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review My Love My Enemy 103 ô ➦ [Ebook] ➡ My Love My Enemy By Jan Cox Speas ➱ – Played against the exciting background of the War of 1812 My Love My Enemy ranges in colorful setting from Annapolis and Washington to Bermuda Europe and the high seasand has for its central character Played against the exciting background of [Ebook] My Love My Enemy By Jan Cox Speas Tushna Played against the exciting background of the War of 1812 My Love My Enemy ranges in colorful setting from Annapolis and Washington to Bermuda Europe and the high seasand has for its central character Played against the exciting background of the War of My Love My Enemy ranges in colorful setting from Annapolis and Washington to Bermuda Europe and the high seasand has for its cen.

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Tral character a most appealing and impulsive heroineThe trouble started with Page Bradley's determination to risk the British blockade and steal a ride aboard her father's boat to Annapolis Once in town she could hardly have stood uietly by while a mob of angry seamen prepared to lynch the handsome young Englishman It was only natural My Love ePUB to intervene claiming the stranger as an expected guest of her fatherPerhaps all still would have bee.

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My Love My EnemyN well if on its return home the Bradley sloop had not been captured by a British frigate It was small consolation then for Page to learn that the man she had rescued was not only a nobleman Lord Hazard but a possible English spyIn the following months Page than satisfied her taste for adventure When she finally found herself trapped aboard a warlike vessel bound for a distant foreign shore and in love with one of the enemy she had ample reason to regret her recklessness.

review My Love My Enemy 103 hereJan Cox Speas was born November in Raleigh North Carolina She attended the Women’s College of the University of North Carolina women could not go to UNC Chapel Hill until junior year from where she studied creative writing under Hiram Hayden UNC had a special association with Jan's family her mother Francis Howard Cox who had studied as a high schooler at home in tiny Richlands NC was the first in the family to come to the college taking the train in to Greensboro My Love ePUB ✓ to study to be a teacher and years later Jan’s daughter Cindy attended UNC Chapel Hill in the first year freshmen women were allowed to enrollNear the end of the war Jan met and married John Speas on his return from the European theater Their first child Cindy was born in right after John graduated from Colorado State UniversityAfter several years of traveling the Speas family settled back in Greensboro in to be near Jan’s mother who suffered from chronic ill health During that time Jan wrote multiple short stories for the widely read “slick” magazine market including The Post Ladies Home Journal McCall’s Cosmopolitan and othersCindy Speas recalls “Mom learned to write from reading and that's what we did as a family every night” Jan's favorite authors included Daphne DuMaurier Mary Stewart Nevil Shute Elswyth Thane Inglis Fletcher Helen MacInnis Elisabeth Ogilvie Elizabeth Goudge Dorothy Sayer and Josephine Tey “But the most fun Mom and I had” Cindy confesses “was with Georgette Heyer's Regency romances we collected all of the original hardbacks”Jan's own first novel Bride of the McHugh was published the same month her second child Greg was born in The Indiana firm Bobbs Merrill where her UNC mentor Hiram Hayden was an editor was the publisher She published two historical novels My Lord Monleigh in and My Love My Enemy in before going back to graduate school in where she received her Master of Fine Arts under southern poet Randall Jarrell at UNC Greensboro writing The Growing Season as her thesis The Growing Season published in was the first thesis accepted in non standard thesis form for the university library and is still on their shelves as the actual published book UNC Greensboro also holds the original manuscript of Bride of the MacHughJan went on to teach English and creative writing as well as American literature and poetry at Guilford College in Greensboro Her favorite poets were TS Elliott and Robert Frost Sadly she died of a heart attack in late October while on the west coast visiting her brother who was dying from a brain tumor a double tragedy for their mother “None of us expected it” says Cindy “It was a huge personal loss but also a loss to all her fans”At the time of her death Jan was working on a novel that remains unfinished.

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    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyInstagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestMy favorite type of book to review is vintage romance novels And since a lot of these babies are being re released on Kindle what used to be a frustrating and time consuming hobby has been made vastly easier Take MY LOVE MY ENEMY by Jan Cox Speas a classic romance that until just a few years ago used to be out of print Copies were expensive Tears of frustration were shed Then Sourcebooks Casablanca said I got you boo and suddenly we were all back in business for the small price of ninety nine centsMY LOVE MY ENEMY is set during the War of 1812 Our heroine is named Page and she is kind of an idiot in the way that only teenagers can be idiots The British are blockading the bay and she decides to hop aboard a ship and go shopping Things happen and she ends up saving a British man from being lynched

  • Naksed

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyThere is no uestion that Jan Cox Speas is an exuisite writer who can deliver a perfect historical setting in this case the War of 1812 between England and America as well as memorable characters Her Lord Hazard is the stuff that dreams are made of There was in truth much that was extraordinary about him even at the most conventional moments Now his face running with rain and very dark against the white shirt plastered wetly to his wide shoulders hands on his hips as he laughed down at her he had an undeniably rakish air he looked a pirate who needed only a knife at his belt and a

  • Karla

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My Enemy My Love My Enemy; orThe Most Boring Full of Geographical Tangents Round Trip Boat Ride To Annapolis Maryland In the History of EverThe sea battle at the one third point was the most exciting part The romance was subtle no doubt but so was the one in My Lord Monleigh and that one was 5 stars and full of awesome I don't know what the deal was with this Dull boring excruciatingly tedious

  • Becky

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyJust loveeeerrrlyBeautifully written Extensively researched Carefully plottedVery impressed DI tip my hat to you Mrs Speas because you deserve it I'm going to be searching for the rest of her work immediately without delay I can't think of a complaint right now So I won't

  • Angelc

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyFans of adventure on the high seas are going to love this one The romance is overshadowed just a bit by the adventure but the snippets we get of the romance are uite good Sometimes I wanted of the romance or social interaction of all of the great characters instead of discussion of war strategies though Considering the book was originally written in 1961 I didn't feel like the book seemed dated at all I was worried that there were going to be some gender issues or that the hero was going to be all overbearing alpha male but I'm guessing that trend didn't start until the 70s because Hazard was a great guy and I can definitely see how Page fell in love with himAll of the characters were very relateable and well written I loved Hazard's dual sides as both an English gentleman and a 'pirate' The secondary characters were fun addition s to the story and I liked how the author tied up the ending for everyone invo

  • Regan Walker

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My Enemy4 and 12 Stars A Lighter One by This Great Authoras she brings the War of 1812 to lifeSet in 1813 in Balti London France and in the Atlantic this is the story of an American girl and a British viscount It is one of the wonderful historic

  • Atunah

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyThis was just so fantastic that I'll never have the words to do it justice Everything about it was great It all starts when a young woman from Annapolis in Chesapeake sneaks on board of her fathers boat captained by their scottish helper She just wants to spend her birthday money and buy some frippery in town It is the war of 1812 and the British have a blockade in the Bay so

  • Linda Banche

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemySet during the War of 1812 MY LOVE MY ENEMY by Jan Cox Speas is a story of conflicting loyalties and how the fate of individuals can diverge from the fate of nations Ranging from America to Bermuda France and England the story is a cornucopia of historical detail interwoven with a fast paced adventure story and of course romanceIn 1813 Annapolis Maryland Page saves suspected British spy Joss from hanging by Americans furious at the encroachments of the occupying British As they sail back to her father's house the British capture them Page now a prisoner is forced to

  • Staci

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyMy ThoughtsFirst off I want to say Do Not Judge a Book By Its Cover This one screams bodice ripper and a mindless plot line but it couldn't be further from the truth I wasn't sure what to expect when I was offered this title for review but I'm always willing to try anything once and figured I had nothing to lose by reading My Love My Enemy Can I just say that I was really pleased with the entire story This was a fun way to spend an afternoon I really loved the characters that the author brought to life and she captured the time period wonderfully Her descriptions of the dress countries ships war and scenery were fantastic and brought this story alive before my eyes What I found to be the most refreshing part was the fact that there was very little physical romance I loved that The author created a relationship gasp can you believe that the characters actually got to know each other and they didn't have to have sex to accomplish this goal that was

  • Black Bones

    review My Love My Enemy 103 My Love My EnemyPredictable ending and not so fascinating plothaving many fillers in storyPatriarchymen do important business while women should sit back and watchand those are the gist of this bookThe characters don't have any weak points they're just perfect sometimes too perfectI also don't like how it wants to convey that joining in a damn war is honorable and every man's duty Reading those gibberish I reminded myself that Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen is indeed right