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review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 ✓ [Reading] ➳ LOVE THUG ➻ Daniel Berenson – Billy Cantrell is an honor student say in the 8th or 9th grade and he has a big problem He has fallen madly in love with the hottest babe in his classSo what's the problem with that Well she already h Billy Cantrell is an honor student say in the th or[Reading] LOVE THUG Daniel Berenson Tushna Billy Cantrell is an honor student say in the 8th or 9th grade and he has a big problem He has fallen madly in love with the hottest babe in his classSo what's the problem with that Well she already h Billy Cantrell is an honor student say in the th or th grade and he has a big problem He has fallen madly in love with the hottes.

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T babe in his classSo what's the problem with that Well she already has a boyfriend who happens to be a low achieving dude with a totally crude 'tude in other words the exact opposite of BillyWhat's a guy like Billy to do Well he's going to do a major makeover that's what No Mr Nice Guy No trying to please his teachers or parents To win the girl of his dreams Billy will turn himself into a LOVE THUG The.

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LOVE THUGN he'll have to outduel his main competition in a real life punkathon to see who ends up as the new King of the HillWanna take bets on who's gonna win the girlLOVE THUG is a adolescent comedy full of love romance heartache and pain Anyone who's ever been stupid in love will identify with this story of kids doing what they do best following their dream no matter where it takes them no matter what the cost..

review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 my first dance video with my partnerillustrator Maureen Dunlap Uniue I hope so And there are videos to come to be sure along with many booksOh yes the books Well there's a story I'm a long time teacher now retired Twenty five years ago I spent a year teaching in England as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher There must have been something in the water in Nottingham because when I returned I started expelling books for kids teenagers and maturity challenged adults at a prodigious rate The school system printed out copies of my seven books and they were checked out than any other books in the library The response was unbelievable Newspaper articles came out This is easy I thoughtWrong All this time later and after five literary agents I never got published Very close several times but ah time for a new strategy I'm now releasing my books in digital editions at the major e retailers I have four so far Stories Guaranteed to Make You Sick for kids who don't like to read ie boys Firebug an intense literary novel about adolescent firebugs and burn victims The Classic Book of Moose Jokes for Kids Yes I invented the genre The Classic Book of Moose Jokes for Adults Just as silly as the kids' jokes but spoofing history literature art etcAnd coming this summer Love Thug unreuited teenage love at its most desperateExtensive previews of all my books up to % of each can be found at.

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  • Ms. Yingling

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGBilly is completely enad of the lovely Veronica who is permanently glued to the side of Lester a ne'er to well middle schooler who smokes and is con

  • Nancy Silk

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGHow Not To Try to Win Over A GirlfriendThis is a very funny young adult novel perhaps for ages 10 12 This novel is simply written and just the right length for a youngster to read I'm not a youngster and I found it hilarious as Bill Cantrell who always does the correct things in his life feels he needs to make himself different to get the girl he sighs over As Billy boards the morning school bus and sits with his friend Kevin he seriously tells him Kevin I'm gonna do it today He is determined to impress the girl Veronica Labelle that he was not a nerd but the school's baddest dude But rig

  • Sean Endress

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGFull disclosure I was gifted a copy of this book for review purposes All of the opinions below are entirely my own This was taken from my com reviewJumping right into the story Berenson kicks the story off with clever dialogue and doesn't let up through the whole book Following Billy through his hilariously doomed efforts was a joy and the supporting cast was generally delightful It's definitely aimed at kids I think teens might be a stretch it is certainly confined to younger teens and preteens but for the appropriate audience it will bring laughs aplenty Love Thug is not a long book by any means but the pacing is generally snappy and will keep kids reading along for a satisfying rideA significant departure from Berenson's ASINB00APO9KD4 FIREBUG a emotive and t

  • Teresa

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGAnother winner from BerensonBilly the main character falls hard for the hottest girl in middle school But she's already got a dude and he is the school thug So Billy devises a plan to become the baddest dude in school and catch her eye and her heart in the processsigh Who hasn't been there Middle schooland you want to be cool You want to fit in You want to be popular And there's so much pressure to do all those things Add to that the yearnings of preteen infatuation and what follows Really bad decisions can get madeBerenson infuses humor into his writing but at the same time approaches some really good life's lessons best learned young He touches on the themes of be yourself reputations and beauty really is only skin deepExcellent reading material for preteens

  • Diana

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGThe writing is smart and hilarious with some deeper meanings that come out well I thoroughly enjoyed the book and loved the ambitious drive of the main character Billy who desperately pursues a romantic relationship with school heart throb Veronica but she already has a boyfriend The story plot has a great universal hook in that most tween boys like girls Plus there's a great moral lesson to be learned from best friends Kevin and Laurie Mostly you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself and simply be you From love thug to love bug you'll enjoy this classic comic novella for kids I highly recommend this adolescent love story I guarantee it will give you a chuckle 55 stars

  • Mary

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGJust be yourselfLove Thug is a fun story for pre teens about a first love Billy wanted to impress Veronica so much he tried to imitate the boy that had already caught her attention After many failed attempts he realized he just can’t do itBerenson wrote for a pre teen audience I don’t see this as a book for older than fourth graders that is

  • Marisa

    review ↠ LOVE THUG 105 LOVE THUGThis book was awesome and had some amazing messages buried within its soul I definitely recommend this book to parents and their children