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Er mother needed an expensive operation became a surrogate mother Now she's found out h The late Nancy Leeward has left each of her three god daughters a share of her estate Polly Johnson who because he.

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Contract BabyReading Contract Baby Author Lynne Graham Tushna The late Nancy Leeward has left each of her three god daughters a share of her estate Polly Johnson who because h.

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Contract Baby Author Lynne Graham – The late Nancy Leeward has left each of her three god daughters a share of her estate Polly Johnson who because her mother needed an expensive operation became a surrogate mother Now she's found out h The late Nancy LeewardR mother needed an expensive operation became a surrogate mother Now she's found out her baby's father is Raul Zaforteza Raul will do anything to keep his unborn child but will Polly give in to his desir.

READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby See this thread for information Lynne Graham was born on July of Irish Scottish parentage She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life She grew up in a seaside village with herbrother She learnt to read at the age of and haven't stopped since thenLynne first met her husband when she was At she wrote her firstbook but it was rejected everywhere Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University She started writing again when she was athome with her first child It took several attempts before she sold herfirst book in and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in thelocal newsagents has never been forgotten Now there are over million ofher books in print worldwideLynne always wanted a large family and has five children Her eldest and heronly natural child is and currently at university Her other fourchildren who are every bit as dear to her heart are adopted She has two year olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a and a year old adopted fromGuatemala In Lynne's home there is a rich and diverse cultural mix whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden which iswonderfully private The family has two pets Thomas a very large andaffectionate black cat bosses the dog and hunts rabbits The dog is Daisyan adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier who loves beingchased by the cat At night dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove Lynne loves gardening cooking collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

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  • Sophia Triad

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyThree girls inherit a share of their godmother's estate—if they marry within a year and remain married for six monthsSoon they

  • Jacqueline J

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyThis one was hard to get through and I might not have made it had I been in a different mood and had I not been trying to read this series The hero was a hideous asshat He humiliated the heroine over and over again I guess he was an angry boner man which useful term I learned from my GR friend willaful Boy was he ever pissed he wanted her The heroine was sweet and super naiveThe story was interesting and the conflict well developed and it made sense If you can get past or maybe you're in the mood for the spectacular asshattedness of the hero this might be the book for you I guess the four stars are because it was a pretty spectacular train wreck to watch

  • StMargarets

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyCute ending of the Husband Hunters series This heroine was on the TSL end of the spectrum however She became a surrogate mother in New York reneged on the contract after falling in love with the hero in Vermontwho was the father Knowing she'd never give up her baby she fled to England After having the baby in London she made a fuss about a marriage of convenience and was jealous of the stewardess on their flight to Venezuela Come to think about it maybe she wasn't TSL she was jet lagged Yes this is one of the stories where the change in scenery will give you whiplash as will the change in the volatile hero's moods He's cold Then he's approachable He walks out he wal

  • boogenhagen

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyRe Contract Baby Lynne Graham finishes off her Husband Hunters trilogy with a surrogate motherforced MOC bookThe h in this one is an extremely naive and conservatively raised unicorn groomer The H is the Latin Lady Lover Extraordinaire who wants an heir but is too busy sampling the lady buffet to settle with one womanWhen the h's mother becomes serio

  • Chitra *CJ*

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyContract Baby is the WONDERFULly shitty story of Raul and PollyLet's summarize this brain numbing saga Raul our hero the handsome playboy who dips his dick into anything blonde but wants no commitment Hires a woman after screening her anonymously to be a surrogate becauseaGood genes YOLObNo uggos needed cHe doesn't want to put no ring on it The h Polly accepts to provide her sick mother with better care The H then enters her life not telling her the truth making her fall for him all the while Treating her like a sister to whom he later confesses was attractedum WHAT The h finds out and runs away running away #1 followed by many The hero is a trillionaire with spies and PI's everywhere and finds herand t

  • Kalyee

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyI actually didn't have the same issues with this book that other reviewers had Sure Polly was a surrogate but view spoiler I completely understood why she backed out and fled Polly is a sheltered 21 year old who was brought up by a single father in a strict religious home She only became a surrogate to pay her mothers medical expenses and when she was evaluated for potential surrogacy the doctor didn't recommend her saying she was naive and didn't fully understand the emotional issues that would arise from giving up her child Then during her pregnancy she finds out the loving couple she thought her child was going to was a lie and that it's really the man she has spent weeks getting to know and falling in love with hide spoiler

  • Shallowreader VaVeros

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyThis is perhaps the most over the top convoluted plot with a batshit crazy jealous alphabrute hero a naive and ends up having a virgin birth heroine in a surrogacy gone wrong taking place on 3 continents the US for its crippling health care system the UK for its surrogacy laws and of course the Venezuelan stud farm as exotic setting I love this book muchly It is funny melodramatic and makes me shout at inanimate objects As a reader I put a lot of value on a book that can make me shout at the pages shout at the ridiculous ideas expressed in the book yet stay with the book and read it all the way through because somehow the author writes a story that carries you along on the sea of crazy and hope that the outcome is not what you think it will be I adore Lynne Graham She is genius

  • Cherise

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyDon't like this one The h just got on my nerves with her childishness If not for the fact that for some obscure reason the H actually fell for her it will be a total disaster Like the H accused she practically used the baby to blackmail him into marrying her and then use sex to trade for his fidelity The very fact that she ran off and broke the contract after reaping all the benefits without a thought gave me a very bad vibe compound to that she just refused all t

  • Chi

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyGah What is wrong with me Polly was very much like a doormat for a good portion of the book and pretty much let Raul override her every desire seriously The guy buys her a new wardrobe without consulting her tells her that they're going to A B and C and expects her to jump It's one thing to be utterly in love with someone and another to willingly do everything someone tells you without any uestionAnd RAUL Good grief If I thought she was waspish he was nasty and awful to her The stuff he pulled out about her made my head swimAnd yet I really liked the book Stupid but I really really enjoyed the ride I loved and hated in eual parts how utterly weak and forgiving Polly was when it came to Raul And I loved how Raul slowly came to terms with his feelings for her taking it beyond just showering her in gifts The OW just annoyed me no end but I did like th

  • Tali

    READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Contract Baby Contract BabyThis is fairly standard for a Mills and Boon albeit with a surrogacy thrown in for a bit of drama That's actually the most interesting part of the story but pretty uickly once the baby's born the focus turns back to the ex mistresses and jealousy that you'd expect It's uite a sweet romance though mainly because neither of the protagonists are bad people just ones who make uestionable decisions so I enjoyed reading about their developing relationship Not particularly exciting but a nice romantic read for a rainy Saturday 3 stars