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Warsaw 1944As facing its final days—and then opportunity struck As Soviet soldiers turned back the Nazi invasion of Russia and began pressing west the underground Polish Home Army decided to act Taking advantage of German disarray and seeking to forestall the absorption of their country into the Soviet empire they chose to liberate the city of Warsaw for themselves      Warsaw tells the story of this brave and errant calculation For than sixty days the Polish fighters took over large parts of the city and held off the SS’s most brutal forces But in the end their efforts were doomed Scorned

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By Stalin and unable to win significant support from the Western Allies the Polish Home Army was left to face the full fury of Hitler Himmler and the SS The crackdown that followed was among the most brutal episodes of history’s most brutal war and the celebrated historian Alexandra Richie depicts this tragedy in riveting detail Using a rich trove of primary sources Richie relates the terrible experiences of individuals who fought in the uprising and perished in it Her clear eyed narrative reveals the fraught choices and complex legacy of some of World War II’s most unsung heroes

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[Reading] ➶ Warsaw 1944 Author Alexandra Richie – Tushna-hram.ru The full untold story of how one of history’s bravest revolts ended in one of its greatest crimesIn 1943 the Nazis liuidated Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto A year later they threatened to complete the citReading Warsaw 1944 Author Alexandra Richie Tushna hramru The full untold story of how one of history’s bravest revolts ended in one of its greatest crimesIn 1943 the Nazis liuidated Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto A year later they threatened to complete the cit The full untold story of how one of history’s bravest revolts ended in one of its greatest crimesIn the Nazis liuidated Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto A year later they threatened to complete the city’s destruction by deporting its remaining residents A sophisticated and cosmopolitan community a thousand years old w

Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Alexandra Richie is an historian specializing in Germany as well as Central and Eastern Europe and defense and security issues She is the author of Faust’s Metropolis A History of Berlin which was named one of top ten books of the year by American Publisher’s Weekly and Warsaw which won the Newsweek Teresa Torańska Prize for best non fiction book of and the Kazimierz Moczarski Prize f.

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  • Tony

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944The Warsaw Uprising was a perfect storm The Home Army misjudged events and chose exactly the wrong time to rise up Soviet advances left the Germans short of regular troops so the task of putting down the uprising fell to Himmler and the SS including special ie sadistic bandit hunters And Stalin wanting Poland for himself stood by and watched as the Home Army broke itself against the SS The result especially for innocent civilians was horrific The book however is very good It's well researched and very well written full of details and eyewitness accounts a handful of maps and has just enough info about the wider war to put things into context although I preferred the descriptions of the action within Warsaw to events outside of it It's also uite graphic in places and doesn't pull any punches and conseuently can be uite a disturbingemotional readI wonder though if the author's evident love of Warsaw has led to some bias s

  • Cold War Conversations Podcast

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944The numbers beggar belief Of a prewar population of 13 million 150000 civilians and 18000 underground soldier killed and this is excluding 400000 Jews who were sent to their deaths from 1939 43 The remainder were forced from their homes into concentration camps and forced labour camps as Warsaw was demolished brick by brick on Hitler's orders leaving a few thousand hiding amongst the ruins awaiting the SovietsAlexandra Ritchie weaves together the gripping and horri

  • Kate

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944Warsaw 1944 has come to us from the archives inherited by the author diaries that have brought to life the full tragedy of both the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 but the very fate of the city The amount of research to bring this text to fruition is overwhelming and possible with the availability of both Russian and German archives many of which did not become available until the dissolution of the Soviet UnionIt is mostly a forgotten story a small footnote which all sides wanted forgotten and buried along with the hundreds of thousands of corpses that met their demise in a slaughter of civilians un precidented in this war All of the allies Britain the United States and the Soviets can be held responsible for the abandonment of Poland but the total destruction of Warsaw and the brutal slaughter of civilians men women and children can only be laid at the feet of Hiltler's anti Jewish ant Slavic ideology based on a hatred so strong that he diverted both manpo

  • Michael

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944An unsparing gut wrenching account of the Warsaw Uprising against the Germans not to be confused with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 when the Polish Home Army launched a heroic but ultimately disastrous attack on their Nazi occupiers as Stalin's Red Army closed in on the city in the summer of 1944 Poland suffered terribly at the hands of both the Germans and the Russ

  • Kristi Thielen

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944This book is not about the Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943 but the 1944 uprising led by Polish fighters against the SS The author openly states that the desperate courage of the Jews fighting in the ghetto – with improvised weaponry – was a matchless demonstration of heroism and the second uprising is not to be considered its eual Having said that the courage of the Polish fighters is tremendous and the suffering of the Warsaw civilians is staggering to read about Hitler had an especially outsized contempt for the Polish people and their capital Warsaw was the only European city which Hitler wanted razed to the ground – with not

  • Peter

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944Alexandra Richie is a Warsawian via Oxford University She has taken on a tragic tale of a city’s unnecessary destruction and its nation’s unwilling demise Her love of Warsaw and of Poland shines through this disturbing history of the 1944 Uprising against the German occupation of Warsaw Poland has long been a hot potato between Germany and Russia Until its post WWI independence Poland had been sliced and diced by Russia Austria Hungary and other European countries and immediately on its freormation the Bolsheviks had invaded The 1939 Russo German Non Aggression Pact opened th

  • T. Fowler

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944This is a story of one of the great but unknown tragedies of WW2 I visited Warsaw around 2005 and was told that this interesting city had been completely rebuilt after the war I could not understand the significance of this explanation at that time but I do now how Hitler in his hatred for the Polish people was determined to completely destroy the city in August 1944 This order was handed over to Himmler and psychopathic and criminal units of his SS and this is well described in detail by the author using a great number of Polish and German sources with particular emphasis on showing the suffering of Warsaw's inhabitants Alexandra Richie is a Canadian historian who both graduated and taught at Oxford then married a

  • John

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944A compelling graphic and terrifying account of Warsaw at the peak of her destruction by the Nazis in 1944 An insane Hitler and his eually mad minions let loose on the innocent citizens of Warsaw where murder rape looting and the total annihilation of the city was the rule of the day The insurgent underground Polish Army tries

  • Andrew Davis

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944An excellent description of Warsaw Uprising Apart from a thorough background on its occurrence it provides a chronology of events which helped me to understand how the focus of the German attacks moved from one suburb to the next The cynicism of Russian troops stationing just few kilometres away and their refusal to allow the Allied planes to land on the eastern site of Vistula makes them co responsible for the death of many innocent people The hostility of Russians to AK fighters their arrest and treatment as enemy combined with especially from Roosevelt site no objections from the Allies only underlines their guilt in subjecting untold millions of Poles to inhuman treatment by their communist rulers for another 44 yearsMain Characters on the Polish SideGeneral Antoni Chrusciel Monter – Commander of AK units in WarsawGeneral Bor Komorowski – in charge of AK after Rowecki’s

  • Ian

    Warsaw 1944 kindle µ Kindle Edition Warsaw 1944I really need to start reading cheerful books After reading so much other WWII and Holocaust fare I'm not uite sure how I made it through this further tome of hideous crimes of the Third Reich Perhaps it was due to the author's clear precise prose Some