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❮PDF❯ ✬ Toms River ✪ Author Dan Fagin – Tushna-hram.ru For the readers of A Civil Action The Emperor of all Maladies and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Toms River melds hard hitting investigative reporting a ripping scientific detective story deep PDF Toms River Author Dan Fagin Tushna hramru For the readers of A Civil Action The Emperor of all Maladies and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Toms River melds hard hitting investigative reporting a ripping scientific detective story deep For the readers of A Civil Action The Emperor of all Maladies and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Toms River melds hard hitting investigative reporting a ripping scientific detective story deep historical research and an unforgettable cast of characters into a rive

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Y were wrong but that was only one of many surprises that would eventually come to light in Toms River culminating in with a record legal settlement believed to top million and an unprecedented government study confirming the existence of a long suspected cluster of childhood cancer linked to polluted water and air A detective story rooted in a scientific uest thousands of years old Toms River is a tale of dumpers at midnight and deceptions in broad daylight of corporate avarice and government neglect and of a few brave individuals who would not keep silent

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Toms RiverTing narrative that will leave readers asking could it happen in my town too?On a cool September day in an independent trucker with a history of legal scrapes flung open the double doors of his eighteen wheeler and began tossing leaky drums of industrial waste onto the sandy soil of a rundown chicken farm in Toms River New Jersey Eight years later a schoolteacher who lived four miles away gave birth to a boy whose cherubic smile belied the fast growing tumors that soon riddled his face and chest The doctors predicted he would not reach his first birthday The

PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE A science journalism professor at New York University Dan Fagin is a nationally prominent journalist on environmental health topics His new book Toms River A Story of Science and Salvation was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction It has been described as “a new classic of science reporting” The New York Times “a gripping environmental thriller” Kirkus Reviews starred r.

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  • Eileen

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverI have lived in Toms River twice – first while in high school from 1984 1989 and it is my current residence since 2000 When my family originally moved to New Jersey in 1984 we lived not too far from where the first break in the Ciba Giegy pipeline occurred The story Fagin tells is the background story of my high school and college years Many of the players he mentioned are real people to me Bill McVeigh was my history teacher in high school and the ex navy seal who owned a dive shop in town whose advice was sought after by the Greenpeace disrupters was the father of one of my brother's closest high school buddies While doing some student teaching in a Toms River elementary school located in the core zone there was a young girl in that class 6th grade class with leukemia – we knew people in town who had young kids with cancer The book doesn't say but Bill McVeigh the Toms River High School East history teacher who lived on Cardinal Drive which backed up to Ciba Giegy

  • Meredith

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverWhen I received this book I was not in the mood to read about chemical companies' complete disregard for anything but profits or pollution or cancer However it immediately drew me in and I read 134 pages in the first sitting I've also been compelled to tell everyone I'm in contact with about itFagin's writing and structuring is particularly effective in keeping the book lively and interesting and preventing it from becoming overwhelming He shifts between the specific history of Toms River of the plant its employees and the citizens and the history of industrial waste disposal environmental safeguards and the history of epidemiology cancer ca

  • Dianne

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverI wrote my review reflecting my intense response to this book I managed to lose it condensed versionDan Fagin has put together a history of the horrors and inhumanity of corporate greed and government lack of involvement His work is backed up by pages and pages of references at the end all of which point to the causes of the devastation of the families and the lethal pollution of the area in and around Toms River New Jersey His work is painfully eye opening and should be included as an educational tool in schoolsThe author started at the very beginning the 'creation' of a process using certain chemicals to make dye He follows and documents the trail of a large corporation as they use deceit to hide the environmental havoc they caused The government always seemed to be one step behind or not interestedinformed enlightened enough to get involvedWas this book wel

  • Jennifer

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverHaving grown up in the Toms River area I was a child when a lot of the whisperings of cancer cluster were first heard So I was extremely curious to find out Fagin does an excellent job of explaining how events unfolded and his particular writing style which included other illustrative historical accountings is effective in helping the layman understand the scientific process It's hard not to read something like this

  • Tom

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverA friend who teaches philosophy has a course in business ethics I thought this was an oxymoron until he explained that business ethics have a set of values to which corporations attempt to adhere Those values are simply put to maximize returns to investors Within such a framework when decisions need to be made the choice that maximizes profits will be taken Because corporations have the same rights as people some have compared their behavior to psychopathic personalitiesvoid of com

  • Lisa B.

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverWho knew a book about toxic waste dumping could be such a fascinating read?By the first 50 pages I had lost count of the number of times I said

  • Erica Deb

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverThis book was really good but there was so much information It was well written and I was excited to learn the history of chemical manufacturing and cancer research but it is nearly 500 pages and it started feeling like I was at a party trapped in a really long conversation I'm glad I read it and am shocked by what happened in my hometown but honestly it was a struggle to reach the end

  • Mike

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverToms River is essential reading for those who care about health the environment and the frustration and rights of those injured by industrial hubris As a professor of Environmental History I would consider this a book that is essential readingLike Love Canal and other incidents around the world Bhopal for instance which was caused by the same industry and same business we find the rights of the individual trampled in the rush for jobs and economic salvationOf course short term gains in economic growth and jobs is often offset by long term loss in this cas

  • Alison

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverI wanted to much to like this book and give it a higher review After all I grew up 30 miles south of Toms River so the events took place in my area of reference I am also very into clean air and water and get almost personally offended when I read about how callously we've treated the Earth and one another in pursuit of the almighty dollarI wanted to like this book but I just couldn't Dan Fagin certainly tried his best to tell the story as objectively and honestly as possible but the ending and overall resolution just felt like such a let down after investing so much time and effort into the narrative I understand that as a non fiction book the facts are the facts and that's it but at times Toms River A Small Town a Cancer Clust

  • Jeanette

    PDF ó BOOK Toms River FREE Toms RiverThis is length and depth The message is important But the means of telling this long and murky report is like a stream that has to traverse all 5 continents And the North PoleBecause this wasn't just a detailing for the dye works in Toms River but a history of testing the chemical components or derivatives all the legacybackground for the scientific methods for epidemiology not only for bacterial but for all kinds of mutative or parasitic health issues in populations as well You are not only getting the story of a pollution into ground water