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[Read] ➵ Back Channel ➱ Stephen L. Carter – October 1962 The Soviet Union has smuggled missiles into Cuba Kennedy and Khrushchev are in the midst of a military face off that could lead to nuclear conflagration Warships and submarines are on theRead Back Channel Stephen L Carter Tushna hramru October 1962 The Soviet Union has smuggled missiles into Cuba Kennedy and Khrushchev are in the midst of a military face off that could lead to nuclear conflagration Warships and submarines are on the October The Soviet Union has smuggled missiles into Cuba Kennedy and Khrushchev are in the midst of a military face off that could lead to nuclear conflagration Warships and submarines are on the move Planes are in the air Troops are at the ready Both leaders are surrounded by advisers clamor

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Ing for war The only way for the two leaders to negotiate safely is to open a “Back Channel”—a surreptitious path of communication hidden from their own people They need a clandestine emissary nobody would ever suspect If the secret gets out her life will be at risk but they’re careful not to tell her that Stephen L Carter’s gripping new novel Back Channel is a brilliant amalgam of fact and fiction—a suspenseful retelling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in which the fate of the world rests unexpectedly on the shoulders of a young college student On the island

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Back ChannelOf Curaçao a visiting Soviet chess champion whispers state secrets to an American acuaintance In the Atlantic Ocean a freighter struggles through a suall while trying to avoid surveillance And in Ithaca New York Margo Jensen one of the few black women at Cornell is asked to go to Eastern Europe to babysit a madman As the clock ticks toward World War III Margo undertakes her harrowing journey Pursued by the hawks on both sides protected by nothing but her own ingenuity and courage Margo is drawn ever deeply into the crossfire—and into her own family’s hidden pas

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  • switterbug (Betsey)

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelThis is my fourth novel by Carter that I’ve read my favorite being his last book THE IMPEACHMENT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN I enjoyed his revisionist history of Abe Lincoln and the thorny disputes and complexities of abolition and economics as well as the passionate way he evoked the Executive decision making The premise wher

  • Matt

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelCarter renews his powerful writing style in another novel thick with history and strong on intrigue In the midst of the most frigid part of the Cold War college student Margo Jensen is targeting by White House officials to aid her country in a covert mission one that might have dire implications She soon finds herself in Bulgaria tasked with determining if she can garner information about the Soviets' plans to send nuclear missiles into Cuba facing directly facing towards Washington Returning sooner than she'd hoped Margo discovers that her involvement is all but over After the missiles appear and both sides refuse to stand down Margo is again chosen to act on behalf of her country this time passing messages from the President of the United States through to a contact who has the ear of General Secretary Khrushchev all through top secret ba

  • Rebecca McNutt

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back Channel Back Channel is a gripping thriller starting off rather dull but uickly building up suspense as it continues

  • Donna

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelIncredibly far fetched Now I usually don't mind that and I am happily willing to go along with it when it is substantiated by events and character actions This story missed those opportunities It was like living on that little island in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Your strolling along and suddenly a big ole meatball fall

  • Steven Z.

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelWhether reading Stephen L Carter’s THE EMPEROR OF OCEAN PARK and the novels that follow that genre to his historical novel THE IMPEACHMENT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN I have always felt very satisfied and contented when completing one of his books After reading his latest effort at altering American history by recreating a fictional account of the Cuban Missile Crisis in BACK CHANNEL I did not complete my reading with the same feeling To his credit Mr Carter has complete command of the events that led up to the 1962 crisis the diplomatic machinations between the Soviet Union and the United States as well as the domestic pressure that was exerted within each government In a useful afterword Carter explains the differences between his version of events and those that actually occurred allowing the reader to compare the two and hopefully emerge

  • Laurielib

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelIt's Fall of 1962 and the Kennedy White House is embroiled in the Cuban Missile It's only recently that we learned how close this brought us to a nuclear abyss Stephen L Carter takes this historical backdrop and crafts a riveting thriller you won't be able to put down Margo Jensen is a 19 year old black student at Cornell w

  • Ashley

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelI was happy with this book It says based on true events but it just seemed a Lil on the UNBELIVEABLE side I just was not sold on

  • Jaksen

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelSolid book fully detailed well written The characters are authentic the dialogue realistic the historical information spot on I was a child at this time but there are things I remember well such as my grandmother informing me in October that we were going to have 'another war' and as such our Christmas wouldn't be uite as elaborate as usual Our way of cutting back I suppose But basically it's the story of a 'colored' girl used as a back channel for secret negotiations between President Kennedy and Nikita Krushchev in October November of 1962 I loved the concept and the MC Female African American And a teenager Using as a cover the fact that she and Kennedy were having an affair And all this in an espionage

  • John Chabalko

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelThis was recommended by a friend of a friend These revisionist historical fiction novels are not my bag of oats; that said the premise was sort of interesting so i forced myself to finish itI wish there'd been better character development early on It didn't really happen at all except for some odd observations that seem to be catered towards an evening TV show treatment than a novel even at the end of the book i couldn't find myself caring about any of the characters and i just wanted it to be overIf you're big on the

  • Bettie

    reader ✓ Back Channel Back ChannelAmb Burns Trump’s kindness towards Putin seen as weakness by Russians As a former US Ambassador to Russia William Burns witnessed first hand the personality and working style of Russian President Vladimir Putin From his standpoint President Trump’s tendency to placate Putin is perceived as weakness to the Russian leader not strength Amb Burns the author of a new book talks with Brian Williams about this new era of diplomacy