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The Blue BookIes of crimes Together they acted as fake mediums perfecting the arcane skills practised by effective fraudsElizabeth finally rejected what once seemed an The Blue eBook intoxicating game Arthur continued his search for the right way to do wrong He now subsidises free closure for the traumatised and dispossessed by preying on the super rich The pair still meet occasionally for weekends of sexual oblivion but their affection lacerates as much as it consolesShe hadn't though expected the other man on the boat As her voyage.

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Download ☆ The Blue Book ↠ [Read] ➪ The Blue Book By A.L. Kennedy – Elizabeth Barber is crossing the Atlantic by liner with her perfectly adeuate boyfriend Derek who might be planning to propose In fleeing the UK temporarily Elizabeth may also be in flight from her pa Elizabeth Barber is crossing the Atlantic by liner with h[Read] The Blue Book By A.L. Kennedy Tushna Elizabeth Barber is crossing the Atlantic by liner with her perfectly adeuate boyfriend Derek who might be planning to propose In fleeing the UK temporarily Elizabeth may also be in flight from her pa Elizabeth Barber is crossing the Atlantic by liner with her perfectly adeuate boyfriend Derek who might be planning to propose In fleeing the UK temporarily Elizabeth may also be in flight from her past and the charismatic Arthur once her partner in what she came to see as a ser.

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Progresses Elizabeth's past is revealed codes slowly form and break as communication deepens It's time for her to discover who are the true deceivers and who are the truly deceivedWhat's is the book itself a fiction which may not always be lying deceiving the reader Offering illusions and false trails magical numbers and redemptive humour this is a novel about what happens when we are misled and when we are true an extraordinarily intricate and intimate journey into our minds and hearts undertaken by a writer of great gifts a maker of wonder.

Download ☆ The Blue Book Alison Louise Kennedy is a Scottish writer of novels short stories and non fiction She is known for a characteristically dark tone a blending of realism and fantasy and for her serious approach to her work She occasionally contributes columns and reviews to UK and European newspapers including the fictional diary of her pet parrot named Charlie.

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  • Cynthia

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookOff Balance“Blue Book” is off kilter I believe Kennedy meant this purposefully Most of the action takes place on a cruise ship that’s caught in a storm One of the main characters is continually sick and throwing up The storm continues for the entire cruise Even the passengers who aren’t actively sea sick feel off balance due to the ships perpetual sway Please note it’s important to read the blurb about the premise of the book before plunging in or you might feel as at sea as I did “Blue Book” is about two con artists who’ve made lots of money by being onstage psychics They’ve developed an elaborate system of tells that they exchange in order to dupe their audience As the book opens the couple has split up and Beth is onboard with her new lover Her ex partner Arthur has followed her in a stalking type of wayBeth gives in to Arthur’s need to see her an

  • Victoria

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookWell this is the first book in 2013 that I am not going to finish reading There are only a few books each year that for one reason or another I will not finish never than four but I simply do not have it in me to force myself to continue on past this uarter of the novel It opens at first with the promise of a very different sort of novel The reader is directly addressed the second person “you” appears freuently Looking past this very distinct style choice the words themselves feel very purposefully chosen and as the young man running across an island gives way to the narration of sorts of Elizabeth Beth who along with her boyfriend Derek are ueueing up to board a transatlantic cruise They stumble into Arthur a seeming sort of con man who it soon becomes evident that Beth is familiar with than she initially lets onDespite some glimmering hints of intriguing wording the use

  • Roman Clodia

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookIf you've never read AL Kennedy before as I hadn't at the time then you need to know that she's an extremely clever post modern writer something which had put me off her previous books But I'm very happy to have been proved wrong as I liked this very much and found it surprisingly moving not something I usually expect from tricksy clever clever booksThe narrative flips between a neutral narrator a typical 3rd person narrator from Elizabeth's point of view and a stream of consciousness in Elizabeth's head the latter is written not in fragmented unpunctuated WoolfJames Joyce style but as proper sentences albeit in italics The reason for this does become clear at the endI liked Elizabeth's sharp sometimes slyly funny voice being annoyed is almost indi

  • Nancy

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookAfter the first chapter I thought I would like this book After the first three chapters I thought I could like this book if I stuck with it After another two chapters I thought I could at least tolerate the story to the end After getting a uarter of the way through I just couldn't take it any The second person writing the hidden identities and relationship the special number references etc are surely intended to make this story intriguing and clever Unfortunately the devices are applied in a self conscious unsubtle and heavy way that bogs the reader down and grinds to dust any interest the reader might have had in finding out the point of the story

  • Jason

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue Book Note goodreads win did not finishThere is an audience for this He or she is creative has an attention span does not get frustrated and probably some literature education background Or an obnoxious undergraduate who references authors and writers not because he likes reading but because he thinks it impressed women sorta like that good will hunting see re 'how do you like dem apples' To me this had too many devices which segmented a

  • Jo Bennie

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookAfter reading Oatley's book Such Stuff as Dreams on the psychology of fiction I understand that for a piece of fiction to be taken into the mind of a reader and become a simulation within their own mind they have to touch their reader There are a few writers who do this for me to the extent of shaking my understanding and opening me up to new understandings the poetry of TS Eliot Blake and McCaig and the writings of David Almond Phlip Pulman and AL Kennedy are among themKennedy crafts her prose with the heart catching precision of a poet never a word wasted and many challenging The Blue Book is packed with phrases such as 'kind hotel' is a fresh pairing that sparks memories of good times had in hotels a posh hotel in Salzburg where room service was exemplary we watched an epic thunderstorm and decided to have a child of pools and understanding staffElizabeth Barber also know as Beth is boarding a ship for a cross Atlantic

  • Blair

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue Book The Blue Book is a complex fractured story It centres on middle aged Beth who is taking a cruise with her boyfriend Derek who may be about to propose But it also jumps into Beth's past when she was the lover and professional partner of Arthur a fake medium and in turn visits scenes from Arthur's past and their history together Some chapters seem entirely random and don't take on real significance until much later The book is written mainly in the third person but it occasionally inh

  • Alistair

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue Booki don't know why i keep reading these contemporary novels another major disappointment i really wonder if any of the reviewers who spoke so highly of this book actaually read it although the story sounded entertaining enough about a woman on

  • ·Karen·

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookAnd Carol Birch reviews it at the Guardian or the Grauniad as we used to call it hereSurely putting the word 'fake' in front of 'medium' is a tautology

  • Sarah

    Download ☆ The Blue Book The Blue BookThe covers are blue The endpapers are blue The edges of the pages are dyed blue There is an attractive palmistry diagram picked out in gold on the cover Thankfully the text is black on a standard white background You begin to read and are surprised to find the book talking to you in the second person You are annoyed that the book would presume to know your emotions and to pass judgment on the uality of your character Still there's a bit about rocks you uite like so you press onSoon you meet an English woman on a boat who refuses to admit to herself that her boyfriend is also English and so she talks to herself in italics for what seems like fifty pages She meets a skeevy man on the boat who is skeevy in an unapologetic English way but she cannot get away from him without the assistance of