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❮BOOKS❯ ✵ Fantômas ✫ Author Marcel Allain – The shocking debut of France’s most ruthless villainAfter dinner the guests of the Maruise de Langrune amuse one another with tales of the chilling deeds of Fantômas a fiendish criminal whose reachBOOKS Fantômas Author Marcel Allain Tushna hramru The shocking debut of France’s most ruthless villainAfter dinner the guests of the Maruise de Langrune amuse one another with tales of the chilling deeds of Fantômas a fiendish criminal whose reach The shocking debut of France’s most ruthless villainAfter dinner the guests of the Maruise de Langrune amuse one another with tales of the chilling deeds of Fantômas a

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Fiendish criminal whose reach is limitless whose thirst for mayhem can never be uenched The next morning young Charles Rambert leaves early to meet his father at the train station When he returns the chateau is in an uproar The Maruise has been slaughtered in her bed She was found not long after Rambert’s departure her body soaked in blood her neck severed all the way to the bone Suspecting his son may be the killer Charles’s father insists they leave imm

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FantômasEdiately But Inspector Juve sees the hand of Fantômas in the grisly deed and in two other dastardly crimes that have Paris in an uproar the brazen theft of Princess Sonia’s pocketbook and the murder of Lord Beltham whose body was found stuffed in a trunk Juve has pledged his life to apprehending the criminal mastermind and will stop at nothing to see Fantômas hang This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all device

read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram Marcel Allain was a French writer mostly remembered today for his co creation with Pierre Souvestre of the fictional arch villain and master criminal FantômasThe son of a Parisian bourgeois family Allain studied law before becoming a journalist He then became the assistant of Souvestre who was already a well known figure in literary circles In the two men published their fir.

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  • Fabian

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasWhat began as an expected plain elementary Whodunit becomes uite a crafty convolution in the end Train hopping fake identities including transvestites bluffs double bluffs Bentillon dynamometers rudimentary CSI slit throats and gruesome violence insane Victorians specters the beginnings of witness protection schedules and time frames this is in that same category of classics like W Collin's very cool The Woman in White The herovillain dynamics and the inherent sensationalism that the both inspire are explored interesting uestions do pop up like who are we REALLY rooting for? I mean the Joker won the Oscar Batman zilch Antiheroes and villains are our new heroes superstars It's a delight to read the stages of the chase here of the mouse and cat AND dog And dog catcher The list of suspects grows aptly and the archetypes pile up nicely The true scare is the hint that Fantomas or early Michael Myers is possibly many people like in William Peter Blatty's exorcist nov

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasFantômas Fantômas #1 Marcel Allain Pierre SouvestreA noblewoman is hacked to death in her chateau a Russian princess is boldly robbed at

  • Algernon (Darth Anyan)

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasThere are no ghosts here despite the title 'Just' a criminal mastermind terrorizing the faubourgs of Paris and the countryside chateaux cca 1910 Fantomas What did you say? I said Fantomas And what does that mean? Nothing Everything But what is it? Nobody And yet yes it is somebody And what does the somebody do? Spread terror The audience loves to be scared and often enough cheers for the smooth criminal who lives

  • Sam Quixote

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasIt’s all Grant Morrison’s fault Years ago before his falling out with Marvel he wrote a pretty decent New X Men series where he introduced his character Fantomex a pseudo French mutant assassin clad entirely in white in part inspired by an obscure series of trashy French novels from 100 years ago featuring a bad guy called Fantomas And because I’m a huge Morrison fan and to a lesser extent Richard Sala who’s also clearly a fan of these books that’s all it took for me to pick this one up But to be fair a novel about a prototypical supervillain thief doesn’t sound half bad right – it could be fun? Bah It wasn’t It’s sooooo bad Following in the wake of the popular Scarlet Pimpernel Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre’s derivative Fantomas is about one dimensional idiot aristocrats murdering one anoth

  • Nancy Oakes

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasWhat a fun book Fantomas is one seriously evil genius and his nemesis Inspector Juve is one determined policeman Not only is this book fun but it ends in a complete cliffhanger so I had to buy book two The Exploits of Juve Juve contre Fantômas just to see what happens I have this feeling that I'll end up with the entire set of Fantômas novels if the ending of book one is any indicatorA series of heinous crimes leads Inspector Juve of France's Criminal Investigation Division to believe that they are all the work of a single mysterious evildoer Fantômas Trying to catch him though is going to be tough There are some people who even doubt as to whether or not there actually is a Fantômas; one magistrate tells Juve thatFantômas is the too obvious subterfuge the cheapest device for investing a case with mock honours Between you and me you know perfectly

  • Alex

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasHere's the problem with this book I never really got any idea why Fantomas was doing all this shit I mean he gets up into these elaborate disguises so he can kill one person or another but why does he want that person dead? Not really explained And he also makes some pretty stupid mistakes for being such a genius mastermind Shit Moriarty would never have put up withI'm

  • Noran Miss Pumkin

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasI am torn about my rating of the book Time does not pass evenly and not still clear about the motives for the murders Some just robbed others killed The trial came and went without the wife being called It is a different crime novel for sure The criminal is uite brilliant which earns the fourth star Him vs Sherlock wound a fascinating read

  • The Celtic Rebel (Richard)

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasWOW How I never heard of this series of books until this past year I have no idea I purchased a set of 50 Detective Classics from and the first book in the series was includedI was hooked from the first chapter There were times when the book got a little draggy but never for long at a time There were so many twists and turns right up to the end I can't wait to see how the rest

  • Jim

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasThe famous illustration on the cover of this Penguin edition has been altered What the arch criminal Fantômas is grasping in his right hand is a bloody dagger which he is holding by the hilt for which see the the original The eponymous character of Fantomas by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre is perhaps the greatest of the arch villains in literature His ruthlessness is greater than Professor Moriarty's and his slipperiness ever so much pronounced Fantômas does not at any point come out and say that he is Fantômas Instead he moves about disguised with diabolical cleverness as do the detective Juve who pursues him and at least one other character who disguises himself as a female and holds down the job of a cashier at a luxury hotel In this arch villain there is not a trace of Robin Hood He robs from everyon

  • Elizabeth (Alaska)

    read Fantômas kindle ↠ ebook ½ tushnahram FantômasThis is a work of French crime fiction from a century ago Barely into it I realized that Fantômas is the name the newspapers and detectives have given to the perpetrator of a number of gruesome crimes I am frightened because Fantômas is a being against whom it is idle to use ordinary weapons; because he has been able to hide his identity and elude all pursuit for years; because his daring is boundless and his power unmeasureable; because he is everywhere and nowhere at once and if he has had a hand in this affair I am not even sure that he is not listening to me now And finally M de Presles because every one whom I have known to attack Fantômas my friends my colleagues my superior officers have one and all one and all sir been beaten in the fight Fantômas does exist I know but who is he?There is a detective Juve It is just possible he was the inspiration for Hercule Poirot although there are many dissimilarities But Juve is the brightest of them and solves man