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SUMMARY The Westies 109 º ➽ [Download] ✤ The Westies By T.J. English ➲ – Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereEven among the Mob the Westies were feared Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs James Coonan and Micke Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition[Download] The Westies By T.J. English Tushna Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereEven among the Mob the Westies were feared Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs James Coonan and Micke Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition.

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Ning loansharking and drug peddling Upping the ante on depravity their specialty was execution by dismemberment Though never numbering than a dozen members their reign lasted for almost twenty years until their own violent natures got the best of them precipitating a downfall that would become as infamous as their notorious ascension into the annals of crim.

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The WestiesOf this book hereEven among the Mob The Westies were feared Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs James Coonan and Mickey Featherstone the gang rose out of the inferno of Hell's Kitchen a decaying tenderloin slice of New York City's West Side They became the most notorious gang in the history of organized crime excelling in extortion numbers run.

SUMMARY The Westies 109 TJ English is an author journalist and screenwriter with an emphasis on organized crime the criminal underworld and the criminal justice system Many of his books have been New York Times bestsellers including THE SAVAGE CITY HAVANA NOCTURNE PADDY WHACKED and WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED In a collection of his journalism was published under the title WHITEY'S PAYBACK an anthology.

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  • Nancy Oakes

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesI first became interested in The Westies when I saw a program called True Crime on the History Channel That particular episode was about the Westies and I was somewhat glued to my television which is very rare usually I don't even turn the thing on any But this particular episode's story was so intriguing that I felt I had to know so I bought the book The Westies was gang that had as its home New York's Hell's Kitchen home to many Irish American immigrants and also controlled by a series of Irish organized crime gangs Traditionally these gangs followed certain codes of respect and deference but as the author notes it seems that after Vietnam with the rise of a new generation the old ways sort of went out the door and violence was the rule of the day Enter young Jimmie Coonan a local boy hotheaded and dangerous with vengeful ambitions to take out the

  • Kevin

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesI purchased this one on a Kindle daily deal and I think I got burned My enthusiasm when I started was pretty high and then just a few pages in it began to fall and continued falling until the very end when I just kind of flipped through the epilogueMy disappointment sprang from a misunderstanding I thought this was a work of non fiction I was expecting to read some fairly dry but interesting text about the Westies maybe some good direct uotes brought up during proceedings etc Instead I got fictionalized passages all emotioned up stuffed with slang and filtered through the author's idea of what these people were truly like and who were the true good guysA uoteAs his tour of duty wore on Featherstone's sense of guilt and displacement deepened He drank almost every day Sometimes he would get so fucked up he would have blackouts

  • Patrick O&

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesNew York Hell's Kitchen Irish Mob murder mayhem extortion drug abuse sociopaths and body dismemberment what's not to like

  • Hans Brienesse

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesRegardless of what some of the reviewers have written I found this to be a thoroughly riveting book putting into good honest prose something which has in the past been sensationalised on celluloid and pulp type detective novels Nowhere do we find the kind compassionate killer who cold bloodedly shoots his victim cleanly then puts his gloves on and calmly walks away Rather we find a desperate ruthlessness born of the environment of disadvantaged childhoods in an urban setting characterised by violence honour and misguided loyalties Some were cold blooded enough to kill and dispose of their victims in a particularly ghoulish way but some were caught in that endless cycle of kill or be killed Never has the te

  • Tamara Niemi

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesGrowing up hearing stories of Coonan and Spillane's conflict and the crazy days of Hell's Kitchen this was a great book to find some well researched details on the legends I have often heard It felt like the kind of book it is a story pulled together from records and court documents which don't always make for gripping reading There were uite a few parts that make me smirk or go ahhhh But not enough to recommend it to anyone who doesn't already have an active interest in the Irish mob in New York

  • Bookish

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesMy previous publishing job was headuartered just east of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City a midtown neighborhood west of Times Suare running all the way to the Hudson River I often walked home from work and my route took me through this storied location It’s gentrifying slowly now but it used to be legendarily rough The Westies tells a crime story set in the area during its last gasp as a scary place During the 1970s and 1980s Hell’s Kitchen was the home of a murderous drug dealing loansharking armed robbing kidnapping and racketeering gang called the Westies its members mostly Irish American They were beyond brutal They gained strength when they joined forces with the Gambino crime family After a ton of mayhem double crossing dismembering and the Westies were finally broken up and faced justice TJ English tells the whole amazing story T

  • Diane

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesThe Westies was the name given by the press and the police to a group of Irish mobsters working out of Hell's Kitchen from the late 60s to the late 80s Led by Jimmy Coonan this violent gang of psychopaths terrorized their small section of New York City leaving a trail of bodies behind Coonan started out by wanting revenge against gang leader Mickey Spillane not that Spillane who had pistol whipped Coonan's father The gang

  • Jevron McCrory

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The WestiesIf the story told in this historical novel is true and it's largely based on fact as I am led to believe this proves the ethos espoused by the mythical Keyser Soze in the movie The Usual Suspects You don't need money guns or even numbers you just need the will to do what the other guy won'tThe infamous Westies a name the media and police gave a gang of west Manhattan Hell's Ki

  • Robert

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The Westiesuick what ethnic group do you think of when you think organized crimeProbably the Italians whether fictional like Don Corleone or the Sopranos; or real ones like Al Capone John Gotti Sammy T

  • Matthew

    SUMMARY The Westies 109 The Westiesan interesting read really gets into the life of one of the nororious tough guys to come out of modern day hell's kitchen Francis 'Mickey' Featherstone It starts with a prologue AND A MAP and I can NOT stress this enough authors when you reference a specific geographic area over and over again with specific places PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include a map for my reference The prologue jumps you right to the end so you know where this moral tale ends up which might be helpful if you hadn't just read a history of Irish mobsters in America Paddy Whacked which dedicated a full chapter to the Westies I think TJ English does better with a singular focus as this book provides rather than his survey and Featherstone is than character enough to keep the reader entertained throughout