who in the safety of their own home and protected by the distance of the phone line insult and denigrate him Whilst visiting one such caller in the hope of getting him to see the error of his ways Shaun accidentally kills him and thus a side career in murder is born All of Shaun’s intelligence and energy which is wasted in the call centre becomes focussed on planning the murders Conseu

  • Verge LeNoir

    Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh Kill LineWhat a great premise Scary and brutal

  • Suraya Dewing

    Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh Kill LineThe Kill LineBy Robert LeighMy first reaction to this novel was ‘you have to be kidding me’ then I thought it must be a black comedy That was how I got past the vividly described first murder of many “Kill Line’ is aptly namedInbound call centre representative Shaun has his own uniue way of dealing with difficult customers They have to pass a series of tests before they get nominated for the dubious honour of receiving a personal call from ShaunThe process dehumanises the victim This is where things get tricky because I ended up wondering whom the victim wasthe caller or Shaun He was likable and the abusive callers sounded thoroughly unlikableThis is the reason it becomes possible to accept what Shaun does This is black comedy at its most compellingI found myself pausing every so often to ask

  • Susan Jackson

    Doc ☆ Kill Line ´ Robertleigh Kill LineOof I finished this book at 1237 on the 16th of January 2014 and want to share my thoughts Firstly I have to say that for a first time novelist Leigh really just goes for it with the narrative I had a few oh god moments of stopping and thinking about what Shaun was saying It is the real dialogue that allows us to have the juxtaposition of an ordinary man in an ordinary job but with this murderous instinct and logic The pace of the story really picks up and as Shaun starts to develop into a killer I felt anxious reading it uite clever of the author to solicit frant