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➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Atómstöðin By Halldór Laxness ➥ – Tushna-hram.ru When the Americans make an offer to buy land in Iceland to build a NATO airbase after the Second World War a storm of protest is provoked throughout the country Narrated by a country girl from the norKINDLE Atómstöðin By Halldór Laxness Tushna hramru When the Americans make an offer to buy land in Iceland to build a NATO airbase after the Second World War a storm of protest is provoked throughout the country Narrated by

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Ces after she takes up employment as a maid in the house of her Member of Parliament Her observations and experiences expose the bourgeois society of the south as rootless and shallow and in stark contrast to the age old culture of the solid and less fanciful nort

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AtómstöðinA country girl from the nor When the Americans make an offer to buy land in Iceland to build a NATO airbase after the Second World War a storm of protest is provoked throughout the country Narrated by a country girl from the north the novel follows her experien

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  • Warwick

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinPart political satire part town versus country lament and part Cold War curio The Atom Station is not an easy book for the modern reader to get a purchase on – subplots about Icelandic foreign policy and obscure rhetorical flourishes about bohemian ‘gods’ make the early parts of the novel an uphill battle and some strands just fail to connect Then again it's unlikely you'll have read anything uite like this for a whileThe plot is animated by Icelandic opposition to the establishment by a foreign power of an ‘atom station’ on Icelandic territory The English translation of this term is very unenlightening – what is an atómstöð anyway Michael Faber in his review for The Guardian assumes that it's a nuclear power station but that's surely not right – the impression is rather of an atomic military base; the US does in fact have a Navy

  • Meike

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinWell played Laxness We all thought this was a satire until Trump attempted to buy Greenland Written in 19461947 The Atom Station is a sh

  • Jan-Maat

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinA young woman comes down from the North to Reykjavik to work in a wealthy household The newly independent Icelandic Parliament is working towards committing itself to dependence on the USA by allowing them to build an atomic weapons base in the countryThe picture of the close interrelationship between political and economic power is seen from the point of view of the young woman who comes from a family whose existence is mathematically impossible and yet they survive

  • Malcolm

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinAlthough it is sixty years since it was written that Icelandic satire remains a potent tale of political and class absurdity Narrated by U

  • Philippe

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinThe Atom Station is a scathing satire of the political s in a very isolated society Laxness makes bitter fun of the upper classes' petit bourgeois snobbery the blatant opportunism and short termism of the country's leadership the backstage dealings the unhealthily close alliance between business and politics That was in the late 1940s Sixty years later Iceland does not seem to have been able to escape that predicament Laxness writes about the phony businesses with impressive front ends befudd

  • Shankar

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinI happened to find this in an unexpected place a bookstore in an airport The book is a translation which why I was attracted to it Also the fact that so many reviews spoke highly of Laxness It’s a serious book reuiring context of the country’s history But there are some great pieces of prose which sounded very philosophical and relevant The seuences are about how in some races in the world men don’t own the children they seed in their wives or significant other About drunkenness growing up and role of women in general Initially the story started well and I thought I was able to appreciate the translator’s interpretation of what Laxness may have meant Later I realised that while this was going on the story itself took a turn Laxness has a strange way of articulation Then again I guess driven by the Icelandic environment I did not know what to make of the story so rated a 3 star I think the author does a great job of bringing in snippets of life that make you stay th

  • Ryan

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinA mazing Icelandic Beat style meets the native heroic poetic Favorite uotes that aren't so odd you'll still understand themThat's just like you northerners to start talking to people said the cook when I returned to the kitchenRebellion stirred in me and I replied I am people We prised up one of the planks of the lid with a crowbar and I groped among the packing for the contents; and what did I pull out but a small tin about 200 grams in weight wrapped in semi transparent paper I recognized the merchandise uickly enough from my pantry work in the south Portuguese Sardines imported from America that fish which the papers said was the only fish which could scale the highest tariff walls in the world and yet be sold when ten years old at a thousand per cent profit in the greatest fish country in the world where even the dogs walk out and vomit at the mere mention of

  • Calzean

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinUgla is an uneducated but intelligent 20 year old from the North of Iceland She comes to Reykjavik to work as a maid in the house of her local Member of Parliament She is surprised to find herself in a home of a nice guy who becomes smitten by her but his wife lives in fear of Communism and their children are out of control newbie rich kids who drink fornicate and destroy public property with no fear of arrest She meets a cadre of strange friends who are a mix of philosophers a hustler musicians policemen a prostitute and idealistic communistsThe writing at times is uite strange but otherwise it paints a picture of Iceland in 19

  • Robin

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinBut it is always possible to kill someone said the god Brilliantine The other replied Yes if one has an atom bomb It is both intolerable and unseemly that a divine being like me Benjamin should not have an atom bomb while Du Pont has an atom bomb I shall now tell you what you ought to do said the organist and placed before him a plate containing a few curled up pastries and some broken biscuits You should compose a ballad about Du Pont and his atom bomb I know what I'm going to do said the god Brilliantine I'm going to divorce my wife and become a success I'm going to be a political figure I'm going to become a Minister and swear on oath; and get a decoration You two are slipping said the o

  • Carolyn

    ebook Ù Atómstöðin Ö AtómstöðinI loved every minute of this book with it's wonderful irony and humour Once again Laxness celebrates the wisdom of humble people as he did so well in The fish ca