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Ore other such horrors spiral out of control Noam Chomsky institute professor and professor of linguistics MIT and author of Hopes and ProspectsIn the final days of the thirty year Sri Lankan civil war perhaps tens of thousands of civilians were killed as government forces hemmed in the last remaining Tamil Tiger rebels on a tiny sand spit dubbed The Cage Gordon Weiss a journalist on the scene as the UN spokesman in Sri Lanka pulls back the curtain of government misinformation to tell the full story for the first timeTracing the role of foreign influence as it converged with a history of radical Buddhism and ethnic conflict The Cage is a harrowing portrait of the root causes and catastrophic c

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The CageReading The Cage Author Gordon Weiss Tushna hramru An incisive first account of the formation history and bloody dissolution of the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaAn excellent account scrupulously fair The EconomistThis shattering heart breaking tale An incisive first account of the formation history and bloody dissolution of the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaAn excellent account scrupulously fair The EconomistThis shattering heart breaking tale of savagery and suffering not only lifts the veil that conceals one of the most awful tragedies of the current era but also helps us understand what should be done not just in this sad and beautiful land but long bef

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❰Reading❯ ➸ The Cage Author Gordon Weiss – An incisive first account of the formation history and bloody dissolution of the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaAn excellent account scrupulously fair The EconomistThis shattering heart breaking taleOnseuences of a revolutionary uprising caught in the crossfire of international power jockeying As Weiss relates the tale of an island paradise torn apart by war he raises critical uestions Were war crimes committed Was this the Obama administration's first human rights failure as suggested by Time magazine Does China's central role in the Sri Lankan government's victory sound a warning for democratic progressGordon Weiss has lived in New York and worked in numerous conflict and natural disaster zones including Bosnia Afghanistan Darfur and Haiti Employed by the United Nations for over twelve years he is now a visiting scholar at Sydney University and a correspondent for Australia's Global Mail

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  • Murtaza

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageBefore their stunning defeat in 2009 the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were one of the most legendary militant organizations in contemporary history Their mystiue built in part on their global diaspora network their fearsome military capabilities they also pioneered the tactic of suicide bombing and their seeming invincibility made them one of the most successful insurgent groups on earth The fiefdom they established a nascent homeland for the Tamil people in Northern Sri Lanka was governed like a state of its own The group maintained not only a small airforce but a formidable merchant navy the Sea Tigers and an advanced special forces capability the Black Tigers It also extended its reach across the planet in

  • Steven Fake

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageA solid introduction to the end of the conflict and the background A damning indictment of the Rajapaksa government The army continues after the end of the conflict and demise of the LTTE to control the economy of Tamil areas and to change the demography book was blurbed by everyone from noam chomsky to gareth evans and jon lee anderson Notesxxiii the way the Rajapaksa government rejected international investigation after the war and commissioned its own domestic inuiry to deflect international accountability is very reminiscent of Israeli strategiesxxiv anti Tamil riots in 1983 government orchestrated pogrom known as Black July killed several thousands and led to widespread emigration and growth of the Tamil Tigersxxv Sri Lanka has right wing monks whom politicians pay homage to with nationalistic claims to the land as Sinhalese based on obscure ancient Buddhist texts again just like Israel ICRC Int’l Humanitarian Law and the Challenges of Contemporary Armed Conflicts the report o

  • Dennis Dason

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageAlthough I bought the book months before I was waiting to read the book from the appropriate place My Home where I can feel as a Thamizh Before moving further I make sure that eventhough I have very deep sympathy towards the Sri Lankan Tamizhs and their cause of Eelam I don't have any soft corner for LTTE and their Ego For people who haven't had a chance to know the core issue like me this

  • Jim Rimmer

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageWeiss’ book delves deeply into one of the filthiest of all the ‘dirty little wars’ One would have to be heartless not to be challenged by the level of detail and analysis within the reportage but even so by the reprehensible culpability of action and inaction at various times across the history of this conflictThere are two types of reader I would recommend The Cage to1Those who know because they’re unliklely to know this much and2Those who don’t because they really should

  • Nithya

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageNever knew something of this sort has been written and published from Canberra And author seems to be a professor in University of Sydney Very well at the least I have come to know about it now and read it Exceptional and a balanced book about 2009 war SL war None in the market does justice to the SL war as this book even the Samanth Subramaniyam's is kind of travelogue Solid introduction about the reasons behind the Sinhalese Chauvinism Starts as early as Henry Olcott to Angarika Damapala and their Buddhist politics None of the other books deals with this part of history to a great extent Infact I found this book when I was searching f

  • Tara

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageI read this while traveling through Sri Lanka and while it doesn't paint a pretty picture of the country it was helpful to get some background information about the civil war that took place there The first few chapters give you a good idea of the country's history from the origins of the Sinhalese and Tamil cultures in Sri Lanka to the recent political events that fueled the war The author also does a great job of gathering accounts from people who lived through the war lending the book some nice narratives that are a break from the analytical parts of the book I think he also seems uite fair not labeling any one group the good guys or bad guys though he does come down pretty hard on the family that's currently in power I woul

  • Siria

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageAt heart I don't think Gordon Weiss is a long form writer He was formerly a UN official and the prose and structure of The Cage seems to show someone who naturally writes briefing papers than full length books Although The Cage is a short 230 pages at times I felt i

  • Kusal Perera

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The Cageuite a revealing narration on the SL war that rolled out as one without witnesses For most who would not want to accept the ground truth Weiss would be a Western Traitor Yet reading through his book on the war and how it was organised by the SL regime there is no doubt it was ruthless brutal and was waged with very little concern about the ordinary civilianAs most foreigners do Weiss has also faulted in recording and interpreting the pre war history in many instances but they don't necessarily intrude or impact negatively on what happened during the last few months of the war that left a human tragedy on the soils of SL For just that it should be read by those who are not familiar with the last phase of the SL war waged without witnesses but had left enough evidence

  • Mayuran

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageThis is a great read Not just because it has given a good insight about what happened in those horrid days but also for the style of narration It goes in a rapid pace and writer keeps your interest throughout He also backs his claims with good evidenceIn terms of plot I am a sri lankan and Tamil precedence here is important It is clear that certain power in sri lanka doesn't care whether it is Tamil sinhalish or any other ethnicity the people in power want to enjoy the power and they are happy to do any thing for that It can be seen even during JVP time people in power did not have any humanitarian consideration in slaughtering people What annoys me is that this power hunger has been fabricated as ethnic war and using one ethnic's struggle to repress the other ie Now people in power are using name of LTTE to repress the rest of the communityAnyway I got carried awa

  • Shaun

    read ebook ð The Cage Ô↠ tushnahram The CageEssential reading for anyone studying The causes and final stages of the Sri Lankan conflict Extremely well written 'The Cage' provides a compelling insight on the factors that would sow the seeds of insurrection and the policies of successive governments that would ultimately bring on it's bloody end