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The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 ä [BOOKS] ✮ The Art of Deceit By Fabiola Joseph – Sex drugs lies and video tape all dwell in the shadows of hip hop A world that is glamorous and alluring can blind its participants to certain truths This euphoric illusion which is full of money wome Sex drugs lies and video tape all dwe[BOOKS] The Art of Deceit By Fabiola Joseph Tushna Sex drugs lies and video tape all dwell in the shadows of hip hop A world that is glamorous and alluring can blind its participants to certain truths This euphoric illusion which is full of money wome Sex drugs lies and video tape all dwell in the shadows of hip hop A world that is glamorous and alluring can blind its participants to certain truths This euphoric illusion which is full of money women and power can also be deceiving You start to believe that the fame will last forever That the people around you are really your friends and that the scandalous The Art PDF or woman at your side really loves you for the.

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T her spell she is sure to bring any man or woman down to their knees She rules with a blackened heart and shows no mercy to people like Shamika the spiteful girlfriend of eually talented but not as successful rapper Black Dialect Tangie will stop at nothing to secure her lifestyle even if that means shaking hands with a record label owner who Tay’von has proclaimed a sworn enemy Carmello wants Tay’von to sign to his record label and Tangie wants revenge Together they hatch a plan that will give them both what they want What will happen when Tay’von his bodyguard the sexy RB tour mate Amira and Carmello all fall under Tangie’s spell Death Debauchery and Deceit now if only everything would go as planned..

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The Art of DeceitPerson that you are Stardom can become dangerous for the naïve souls who rise to success without armor Tangie who has mastered The Art of Deceit slithers her way into the heart of many and into the wallets of even her latest victim being Hip Hop’s newest sensation Tay’von Too Fine Miller Tay’von is told by his record label that he needs a better looking woman on his arm because the public will deem his plus size girlfriend unbefitting for a rising star So he pulls Tangie into his world hoping to use her for her looks only to get rid of her when he is done But he has highly underestimated her Her charm is hypnotic that of a snake charmer and as strong as the magic from a voodoo priest Once she has cas.

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  • Arielle Crowell

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitPerhaps I missed something or my copy of the book was not the same as everyone elses I do not understand how this book got so many five star ratings I am still tryi

  • OOSA

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitSnake PitTangie is a woman on a mission She knows what she wants and goes after it She's also one that shouldn't be crossed She stays ahead of the game and never allows anyone to see her sweat The hip hop industry can be treacherous If one is not careful they could lose it all in an instant Tay' Von Carl Amira and Carmello all have one thing in common they fall hard for Tangie Who loses what I rate Fabiola Joseph’s “The Art of Deceit” 3 stars because it started out a little slow and didn’t hold my attention After a few chapters however it did pick up The only way I can describe this book is RAW Everything is in your face There were times when I thought the sex was a little over the top The twists will keep you on the edge of your seat F

  • Ericka

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitSneaky money grubbing low down deceitful cold hearted Those are the very words to come to mind when describing the main character in this very well thought out story Readers meet Tangie a young beautiful female on the come up she went from rump shaking in music videos to marrying one of the hottest rappers on the scene Mr Tayvon Too Fine It's a wonder how the wedding even took place considering he found out the she was also sleeping with the hottest female RB singer on the map Good thing he didn't find out she was also sleeping with his bodyguard and one of his rivalsWhen it came to getting something Tangie wanted or wanted done she had no problem using sex as her weapon Please don't dare to cross this snake or you will get bitte

  • African Americans on the Move Book Club

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitThe Art Of Deceit takes a behind the scenes look at the world of hip hop through the eyes of Tangie a video vixen turned opportunist Tangie has set her sights on the man of the hour hip hop phenomenon Tay’von Too Fine Miller and stops at nothing to win his heart and all the money that comes along with it Tangie uses her feminine wiles to entice Tay’von and his entire entourage skillfully using what she has to get what she wants When the threat of exposure at the hands of Shamika the girlfriend of Tay’von’s label mate Black Dialect jeopardizes her goal Tangie uses sex deception lies and videotape to try to discredit Shamika’s allegations—even if it means ending Black Dialect’s career In the end Tangie achieves what she sets out to accomplish and

  • L.D. Hardy

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitFreshman author Fabiola Joseph has penned a stellar work She takes you through the ins and out of a celebrity hip hop world that few get to bear witness to but most are intrigued byThe main character Tangie is a woman on a mission as she uses her beauty charisma street smarts and sexuality all for evil She even said herself that she is a snake She is the character that you love to hate as she weaves her web ensnaring not so innocent victims along the way That is the part that leaves me not really being too mad at all her treacherous pursuits at the end of the day becau

  • Olivia

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitI'm not going to discuss the men in this book because simply stated their actionsreactions are based on physical attraction and their penises The prime example is Tay's telling Tangie that she's just a star fucker He knows this about her but his attraction to her and his enthrallment with her sexual prowess override this He tells his bodyguard She got a nigga hooked and there's nothing that I could do about it Well there is something he could do about it walk the other wayBut I digressI've read books before where a character did or said something that was so overboard it made the character ridiculous That's not the case here The characters in this book are very well developed and realistic Their words and actions are consistent and in sync with the characterization the author has set out to show the reader The women characters in this book intrigued meTangieThe main character set off a rollercoaster of emotions for me1 Admiration She's a go getter who lets noth

  • Sistar Tea

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitSleeping With The Enemy This is my first read by Ms Joseph and I will take a chance on her again I was not crazy about this book There were too many stereotypical characters and plots all jammed into the book to give the reader shock value This did not work well for me The book dragged as I had to read through sex act after sex act With the amount of sex it has this book should be classified as porn I think it even surpasses the term Erotica The usual suspects are here The Gold digg

  • Locksie

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitVixenThe world of music videos is one of fame sex money and glamour Tangie is the latest video vixen who is sexy alluring and very good at what she does What people don’t know is that Tangie as we know her is a work in progress She does not aspire to be just another “flavor of the month“ Oh no Ms Tangie is hard core and will do whatever it takes to make what she wants a reality Know how to play the game or get out of her way As for love Well that has not even been factored into Tangie’s plans But sometimes what we dream plan and hope for does not always come to us the way we had planned Step to the forefront Mr Tay’von Mille

  • Norlita Brown

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitFabiola Joseph brings to readers urban street literature and erotica in perfect harmony Her work demands the attention of the reader from the very first word refusing to let your mind rest until you have read it in completion Once done you will be left in awe of Joseph as a writer with a wonderfully creative mindAlthough Joseph struggles slightly with shifts in POV and tense the depth in her skill developing the story's characters plot climax and amazing finale will assure you have an enjoyable readJoseph has taken a clean canvas and filled it vividly with color as she explores the sexuality of both man and woman She walks you through the struggles they face as they try to identify who they are and importantly who they love Joseph will not rest until she has you emotionally involved with one or many of the characters she creat

  • Te&

    The Art of Deceit review ✓ 103 The Art of DeceitThis is the first books by Fabiola that I have read Initially I decided to read it in order to enter a contest that she had going Outside of that I would not have chosen this novel after glancing at the cover Whether by my own free will to read or a little boost from a contest I am glad that I did read it I enjoyed the drama and the art of deceit involved in the story Tangie is one h^l of a firecracker She schemed her way into Tay'Von's world and goes from video vixen to Rap star wife Even