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REVIEW Get Shorty 107 ß ➜ [Epub] ❧ Get Shorty By Elmore Leonard ➦ – Mob connected loan shark Chili Palmer is sick of the Miami grind—plus his “friends” have a bad habit of dying there So when he chases a deadbeat client out to Hollywood Chili figures he might li Mob connected loan shark Chili Palmer is sick of the Miami [Epub] Get Shorty By El Leonard Tushna Mob connected loan shark Chili Palmer is sick of the Miami grind—plus his “friends” have a bad habit of dying there So when he chases a deadbeat client out to Hollywood Chili fi.

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Gures he might li Mob connected loan shark Chili Palmer is sick of the Miami grind—plus his “friends” have a bad habit of dying there So when he chases a deadbeat client out to Hollywood Chili figures he might like to stay This town with its dream makers glitte.

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Get ShortyR hucksters and liars—plus gorgeous partially clad would be starlets everywhere you look—seems ideal for an enterprising criminal with a taste for the cinematic Besides Chili’s got an idea for a killer movie though it could very possibly kill him to get it made.

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  • Kemper

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyEl Leonard had a bad Hollywood experience in the mid ‘80s of working on a film adaptation of LaBrava with Dustin Hoffman Leonard d

  • Diane

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyThis novel was so much fun It's only the second El Leonard book I've read but already I'm a convertThe story is that Chili Palmer is a Miami loan shark who ends up in Los Angeles trying to track down a guy who owes him money Chili has always loved movies and while in LA he gets to know producer Harry Zimm and actress Karen Flores Chili has an idea for a movie based on his experiences as a shylock and a major star likes th

  • Joe Valdez

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyThe 28th novel by El Leonard is perhaps the one the author is best known Published in 1990 Get Shorty might be the book to turn the man on the street from asking El who to nodding his head and saying Oh El wrote that Yeah saw the movie He's good The movie is not only a stellar entertainment but ended a forty odd year dry spell in which Hollywood seemed unable or unwilling to balance the explosiveness of Leonard's violence with the sweetness of his characters and their casual often hilarious dialogue A Leonard revival followed with Jackie Brown and Out of Sight on film and Karen Sisco and Justified on TVThe 1995 film version of Get Shorty hovers over the source material like an atmospheric disturbance in the Gulf and while far from reinventing the book most of the characters much of the story a lot of the dialogue and all of the spirit are the same screenwriter Scott Frank producers Michael Shamberg St

  • Fabian

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyThe plot is both simplish absurd the showcase in this baby is truly its array of characters Without so much description of their personas as actual lines of dialogue that exposes them richly Leonard pretty much knew this one had Hollywood adaptation written all over it Heck the novel is all about Hollywood adaptations So although plenty of the circumstances that ricochet all over the thematic fabric seem laughable flighty in the book the inhabitants and their zippy sarcastic semiShakespearean lines make it an undoubted and resounding success Also I must mention that not in a long while in my most recent memory had I thought Damn it if this novel couldn't've been several a good deal several pages longer

  • Jamie

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyWeek before last I took a trip by myself It’s one of my favorite things to do to disappear off the grid to land up someplace in a slightly sketchy; always slightly sketchy motel It’s not so much a vacation from anything as it is just a change of sceneryOne of the rules and it hasn’t failed yet is to make as many new friends as possible I can do this on trips because there’s so much wide open space of solitude that it’s hardly an intrusion I’ll talk to anyone I’ll talk to a lamppostThis time it was the beach I made friends with the staff at this cheap old motel to the point where they were letting me have late breakfasts and a free ‘suite’ I paid for a double and they gave me a king and the run of the pool after closing where I could swim all night if I wanted I knew their kids’ names and grandkids’ names I knew everyone in housekeeping I was ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’ in the inviolable rule of southern hospitalitySo yes this book was cover

  • Book Concierge

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyAdapted from the book jacket A novel that proves the successful crook has all the job skills reuired to make it in Hollywood The book follows Chili Palmer a Miami loan shark with a talent for making a slow pay come across by saying just three words Chili’s pursuit of a mark who’s behind in his payments takes him first to Las Vegas and then to Hollywood and horror film producer Harry Zimm My reactionsThis was just plain fun I’d never seen the movie starring John Travolta as Chili and Gene Hackman as Harry so had no real idea what to expect other than a wild ride And Leonard definitely delivers on the “wild ride” promise There are subplots that you can shake a stick at

  • aPriL does feral sometimes

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get Shorty HahahahahahahahahahahahahaahemOk I have myself under control I can do this‘Get Shorty’ by El Leonard could be arguably the author’s finest work Not only is it very meta being a fictional story written about a fictional story about writing a fictional story it has an amusing

  • Rob

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyWhat a read It's so funny I thought my pants would never dryThe main character Chili Palmer is just so cool Chili a small time loan shark get by by impling violence to non paying customers The threats are always delivered with Chili's own brand of dry humorDid you know it was Chili who first said these immortal words look at me This is about Hollywood meets the Mob Chili goes to Hollywood chasing a guy who owes him money Along the way Chili meets some low level movie types and decides the movie life might be the go for him Before long Chili goes into the movie business and the film producers all want to be mobsters It's a farce but what an entertaining farce it isDuring his life El Leonard was long associated with the movie industry and had some s

  • Elizabeth (Alaska)

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyI would call this spoof noir It has all the noir elements you'd find in a Raymond Chandler novel but not only none of the darkness but humor enough for smiles throughout Chili Palmer is not your stereotypical loan shark Collecting is just business Hurting people who don't pay shouldn't be necessary when all you have to do is look at them with that certain lookNeither is this any sort of stereotypical crime novel Which are the good guys and which the bad isn't as obvious as it should be Or at least it isn't as obvious when they are introduced and then well maybe But then maybe being a shylock isn't the only job in the worldThis was just too fun Pulp fiction that is so much better than pulp fiction It's a 4 plus or a 5 minus Because of its genre I can't uite bring myself to give it 5 stars I think others might though because yes it's fun

  • S.P. Aruna

    REVIEW Get Shorty 107 Get ShortyI love just about all the books this guy has ever written His characters are uirky and colorful his plots always a bit offbeat And this story of a small time hood trying to break into the movie business as a producer is no exception El leonard is considered a crime writer yet his characters are rarely if ever detectives policemen or private eyes Now that's a challenge He is definitely a one of a kind authorIt's no wonder that Hollywood has made so many movies out of his books