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☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Sexting By G.B. Hope ❤ – Tushna-hram.ru Warning Graphic sexual contentEnglish writer Michael Lincoln embarks on an internet relationship with a younger fan Elise McHugh who comes from Singapore Despite her innate shyness and his concerns ovPDF Epub Sexting By GB Hope Tushna hramru Warning Graphic sexual contentEnglish writer Michael Lincoln embarks on an internet relationship with a younger fan Elise McHugh who comes from Singapore Despite her innate shyness and his concerns ov Warning Graphic sexual contentEnglish writer Michael Lincoln embarks on an internet relationship with a younger fan Elise McHugh who comes from Singapore Despite her innate shyness and his concerns over the age gap things uickly hot

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S crime novels He instantly adores Elise but struggles to justify the eighteen years and miles between them He finds her to be great company using his love of words to fulfil her wish to be brought out of her shell Soon they are enjoying conversation cheeky banter sex stories and eventually frantic explicit Sexting At the same time they both explore relationships where they live while trying to get to a place where they can see about possibly getting together Will they ever find time to meet up in the real world

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SextingUp becoming raunchy and intense But there is also a touching soul mate bond there between them as they follow each other’s successes and troubles in their real lives Elise nineteen years old is an absolute darling petite black haired black eyed very cheeky and despite being the daughter of a wealthy property developer she is genuine sweet and principled – a well brought up girl in strict Singapore Michael thirty seven is recently divorced trying to keep up contact with his daughter while working at selling hi

PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting A writer based in Liverpool London Paris and New York But mainly Liverpool p.

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  • Dana

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingMy initiation into the world of smut was not exactly a pleasurable experience My first book into the foray of Erotica Sexting was a big letdown The transitions between narrators was terrible and Elise's constant talk of baths in all of her emails was irritating beyond belief Why do you need to mention going to bath in every bloody emailI also found the main character to be repulsive and childish He was just so slimy that I could not get into the novel I also found it odd how he had tons of money to throw away as an author even though he is not the least bit famous and also has a child to support His writing of books also seems to be a magical talent for him since he seemingly puts zero effort into itOverall this book is a passNote I received this book for

  • Harold Walters

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI won Sexting as a GoodReads giveawayThis novel certainly is the erotic fiction it claims to be However in addition it is uite amusingElise the young woman Michael Lincoln has been sexting in Singapore promises that if he were to visit her she would jump his bones and “other things like play Monopoly” Isolated like this I suppose the line doesn't buckle your knees but in context with dozens of other similar lines it helps make G B Hope’s book unexpectedly humorousMichael Lincoln is a divorced British crime writer living in

  • Desiree

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI did not know this book was about GoodReads my favorite book site I picked it up as I love to read about technology and the social media aspects of life It excelled in that department The protagonist is a recently divorced 35 year old author from England who uses GoodReads obsessively He is always checking for new reviews of his books and is currently writing another one He also checks his inbox and communicates with fans from around the world The one that draws most of his attention is Elise a 19 year old girl from Singapore They rather uickly move to sex stories and sexting There are some explicit scenes included no photos

  • Caroline K.

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI received this book as an ARC from Net Galley and was not to sure about it but it turned out very interesting I felt that things were real the writing was good but the version I got had some formatting issues but the concept of writing a whole book based on texting very well done and the characters were very funny and interesting but I wonder why the writer had such a gap at the end I wanted to know what happen between Michael and Elise maybe there are extra chapters dealing with this if anyone knows let me know Overall it was good and entertaining the erotica level was mediumit had a nice HEA

  • Janet

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI read this book knowing that it would be humorous and I wasn't disappointed GB Hope used the sexting platform well the banter becomes clever and steamy in turn and the characters though a bit 2 dimensional at first are capable of development and growth throughout the story Knowing the hero is British helped me to accept a few idiosyncrasies and uirks in his character I found Sexting to be an entertaining afternoon's diversion I received my copy from NetGalleycom in exchange for an honest review

  • Kris Gasgoigne

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI was very wary about a story partly being told in textingsexting but it worked I loved it Very raunchy and yet touching in parts no pun intended

  • Maddie M1RiH

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingNow this book was a fun read I enjoyed the concept of this book and the banter being used just had that smile crack upon your face Very interesting and Easy to follow and a good uick read

  • Passion For Pages

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingReviews on Passion for PagesThis one was almost a DNF for me I gave up multiple times but even though I didn’t enjoy the book there was something that always pulled me back It kind of felt like sleeping with someone you didn’t like You have no idea why you’re doing it because you know you’ll regret it in the morning but you don’t really care in that moment That’s what this book was A book I didn’t even like but one I couldn’t stop readingSexting is a big thing with a lot of couples—and non couples And it’s never really been the center topic in a novel before I was intrigued My curiosity once again got the best of me and in the end I felt like I needed a shower to wash off all the creepiness of this book Let me make it clear I knew that I was getting a book that featured sexual content blah blah blah I like those kinds of books I enjoy those kinds of books This while it had sexual content in although it really wasn’t as

  • Shepley

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingRating 360NEW REVIEW Ok I must admit my first go at reading this book I was overly tired and had no patients I'm glad I came back to this book and finished reading it Although it was busy and confusing at first it gradually got better The I read the I could see how the mini stories connected with the the main story I did enjoy this book although it's not like anything I've read before I'm used to one on one romance books This book had a little bit of everything and wasn't focused solely on the romance but that didn't take away from the story it added to it I wouldn't say this is a favorite of mine and that has to do with my own personal preference in the type of books I like I did enjoy the authors writing style though I liked the way the author could write a awkward conversation

  • Lindea

    PDF ¶ BOOK Sexting SextingI am not uite sure what to say about this book When I started out reading it the prologue I was annoyed with the “chate mail” messages was portrayed especially for Cindy But her bad writing was later explained by the Narrator Michael That aside I think the pr