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READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party ✓ ❮Read❯ ➵ Hallowe'en Party ➹ Author Agatha Christie – Polisiye roman yazarı olan Adriadne Oliver Woodleigh Common’da gençler için düzenlenen Cadılar Bayramı partisine davetlidir Partide konuklar arasında abartılı cinayet ve entrika hikayeleri Polisiye roman yazarı olaRead Hallowe'en Party Author Agatha Christie Tushna Polisiye roman yazarı olan Adriadne Oliver Woodleigh Common’da gençler için düzenlenen Cadılar Bayramı partisine davetlidir Partide konuklar arasında abartılı cinayet ve entrika hikayeleri Polisiye roman yazarı olan Adriadne Oliver Woodleigh Common’da gençler.

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ı genç kızın hikayeleri düşünüldüğü kadar abartılı değil midirBu arada konuklar arasında bulunan Hercule Poirot ise kimlerin genç kızı susturduğunu düşünmektedir Ama Cadılar Bayramı’nda katilin maskesini düşürmek hiç de kolay olmayacaktır Üstelik Woodleigh’te hiç kimse genç kızın bir cinayete kurban gitmiş olabileceğine inanmamaktadı.


Hallowe'en PartyIçin düzenlenen Cadılar Bayramı partisine davetlidir Partide konuklar arasında abartılı cinayet ve entrika hikayeleri anlatan bir genç kız da vardır Çevresindekilerin oldukça ilgisini çeken genç kız bir süre sonra elma dolu küvette ölü bulunurAdriadne kızın ölüm şekliyle anlattığı son hikayenin benzerliği konusunda düşünmeye başlar Yoksa zavall.

READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Mary Westmacott and was occasionally published under the name.

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  • Amalia Gavea

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en Party ''The past is the father of the present The ''crime'' writers who write like Christie are few The ones who try to write mysteries similar to her own are non existent I may sound harsh but those who struggle to imitate her should take a step back and reconsider And why is that Because she understood embraced and elevated to a whole new level the implications of the past when facing the present As horrible as a present situation may be the roots of all evil lie in the deeds of the past This is present to every work of the ueen of Crime In my opinion ''Hallowe'en Party'' delivers this notion in a highly atmospheric manner and presents one of the most elaborate crimes Agatha ever delivered13 year old Joyce a little busybody who wants to be in the centre of attention is found murdered in a tub filled with apples in a twisted apple bobbing game on Halloween Hercule and the wo

  • megs_bookrack

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyHi Hello book friendAre you always looking for that perfect Autumnal read Maybe you aren't a fan of Horror you don't want to be literally afraid but still want the feeling of the Halloween season If this is the case than this may be the perfect book for you I read Hallowe'en Party a couple of years ago on Halloween night and I had a lot of fun with it This is a Hercule Poirot mystery If you are a Poirot fan his calm and efficient manner than what are you waiting for Pick this one up The main plot revolves around a children's Halloween Party and what one child claims to have witnessed during that party A murder dun dun dun Is this kid full of it or what The atmosphere is definitely Halloweenie but without being frightening and intimidating Also perfect for fans of Christie's classic 'whodunit' formula

  • Bridgette Redman

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyI am a big fan of Agatha Christie I love her writing and have read piles and piles of her booksSo I feel a bit ueasy when my first review of one of her books is panning itBut I can’t recommend this book to anyone—especially not to anyone who hasn’t read Agatha Christie before You might get the impression that she is a hack formulaic writer with cardboard characters who all spout the same dialog You might read this book and think that Agatha Christie writes mysteries with predictable plots and too large of a social agendaYou would be right if you based your judgement solely on this novel In fact there is a part of me that desperately wants to believe that this book is a forgery Perhaps Christie decided to loan her irascible detective Hercule Poirot and the self parodying Ariadne Oliver out to another author an apprentice perhaps That might explain the travesty that is this novelYet I look at the date of this novel

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyHallowe'en Party Hercule Poirot #39 Ariadne Oliver #7 Agatha ChristieHallowe'en Party is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie an

  • Evgeny

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en Party May your mustaches never grow lessI am not sure if everybody knows about this form of part entertainment You fill a big container with water drop some apples in there and make children get them out using only heir teeth This is called apple bobbing Mrs Oliver attended such a party on Halloween They ended up with a girl drowned in the same tab with apples Mrs Oliver recalled that same girl was boasting she had witnessed a murder one time When you have this girl murdered just a couple of hours later it makes

  • carol.

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyWhile some of Agatha Christie’s mysteries remain immensely satisfying there are a few that just don’t work whether from cultural shift or a experimental approach I was worried when I picked up Hallowe’en Party; I had been operating with a suspicion that her best work was earlier in her extensive career However it wasn’t long before my concern was dismissed as I settled into an engrossing tale of Hercule Poirot investigating a murder at a Halloween partyPoor Joyce; thirteen and a bit desperate for attention she’s become known for telling tales Perhaps hoping to impress Mrs Oliver d

  • PorshaJo

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyWhat a fun Halloween read this one was A fan of Agatha Christie I've had this one on my TBR pile for too long For the last three years I have checked this book out for Halloween with grand plans to read it And something always comes up Last year my mother in law snagged it from me and read it while visiting This year I was determined and I'm so happy I finally finished it Hallowe'en Party tells the story of a Halloween Party thrown for some teenage kids where things go horribly wrong and one child ends up drowned in the bobbing for apples bucket The child just earlier that evening had been boasting that she had seen a murder Naturally no one believed her But then she is murdered herself Low and behold one of the guests at the part is a famous mystery writer who just happens to be friends with none other than Mr Hercule Poirot And from there this wonderful storm just steamrolls through this haunting myst

  • Sheri

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyWhat started out as a uniue and interesting mystery soon turned into a rather tedious read with bland characters and a repetitive storyline The resolution was acceptable yet disappointing as it seemed to be a jumble of happenings that an amateur detective or reader could not have pieced together I was left feeling like there was absolutely no way I could have figured it out like the clues were never given Maybe they were there though as I found the book to be so disjointed that I was never interested enough to try and figure out the clues I chose this as a Halloween read but other than the murder occurring on Halloween there is no Halloween element to the book The lack of suspense paired with the meandering plot warrants only a 2 star rating from me

  • Carol

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyRead for my IRL book club Based on the publisher's blurb that Dame Agatha's sales are exceeded only by Shakespeare's and the Bible my

  • mark monday

    READ ☆ Hallowe'en Party Hallowe'en PartyChoose Your Own AdventureYou are a truly annoying little girl A busybody a liar Who can trust you For the good of the community a bobbin' for apples you