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FREE READ µ Gilliflowers Ó [Download] ✤ Gilliflowers By Gillibran Brown – Fasten your seat belts for another round of domestic adventures with houseboy Gillibran BrownIn his own words ‘think of me as a gay male version of Flora Thompson writing not so much about Larkrise Fasten your seat belts for another round of domestic a[Download] Gilliflowers By Gillibran Brown Tushna Fasten your seat belts for another round of domestic adventures with houseboy Gillibran BrownIn his own words ‘think of me as a gay male version of Flora Thompson writing not so mu.

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T Time The BBC will never commission it as a series but there you go it’s their loss’Gilli talks and uips us through another year of life with his beloved dictators Dick and Shane In many respects it's a tough old year and Gilli has a lot to adapt to..


GilliflowersCh about Larkrise Fasten your seat belts for another round of domestic adventures with houseboy Gillibran BrownIn his own words ‘think of me as a gay male version of Flora Thompson writing not so much about Larkrise to Candleford as Arsehole to Breakfas.

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  • Macky

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersSo I've finally finished Book 4 and up to now the last in the series of Gillibran Brown houseboy and lover to his Two daddies Shane and Dick Has this been the easiest of series to read not always but its certainly been one of my top favourites playing havoc with each and every emotion possibleGilli has been the magnet that has drawn me back each time His voice is the sole POV and he's had me lmfao one minute and crying my eyes out the nex

  • Kaje Harper

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersReading Gilli's books is like spending time with a hyper needy friend fun amusing a little exhausting and a great way to wile away an afternoon or two Gilli is emotional bright snarky somewhat self centered and feels so young The episodes he chooses to spend time writing usually reflect the moments of conflict in his household often times he provoked by pushing his boundaries in search of attention and understanding They make me ache for the restlessness and insecurity he projects while at

  • Vivian

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersHeartbreak aggravation and serenity this is what you'll experienceThis is my favorite of the series While there are funnier ones this one finally pulls the story of how Shane Dick and Gilli live and love together in a way that makes sense Maybe it's because Gilli was so young in the other stories or perhaps it just takes time for the three of them to adjust and feel comfortable in their place but up until this one I didn't think their relationship was going to workThe success was predicated on two events Gilli accepting his medical condition and both Dick and Shane demon

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersSpending some time with Gilli is like comfort reading for me I feel like I know him on a deep intimate level It feels familiar and it is very easy to become wrapped up in Gilli's life I love the dynamic between Gilli and his daddies I like Gilli always want out of Shane but I see what Gilli gets out of that relationship Dick is just perfection I honestly could go on all day about the psychology and the subtle interplay between the three men but that would bore everyone except for the hardcore Gilli fans Me Me I can't wait for the next Gilli book to come out I know I can visit his blog but that just feels like cheating to me I'll try to be patient and wait for Gilli to gift us with another piece of his fascinating life

  • Fangtasia

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersYay Another installment of Gilli's story with Dick and Shane can't wait to read it I didn't know this was out or even planned Love this kind of surprise 7 October 2012 Finished and I'm glad and sad Glad I read it I didn't know how much I'd missed Gilli's voice Sad because it's over will probably read all the books again just for Gilli's company and inimitable voice And the fact these books can have me laughing until tears run down my face then again crying for real all within a few pages GeniusThis installment is excellent shows growth in the characters and the relationship in so many ways Gi

  • Mercedes

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersDear GilliPlease let me first start by asking you to please don't stop Please don't let this be your last book I know I am not the only one who wishes to continue reading your mad adventuresGilli's life story continues Who could have guessed the life of a

  • Danni

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersI've come to the conclusion that it would be impossible for anything written by the adorable Gilli not to end up on my 6 star flipping fantastics shelfYes the books are laugh out

  • Susan

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersI always seem to be waiting for a new Houseboy book to arrive and desperate to read them as soon as they do This one didn't disappoint at all Gilli continues to be his own worst enemy and some necessary changes in his life mean he has than his fair share of sulks and tantrums during the course of the book Some of his worst decisions had me laughing so hard I nearly cried Shane is

  • Josephine Myles

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersI love Gilli and his annoyingly endearing ways This latest year of his diaries focuses on how he deals with the alcohol ban Dick and Shane impose on him Despite it being a proven tri

  • Maggie Simms

    FREE READ µ Gilliflowers GilliflowersWarning Might be spoilerishPoor Gilli This sure was a trying year for this lovely houseboy There were ups and downs in this one than a Six Flags rollercoaster Shane grew on me a bit on this one He is still very much Pappa Bear laying down the law But he has some very tender moments with Gilli He is also very protective of him This book made me shed tears as well as laughter I really dislike Penny The woman is just vile The things that she says to Gilli are just pure evil meant to inflict hurt and pain The incident at her house during eastern was just horrible for Gilli It just makes me wonder over and over how do his other two lovers not see the way that he is treated I keep reminding me that this is all from Gilli’s perspective only I appreciated Shane’s words in the sense of not keeping Gilli as ‘their dirty little secret’ but still The response these two always have for Gilli for awkward family and social situations is just to ‘suck it u